North American Baptist Theologians: Mikael Broadway

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Journeying to Justice

Journeying to Justice edited by Anthony G. Reddie with Wale Hudson-Roberts and Gale Richards (Paternoster, 2017)

Preface – Neville Callam

Introduction – Anthony G. Reddie

Baptists and Emancipation in Jamaica – Noel Leo Erskine

Black British History: A Critical Reappraisal – Paul Walker

Reflections on the Atlanta trip and its legacy – Dave Walker

25th Anniversary Ordination – Johnathan Hemmings

In Search of Freedom – Karl E. Henlin

Legacies of the Transatlantic Slave Trade – David Shosanya

The Apology: A Journey towards Justice – Wale Hudson-Roberts

A White Guy Talks ‘Race’ – Steve Latham

The Journey: the Research Process – Graham Sparkes

Reflections on the Implications of the Journey – Gale Richards

Sivakumar Rajagopalan – Understanding Baptist resistance to owning the Apology and as a tool to own and en-flesh the Apology

Sisters with Voices: A Study of the experiences and challenges faced by Black Women in London Baptist Association Church Ministry Settings – Michele Mahon

Abolition, Diasporan Memory and the Curious Invisibility of am Sharpe from the Baptist Centenary Historiography – R. David Muir

Reparations: A call to fulfil the promise of education made by Baptists to the enslaved and their descendants through the 1835 Negro Education Grant – Doreen Morrison

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Dwight N. Hopkins

An Ongoing Apology – Richard Kidd

Developing Multi-Ethnically minded Leaders – Malcolm Patten

The Passion of the New Generations – Rhea Russell Cartwright

Mrs Ferguson – Tim Judson

Leadership Perspectives with Baptists Together – Lynn Green

Reflections on the Bicentenary of the Relationship between BUGB, BMS and the JBU and on the reaction to the delivery the Apology to the JBU from a Jamaican Perspective – Karl B. Johnson and Merlyn Hyde-Riley

Monographs in Baptist History

Pure Worship: The Early English Baptist Distinctive by Matthew Ward

The Beginning of Baptist Ecclesiology: The Foundational Contributions of Thomas Helwys by Marvin Jones

To Follow the Lambe Wheresoever He Goeth: The Ecclesial Polity of the English Calvinistic Baptists 1640-1660 by Ian Birch

Dan Taylor (1738-1816), Baptist Leader and Pioneering Evangelical by Richard Pollard

The Love of God Holds Creation Together: Andrew Fuller’s Theology of Virtue by Ryan P. Hoselton

Zealous for the Lord: The Life and Thought of the Seventeenth-Century Baptist Hanserd Knollys by Denis C. Bustin and Barry H. Howson

Christ Exalted: Pastoral Writings of Hanserd Knollys with an Essay on His Eschatological Thought by Barry H. Howson

Glory to the Three Eternal: Tercentennial Essays on the Life and Writings of Benjamin Beddome (1718-1795) edited by Michael A. G. Haykin et al

Renewing a Modern Denomination: A Study of Baptist Instutional Life in the 1990s by Andy Goodliff