Freedom and the Powers: Perspectives from Baptist History edited by A. R. Cross and J. H. Y. Briggs (Baptist Historical Society, 2014)

‘Christ Jesus … exalted … farre aboue all principalities and powers’: Baptist Attitudes to Monarchy, Country and Magistracy, 1609-1644 – Anthony R. Cross

Political Theology among the Earliest Baptists: The Foundational Contribution of Leonard Busher, 1614-1646 – Malcolm B. Yarnell III

‘Confronting the Powers’: Baptists in Scotland prior to 1765 – Brian R. Talbot

Richard Heath, 1831-1912: From Suburban Baptists to Radical Discipleship by Way of Anabaptism – John H. Y. Briggs

South Africa to the Somme: The Legacy of the Boer War from Canadian and New Zealand Baptists in the Great War – Gordon L. Heath

‘Going to the Limits’: The Story of the Baptist Minister in Nazi Vienna: Arnold Koster – Paul Spanring

The Russian Reform Baptists Revisited – Michael Bourdeaux

Pastors in the Dock: The Political Trials of Baptist Ministers in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s – Lydia Kucova

Baptists Leaders and the Atheistic Powers: A Soviet-Estonian Case Study – Toivo Pilli

The 1888 Schism in the Baptist Congregation in Nigeria: A Manifestation of Cultural Nationalism – S. Ademola Ajayi

The Reverend Dr Theophilus Edward Samuel Scholes: Baptist Missionary and Imperial Critic at the Heart of Empire, 1856-c.1940 – David Killingray

Nation, State and Church: Baptist Responses to David Cameron’s King James Bible Speech (December 2011) – Andy Goodliff