Tradition and the Baptist Academy edited by Roger Ward and Phillip Thompson (SBHT Vol. 31; Paternoster, 2011)

Preface – Paul S. Fiddes

Introduction – Roger A. Ward and Phillip E. Thompson

Caught up in the Authorial Void: Tradition, Authority and Dissent – Barry A. Harvey

Bapto…Catholic – E. Glenn Hinson

Dimensions of Memory: Challenges and Tasks in the Baptist Recovery of Tradition – Phillip E. Thompson

Stewards, Interrogators and Inventors: Toward Practice of Tradition – Mark S. Medley

The Regula Fidei as a Guide for Biblical Preaching – Jason K. Lee

Beauty and the Baptists – Stephen M. Garrett

Aquinas and Descartes on Transubstantiation: The Cartesian Imagination in Baptist Life – Jacob L. Goodson

Baptists, Barmen, and the Confessing University – Keith L. Johnson

‘Still Pressing On’: A. T. Robinson as a ‘Traditional’ Baptist – David M. Moffitt

Between the Lion of Sacramentalism and the Bear of Mere Symbolism: Toward an Understanding of Baptist Baptismal Theology in America (1742-1833), with an corresponding Proposal for the Twentieth-First Century – Sheila D. Klopfer