Baptist Quarterly, October 2008

This edition of the journal is the final one to be edited by John H Y Briggs, who has been editor since 1985. Ian Randall now takes over.

Whatever happened to the covenant community? Baptist church meetings in the nineteenth century – Malcolm J. Egner

George Cosens: Black Baptist Pastor and Evangelist – David Watts

1689 and all that: An exploration of the Function and Form of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith – Jon Mackenzie

A rural pastorate, 1955 – Peter Egginto

A chronological calendar of Baptist Autographs at the John Rylands Univeristy Library of Manchester, 1741-1907 – Timothy Whelan

REVIEWS (include)
Ken R. Manley, From Woolloomooloo to ‘Eternity’: A history of Australian Baptists – reviewed by Roger Hayden

Ed Timothy Larsen & D. J. Treier, The Cambridge Companion to Evangelical Theology – reviewed by John Briggs

William K. Kay, Apostolic Networks in Britain: New Ways of Being Church – reviewed by John Colwell

Eds. James Krabill, Walter Sawatsky and Charles Van Engen, Evangelical, Ecumenical and Anabaptist Missiologies in Conversation – reviewed by Nigel Wright

Eds. Stephen Orchard & John H Y Briggs, The Sunday School Movement – reviwed by David M. Thompson

Thorwald Lorenzen, Towards a Culture of Freedom: Reflections on the Ten Commandments Today – reviewed by Brian Haymes