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Journeying to Justice

Journeying to Justice edited by Anthony G. Reddie with Wale Hudson-Roberts and Gale Richards (Paternoster, 2017)

Preface – Neville Callam

Introduction – Anthony G. Reddie

Baptists and Emancipation in Jamaica – Noel Leo Erskine

Black British History: A Critical Reappraisal – Paul Walker

Reflections on the Atlanta trip and its legacy – Dave Walker

25th Anniversary Ordination – Johnathan Hemmings

In Search of Freedom – Karl E. Henlin

Legacies of the Transatlantic Slave Trade – David Shosanya

The Apology: A Journey towards Justice – Wale Hudson-Roberts

A White Guy Talks ‘Race’ – Steve Latham

The Journey: the Research Process – Graham Sparkes

Reflections on the Implications of the Journey – Gale Richards

Sivakumar Rajagopalan – Understanding Baptist resistance to owning the Apology and as a tool to own and en-flesh the Apology

Sisters with Voices: A Study of the experiences and challenges faced by Black Women in London Baptist Association Church Ministry Settings – Michele Mahon

Abolition, Diasporan Memory and the Curious Invisibility of am Sharpe from the Baptist Centenary Historiography – R. David Muir

Reparations: A call to fulfil the promise of education made by Baptists to the enslaved and their descendants through the 1835 Negro Education Grant – Doreen Morrison

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Dwight N. Hopkins

An Ongoing Apology – Richard Kidd

Developing Multi-Ethnically minded Leaders – Malcolm Patten

The Passion of the New Generations – Rhea Russell Cartwright

Mrs Ferguson – Tim Judson

Leadership Perspectives with Baptists Together – Lynn Green

Reflections on the Bicentenary of the Relationship between BUGB, BMS and the JBU and on the reaction to the delivery the Apology to the JBU from a Jamaican Perspective – Karl B. Johnson and Merlyn Hyde-Riley

Monographs in Baptist History

Pure Worship: The Early English Baptist Distinctive by Matthew Ward

The Beginning of Baptist Ecclesiology: The Foundational Contributions of Thomas Helwys by Marvin Jones

To Follow the Lambe Wheresoever He Goeth: The Ecclesial Polity of the English Calvinistic Baptists 1640-1660 by Ian Birch

Dan Taylor (1738-1816), Baptist Leader and Pioneering Evangelical by Richard Pollard

The Love of God Holds Creation Together: Andrew Fuller’s Theology of Virtue by Ryan P. Hoselton

Zealous for the Lord: The Life and Thought of the Seventeenth-Century Baptist Hanserd Knollys by Denis C. Bustin and Barry H. Howson

Christ Exalted: Pastoral Writings of Hanserd Knollys with an Essay on His Eschatological Thought by Barry H. Howson

Glory to the Three Eternal: Tercentennial Essays on the Life and Writings of Benjamin Beddome (1718-1795) edited by Michael A. G. Haykin et al

Renewing a Modern Denomination: A Study of Baptist Instutional Life in the 1990s by Andy Goodliff

Ernest A. Payne

Senior Tutor, Regent’s Park College, 1940-51
General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain, 1951-1967


Selected Publications

Freedom in Jamaica (Carey, 1933; 2nd Ed. 1946)

The Great Succession (Carey, 1938; 2nd Ed. 1947)

The Church Awakes. The Story of the Modern Missionary Movement (Edinburgh House, 1942)

The Free Church Tradition in the Life of England (SCM, 1944)

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British Baptist Historians 9: Faith Bowers

Sub-editor, Baptist Quarterly (1985-2014)


Called to the City: Three Ministers of Bloomsbury (London, 1989)

Opting Out in Victorian London: A school for the respectable poor, 1849-1870′, Baptist Quarterly (1992)

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(ed.), Encountering London: London Baptists in the 21st Century (London, 2015)


New Books from the Centre for Baptist and Heritage

‘A World-Order of Love’:Baptists and the Peace Movements of 1914

The essays in this volume explore the Baptist contributions to peace-making at the time of the First World War and afterwards. Like the Conference in Oxford on which the book is based, the  chapters are  a collaboration between British and German Baptist historians, in a centenary remembrance of the tragic conflict of 1914-1918. This partnership also echoes the contribution made by both British and German Baptists to the first moves towards peace in the period from 1914 onwards, even as war broke out between their two nations and others. The authors consider the two substantial peace movements which were conceived at an international conference for peace held at Lake Constance on 3-4 August 1914, on the very eve of war. The story is taken on further into the twentieth century, demonstrating the influence of these movements, born in the turmoil of their own time, on the Civil Rights Movement in America five decades later. Reading the essays together makes the reader aware of the rich web of acts and words through which Baptists hoped (in the words of the founding document of the Fellowship of Reconciliation) to create a ‘world-order based on love’.

Keith Clements, Paul S. Fiddes (editor), Frank Fornaçon, Ian Randall, Andrea Strübind.


Covenant and Church for Rough Sleepers: A Baptist Ecclesiology in Conversation with the Trinitarian Pastoral Theology of Paul S. Fiddes

‘Covenant’ is now a term widely used among Baptists to describe the relating of members to each other in a local church, the associating of churches together, and the binding of associations, churches and colleges into a national union. Use, however, is one thing, and understanding is quite another. Dr Sutcliffe-Pratt puts us in his debt by reflecting on the way that covenant may be seen as the basis for an exciting and experimental church-plant among rough sleepers and drug addicts – 57 West in Southend-on-Sea. In conversation with the Baptist theologian Paul S. Fiddes, he shows how this kind of covenant is rooted in a vision of the triune God whose life is an interweaving of loving relations. He also draws on a range of Protestant and Catholic theologians in this remarkable piece of practical theology, which develops a Baptist tradition in new ways. As we see how the idea of ‘covenant’ makes sense of the complicated and challenging relationships in his own community, we can see better how it might throw light on our situation.

Author: Daniel Sutcliffe-Pratt is a Baptist minister at 57 West, Southend-on-Sea.


The Early English General Baptists and Their Theological Formation

A scholarly treatment of the first generations of the English General Baptists that identifies their character as a sect, their emerging theological consensus as distilled from their principal literature, and a listing and analysis of published works about the General Baptists. The book uniquely provides biographical details, works about, and details of works by twenty-eight writers and several confessional documents. The span dates cover the roots of the General Baptist tradition from 1609 to its period of mature expression in the late 1680s, ranging from John Smyth and Thomas Helwys to Thomas Grantham and Matthew Caffyn.

Author: William H. Brackney is Millard R. Cherry Distinguished Professor of Christian Thought and Ethics at Acadia University and Acadia Divinity College in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Baptist Historical Society Annual Lecture

1979 – Leonard Champion – ‘Evangelical Calvinism and the Structures of Baptist Church Life’

1981 – Alan Kreider – ‘The Servant is not Greater than His Master”: The Anabaptists and the Suffering Church

1988 – Roger Hayden – ‘The Particular Baptist Confession 1689 and Baptists Today’

1993 – Raymond Brown – ‘Fear not what men say’: Bedfordshire non-conformist devotions – the Agnes Beaumont story (1674)’

1997 – John H. Y. Briggs – ‘The Life and Growth of Baptists in Birmingham in the Nineteenth Century’

2001 – David Wykes – ‘Joshua Toulmin: Taunton Baptist minister, historian and religious radical’

2003 – Ian Randall

2004 – Peter Morden – ‘Andrew Fuller and the Baptist Missionary Society’

2005 – Ian Randall – ‘The English Baptists of the 20th Century’

2006 – Chris Ellis – ‘Skeletons in the Cupboard? Order and Flexibility in Baptist Worship’

2007 – Brian Haymes – ‘On Religious Liberty: re-reading A Short Declaration of Iniquity in London in 2005’

2008 – Faith Bowers – ‘A Lively, Capable and Creative Unit: The Baptist Historical Society 1908-2008’

2010 – Clyde Binfield – ‘How Free? How New? How Suburban? The Establishment of Dissent in Hamstead Garden Suburb’

2011 – Stephen Holmes – ‘The Bible as the Word of Christ in Seventeenth-Century Baptist Thought’

2013 – David Bebbington – ‘The Baptist Colleges in the Mid-Nineteenth Century’

2014 – Andy Vail – ‘Birmingham Baptists and the First World War’

2015 – Israel Olofinjana – ‘Reverse Mission’