Baptists and the World: Renewing the Vision edited by John H. Y. Briggs and Anthony R. Cross (Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Vol 8; Regent’s Park College, 2011)

Papers from the Baptist Historical Society Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2008

1. Conscience and Dissent in a Believers’ Church: Renewing Baptist Global Identity – Bill J. Leonard

2. Renewing the Vision: History for the Health of the Church – Catriona Gorton

3. Baptists and Fellowship: Praxis in Search of Theology – Mark Hopkins

4. A Particular View of the World: Evangelism in the Thought of Benjamin KEach (1640-1704) – Jonathan W. Arnold

5. ‘Rousing the Attention of Christians’: Scottish Baptists and the Baptist Missionary Society prior to the Twentieth Century – Brian Talbot

6. What About the Widows? An Appeal to Nineteenth-Century Baptist Women – Karen Smith

7. ‘Working women make happy homes’: Marianne Faringham and the Role of Women in the Late Nineteenth Century – Linda Hopkins

8. Modern Implications of John Clifford’s Theological Understanding of Socialism – Matthew Tennant

9. ‘Against the Tide’: Episodes Highlighting the Situation of Religious Freedom for Baptists in Central and Eastern Europe, 1908-2008 – Tony Peck

10. Re-Evaluating Baptist Mission in the Baltics – Toivo Pilli

11. Baptist-Anabaptist Identity Amongst European Baptists since the 1950s – Ian M. Randall

12. God’s ‘Moses’ for Pentecostalism: A Study of a Baptist Pastor, Joseph Smale (1867-1926) – Timothy B. Welch

13. The Era of British Pre-Eminence in the Baptist World Alliance – Richard V. Pierard

14. From Mission to Church: The Foundation and Expansion of The Evangelical Baptist Church in Angola – Jim Grenfell

15. On Baptist Identity in the Southern Hemisphere: Narrative Reflections on Similarity and Diversity within the Baptist Vision – Brian Harris

16. The 2008 New Baptist Covenant Celebration through Seminarians’ Eyes – William Loyd Allen and Bailey Edwards Nelson


British Baptist Historians 6: Brian Stanley

Lecturer in Church History, Trinity College, Bristol

Director of the Henry Martyn Centre for the Study of Mission and World Christianity, Cambridge

Professor of World Christianity, Edinburgh (2008-)

Major Publications

‘C. H. Spurgeon and the Baptist Missionary Society 1863-1866’, Baptist Quarterly 29.7 (July 1982): 319-28.

‘Winning the world: William Carey and the missionary movement’ in Heritage of Freedom (Lion Publishing, 1984): 77-83.
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The Bible and the Flag: Protestant Missions and British Imperialism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Apollos, 1990).

The History of the Baptist Missionary Society, 1792-1992 (T. & T. Clark, 1992).

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British Baptist Historians 5: David Bebbington

PhD (Cambridge 1973)

1976-1999 Lecturer in History, University of Stirling
1999- Professor of History, University of Stirling
2003-2005 Distinguished Visiting Professor of History at Baylor University
2006-07 President of the Ecclesiastical History Society.

1982 Laing Lecture, London Bible College
1999 Didsbury Lectures, Nazarene Theological College, Manchester
2000 Drew Lecture, Spurgeon’s College
2006 Laing Lecture, London School of Theology

Major Publications

Patterns in History: A Christian Perspective on Historical Thought (IVP, 1979, Baker, 1990)

The Nonconformist conscience: chapel and politics, 1870-1914 (Allen & Unwin, 1982)

(ed.), The Baptists in Scotland (1988)

Evangelicalism in Modern Britain: A History from the 1730s to the 1980s (Unwin Hyman, 1989)

William Ewart Gladstone: Faith and Politics in Victorian Britain (Eerdmans, 1993)

‘Evangelicalism in Its Settings: The British and American Movements since 1940’ in Mark Noll, David Bebbington and George Rawlyk (eds.), Evangelicalism: Comparative Studies of Popular Protestantism in North America, the British Isles and Beyond, 1700-1990 (Oxford, 1994)

‘Gospel and Culture in Victorian Nonconformity’ in Alan Kreider and Jane Shaw (eds.), Culture and Nonconformist Tradition (University of Wales, 1999)

‘Science and Evangelical Theology in Britain from Wesley to Orr’ in David N. Livingstone et al (eds.), Evangelicals and Science in Historical Perspective (Oxford, 1999)

Holiness in Nineteenth-Century England. The 1998 Didsbury Lectures (Paternoster, 2000)

(ed.), The Gospel in the World: International Baptist Studies (Paternoster, 2002)

‘Evangelism and Spirituality in Twentieth-Century Protestant Nonconformity’ in Alan P. F. Sell and Anthony R. Cross (eds.), Protestant Nonconformity in the Twentieth Century (Paternoster, 2002)

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(ed.) with Timothy Larsen, Modern Christianity and cultural aspirations (Sheffield Academic Press, 2003)

The Mind of Gladstone: Religion, Homer, and Politics (Oxford, 2004)

The Dominance of Evangelicalism: The Age of Spurgeon and Moody (IVP, 2005)

‘The Growth of Voluntary Religion’ in Sheridan Gilley and Brian Stanley (eds.), World Christianities, c.1815-1914. The Cambridge History of Christianity (Cambridge, 2006)

“Evangelicals and Public Worship 1965 – 2005,” The Evangelical Quarterly 79.1 (Jan-Mar. 2007): 3-22.

‘Evangelicalism and Cultural Diffusion’ in Mark Smith (ed.), British Evangelical Identities Past and Present Vol 1.: Aspects of History and Sociology of Evangelicalism in Britain and Ireland (Paternoster, 2008)

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‘Evangelicalism’ in David Fergusson (ed.), The Blackwell Companion to Nineteenth-Century Theology (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)

British Baptist Historians 1: B. R. White

Born 1934. Died 12th November 2016.

DPhil (1961) Oxford

1963-72 Tutor in Ecclesiastical History, Regent’s Park College, Oxford
1972-89 Principal, Regent’s Park College, Oxford
1989-99 Senior Research Fellow in Ecclesiastical History, Regent’s Park College, Oxford

1973 elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
1981-93 President, Baptist Historical Society


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British Baptist Historians 3: Karen E. Smith

Karen Smith is actually American, but taught at the South Wales Baptist College from 1991-2018. She was brought up in Georgia (U.S.A.) and graduated from Mercer University in Macon and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She then went to Oxford University where she did research on eighteenth century Baptist life under the supervision of B. R. White (DPhil 1987). She gave the 1994 Hughey Memorial Lectures at IBTS.

Selected Publications

‘Beyond Public and Private Spheres: Another Look at Women in Baptist History and Historiography’, Baptist Quarterly 34.4 (1991), 79-87

‘The Role of Women in Early Baptist Missions’, Review and Expositor 89.1 (Winter, 1992), 35-48

‘The Liberty Not to Be a Christian: Robert Robinson (1735-1790) of Cambridge and Freedom of Conscience’ in Distinctively Baptist essays on Baptist history: a festschrift in honor of Walter. B. Shurden (Mercer, 1995)

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British Baptist Historians 2: Ian M. Randall

1980-83 Regent’s Park College, Oxford.

MPhil (London Bible College)
PhD (University of Wales)

1992-2007 Tutor in church history and spirituality, Spurgeon’s College
1999 to 2002 Director of Baptist and Anabaptist Studies, International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague, Czech Republic.
2002 – Senior Research Fellow, International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague, Czech Republic.
2007- Director of Research, Spurgeon’s College

2009-2014  Editor, Baptist Quarterly

Major Publications

‘Mere Denominationalism: F B Meyer and Baptist Life’, Baptist Quarterly 25.1 (1993)

‘Capturing Keswick: Baptists and the Changing Spirituality of the Keswick Convention in the 1920s’, Baptist Quarterly 36.7 (1996)

‘”Austere Ritual”: the Reformation of Worship in Inter-War English Congregationalism’ in R. N. Swanson (ed.), Continuity and Change in Christian Worship. Studies in Church History Vol 35 (Boydell, 1999)

Evangelical Experiences: A Study in Spirituality of English Evangelicalism 1918-1939 (Paternoster, 1999)

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Educating Evangelicalism: The Origins, Development and Impact of London Bible College (Paternoster, 2000)

with Charles Price, Transforming Keswick (Paternoster, 2000)

‘”Pious Wishes” Baptist Quarterly 38.7 (July 2000)

with David Hilborn, One Body in Christ: The history and significance of the Evangelical Alliance (Paternoster, 2001)

‘The blessings of an enlightened Christianity : North American involvement in European Baptist origins’, American Baptist Quarterly 20.1 (2001)

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British Baptist Historians 4: John H Y Briggs

John Briggs is Senior Research Fellow in Church History (2001-) and was the Director of the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage (2002-2009), Regent’s Park College, Oxford. He is also Research Professor in Baptist History at IBTS. John is a past chairman of the Baptist World Alliance’s Baptist History and Heritage Commission (1990-95). He was editor of The Baptist Quarterly between 1985-2008. You can read his Inaugural Lecture as Director here. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre.

Major Publications

Victorian Nonconformity
(Hodder & Stoughton, 1973) with Ian Sellers

Freedom: A Baptist View (Baptist Union, 1978)

‘She-preachers, widows and other women: The Feminine dimension in Baptist life since 1600’, Baptist Quarterly 31.7 (July 1986), pp.337-52.

‘Baptists and Higher Education in England’ in William H. Brackney with Ruby J. Burke (eds.), Faith, Life and Witness: The Papers of the Study and Research Division of the Baptist World Alliance – 1986-1990 (Samford University Press, 1990)

‘Evangelical Ecumenism: The Amalgamation of General and Particular Baptists in 1891’, Baptist Quarterly 34.3 (July, 1991) and 34.4 (October, 1991)

The English Baptists of the Nineteenth Century (Baptist Historical Society, 1994)

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‘The Founding and Development of the Baptist World Alliance’ in Anthony Clarke (ed.), For the Sake of the Church: Essays in Honour of Paul S. Fiddes (Regent’s Park College, 2014)

See an appreciation of John Briggs by Faith Bowers in Ecumenism and History: Studies in Honour of John H.Y. Briggs, (ed.) Anthony Cross (Paternoster, 2002)