Baptists and the World: Renewing the Vision edited by John H. Y. Briggs and Anthony R. Cross (Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Vol 8; Regent’s Park College, 2011)

Papers from the Baptist Historical Society Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2008

1. Conscience and Dissent in a Believers’ Church: Renewing Baptist Global Identity – Bill J. Leonard

2. Renewing the Vision: History for the Health of the Church – Catriona Gorton

3. Baptists and Fellowship: Praxis in Search of Theology – Mark Hopkins

4. A Particular View of the World: Evangelism in the Thought of Benjamin KEach (1640-1704) – Jonathan W. Arnold

5. ‘Rousing the Attention of Christians’: Scottish Baptists and the Baptist Missionary Society prior to the Twentieth Century – Brian Talbot

6. What About the Widows? An Appeal to Nineteenth-Century Baptist Women – Karen Smith

7. ‘Working women make happy homes’: Marianne Faringham and the Role of Women in the Late Nineteenth Century – Linda Hopkins

8. Modern Implications of John Clifford’s Theological Understanding of Socialism – Matthew Tennant

9. ‘Against the Tide’: Episodes Highlighting the Situation of Religious Freedom for Baptists in Central and Eastern Europe, 1908-2008 – Tony Peck

10. Re-Evaluating Baptist Mission in the Baltics – Toivo Pilli

11. Baptist-Anabaptist Identity Amongst European Baptists since the 1950s – Ian M. Randall

12. God’s ‘Moses’ for Pentecostalism: A Study of a Baptist Pastor, Joseph Smale (1867-1926) – Timothy B. Welch

13. The Era of British Pre-Eminence in the Baptist World Alliance – Richard V. Pierard

14. From Mission to Church: The Foundation and Expansion of The Evangelical Baptist Church in Angola – Jim Grenfell

15. On Baptist Identity in the Southern Hemisphere: Narrative Reflections on Similarity and Diversity within the Baptist Vision – Brian Harris

16. The 2008 New Baptist Covenant Celebration through Seminarians’ Eyes – William Loyd Allen and Bailey Edwards Nelson


To Express the Ineffable: The Hymns and Spirituality of Anne Steele by Cynthia Y. Aalders (SBHT Vol.40, Paternoster, 2008)

1. Introduction

2. ‘Sacred Posey … in the Service of Religion’: Anne Steele and Eighteenth-Century Hymnody

3. ‘How Shall These Poor Languid Powers …/ Display the Grace My Soul Adores?’: Anne Steele and the Problem of Language

4. ‘Depress’d By Pain and Sickness, All my Powers / Are Dull and Languid’: Anne Steele and the Problem of Suffering

5. ‘Teach the Breathings of My Heart / Dependence and Desire’: Anne Steele’s Faith in an Ineffable God

6. Conclusion

Marianne Farningham: A Plain Woman Worker by Linda Wilson (SBHT Vol 18, Paternoster, 2007)

1. A Plain Woman Worker

2. Marianne’s Life Journey

3. Afraid to be Singular? Marianne and the Role of Women

4. ‘A Great Work’: Marianne and Sunday Schools

5. Marianne and Public Life

6. Marianne’s Spirituality

7. Conclusion

Baptist Quarterly, January 2010

Visionary Women Among Early Baptists – Curtis W. Freeman

Henry Jacob (1563-1624): Pastoral Theology and Congregational Ecclesiology – Jason G. Duesing

Humphrey Gillet: Signatory of a Testimony to Truth (1659) – Larry J. Kreitzer

The French Baptist Historical Society – David Boydell

Reviews include Under the Rule of Christ: Dimensions of Baptist Spirituality edited by Paul S. Fiddes and Challenging to Change: dialogues with a radical Baptist theologian edited by Pieter J. Lalleman.

[note to Ian Randall, Baptist Quarterly editor – it would be great to see some extended review articles of key recent British Baptist theology or maybe even an occasional issue dedicated to a book with opportunity for response, like Pro Ecclesia have done with Steven Harmon’s Towards Baptist Catholicity.  I would also encourage the Baptist Quarterly to do the occasional themed issue (like the one on children back in 1966 or women in 1986)]

British Baptist Historians 3: Karen E. Smith

Karen Smith is actually American, but has been teaching at the South Wales Baptist College since 1991, and is the pastor of Orchard Place Baptist Church in Neath. She was brought up in Georgia (U.S.A.) and graduated from Mercer University in Macon and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She then went to Oxford University where she did research on eighteenth century Baptist life under the supervision of B. R. White (DPhil 1987). Dr Smith has written a number of articles and contributed to scholarly works on Baptist history and spirituality. She gave the 1994 Hughey Memorial Lectures at IBTS.

Selected Publications

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‘The Role of Women in Early Baptist Missions’, Review and Expositor 89.1 (Winter, 1992), 35-48

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The Community and the Believers: A Study of Calvinistic Baptist Spirituality in Some Towns and Villages of Hampshire and the Borders of Wiltshire, c.1730-1830 (Paternoster, forthcoming)

British Baptists, Women and Gender

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