Baptist Identity into the 21st Century: Essays in Honour of Ken Manley edited by Frank Rees (Whitley College, 2016)

1. Marita Munro – The life of Ken Manley

2. Brian Haymes – One church, one faith, one Lord: Questions of Baptist identity

3. John Briggs -Memory, vision and mission: What our yesterdays have to say to our todays and tomorrows

4. Graeme Hatfield -Contributing to the global conversation on Baptist identity

5. Mark Brett – A suitably English Abraham: Emigration to Australia in the nineteenth century

6. Keith Dyer – Suitably Abrahamic Australians? The Bible and Baptists in the twenty-first century

7. John Olley -Shaped by the Bible: Acting together in the continuing drama

8. Merrill Kitchen -Women in ministry

9. Ros Gooden – Baeyertz and barley loaves: Women in Christian ministry

10. Carolyn Francis – Women in ministry: Hopes and challenges

11. Graeme Garrett – Where is “ … and earth” ? Learning to preach in the Anthropocene

12. Geoff Pound – Sharing the ministry of preaching

13. Allan G. Demond – Homiletic friends: An appreciative response to Graeme Garrett

14. Ross Clifford – Mission in the Australian context

15. Tim Costello – World mission: Seeking the prophetic Baptist voice

16. Neville Callam – Baptists in bilateral theological dialogue

17. Tony Cupit – Baptist identity into the 21st  century

18. Keith Clements – The ecumenical Baptist future

19. Paul S. Fiddes –  Baptists and theological education: A vision for the twenty-first century

20. Thorwald Lorenz – Life-long learning: In conversation with Paul Fiddes

21. Frank Rees – Why has no-one ever told me about this?