British Baptist Historians: E. A. Payne

Born: 1902
1940-1951 Tutor, Regent’s Park College, Oxford
1951-1967  General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain

Major Publications

– ‘Some Sidelights on Pearce and his Friends’, Baptist Quarterly 7.6 (April 1935)
– ‘An Elegy on Andrew Gifford’, Baptist Quarterly 9 (1938), pp.54-7
– (ed.) Studies in History and Religion: Present to H. Wheeler Robinson on his 70th Birthday (Lutterworth, 1942)
The Church Awakes
The Free Church Tradition in the Life of England (SCM, 1944)
The Fellowship of Believers: Baptist Thought and Practice Yesterday and Today (Carey Kingsgate, 1944, [enlarged ed. 1952)

H. Wheeler Robinson: A Memoir (1946)
– ‘The Baptist Union 1897-1947 Baptist Quarterly 12.8 (October 1947)

– (translator), Karl Barth, The Teaching of the Church Regarding Baptism, (1948)

– ‘Professor Oscar Cullmann on Baptism’, Baptist Quarterly 14.2 (April 1951), pp.56-60
– ‘Baptists and the Laying on of Hands’, Baptist Quarterly 15.5 (January 1954), pp.203-15
– ‘Who were the Baptists?’, Baptist Quarterly 16 (1955-6)
The Baptist Union: A Short History (Carey Kingsgate, 1958)
– ‘The Ministry in Historical Perspective,’ Baptist Quarterly 17.6 (1958)
– with Stephen F. Winward, Orders and Prayers for Church Worship: A Manual for Ministers (Baptist Union, 1960)
– ‘Baptists and the Ecumenical Movement,’ Baptist Quarterly 18.6 (April 1960)
Free Churchmen: Unrepentant & Repentant and other papers (Carey Kingsgate, 1965)
– ‘The Free Church Tradition and Worship’ Baptist Quarterly 21.2 (April 1965), pp.9-13
– ‘History Too Much or Too Little?’, Baptist Quarterly 22.8 (October 1968), pp.387-397
– ‘The Right to Worship’, Baptist Quarterly 23.4 (October 1969)
– ‘The Religious Education Dilemma’, Baptist Quarterly 23.8 (October 1970)
– ‘Baptists and the Ministry’, Baptist Quarterly 25.2 (April 1973)
– ‘John Pendarves, the Calvinistic Baptists and the Fifth Monarchy’, Baptist Quarterly 25.6 (April 1973)
– ‘Abraham Booth, 1734-1806’, Baptist Quarterly 26.1 (January 1975)
– ‘Baptists and Initiation’, Baptist Quarterly 26.4 (October 1975), pp.147-57
– ‘The Rise and Decline of Downs Chapel, Clapton’, Baptist Quarterly 27.1 (January 1977), 34-44
– ‘Regent’s Park College, Oxford: The First Half-Century’, Baptist Quarterly 27.5 (January 1978)
– ‘The Venerable John Stanger of Bessels Green’, Baptist Quarterly 27.7 (July 1978)
– ‘The Down Grade Controversy: A Postscript’, Baptist Quarterly 28 (1979)
– ‘The Baptist Church near the Barbican’, Baptist Quarterly 39 (2001), pp.132-45

R. L. Child


‘The Baptist Contribution to the One Church’, Baptist Quarterly 8.2 (April 1936)

‘The Ministry and the Sacraments: A Free Church Point of View’, Baptist Quarterly 9.3 (July 1938)

‘Baptists and the Reunion Movement’, Baptist Quarterly 10.7 (July 1941)

The Blessing of Infants and the Dedication of Parents (1946)

Baptists and Christian Unity (1948)

(ed.), The Lord’s Supper: A Baptist Statement (1951, 1961)

‘Baptists and Ordination’, Baptist Quarterly 14 (1952)

A Conversation About Baptism (1963)

‘The Priesthood of all Believers’, Baptist Quarterly 16.3 (July 1965)

The General Superintendency 1915-1965 (1965)

‘Wheeler Robinson the Principal 1920-42’ Baptist Quarterly 24.6 (April 1972)

For the Sake of the Church: Essays in Honour of Paul S. Fiddes edited by Anthony Clarke (Regent’s Park College, 2014)

Foreword: Rex Mason

Introduction: Anthony Clarke

On Realizing ‘The Dance’: Richard Kidd

‘Walking in Covenant’: The Scriptural Basis for an Early Baptist Principle: Larry Kreutzer and Deborah Rooke

The Fellowship of Christ’s Sufferings: Fawcett, Fiddes, and the Tie that Binds: Robert Ellis

Veiled Presence: The Risen Christ in Spurgeon’s Great Communion Hymn and Baptist Communion Rituals: Stephen Finamore

Encountering Christ: Zwingli, Signs and Baptists around the table: Ruth Gouldbourne

Still Blessing the Tie that Binds: Brian Haymes

The Founding and Development of the Baptist World Alliance: John Briggs

A Trinitarian Theology of Ministerial Formation: Anthony Clarke

The ‘Three-Fold Order’ in a Radical Protestant Perspective: Nigel Wright

The Meaning and Function of ‘Dynamic Equivalence’ in Ecumenical Dialogues: Myra Blyth

Attuned to God: John Weaver

Play, the Origins of Culture and the Formation of a Christian Mind: Nicholas Wood

Following God’s Call and Bringing Good News and Glimpses of Hope in Ferentari: Oti Bunaciu

An Appreciation and an Interpretative Suggestion for Reading the Fiddes Corpus: Tim Bradshaw

New book from the Centre of Baptist History and Heritage

Jonathan Arnold’s study of Benjamin Keach is now available from the Centre of Baptist History and Heritage. Follow the links via the Regent’s Park College website.

This is a welcome addition and provides a second study of 17th Baptist theological thought, after Clint Bass’ study of Thomas Grantham.

Baptistic Theologies (Vol 5, 2013) festschrift for Keith Jones

‘Editorial’ – Parush Parushev, Lina Andronoviene, Tim Noble,

‘Life in Christian Service’ – Ernie Whalley

‘A Believing Church: Baptist Perspectives on Anabaptism’ – Ian Randall

‘Gathered, Gathering, Porous: Reflections on the Nature of Baptistic Community’ – Parush Parushev

‘Not Just a Disembodied Voice: Towards an Understanding of Preaching as an Embodied Practice’ – Ruth Gouldbourne

‘Various Christian Traditions in One Ecclesial Body’ – Ivana Noble

‘Baptists and Ecumenical Engagement’ – John Briggs

‘Teaching Penguins to Fly: Baptistic Leadership into the Future’ – Anne Wilkinson-Hayes

‘Leadership as a Virtuous Practice: Reflections on Women and Stained-Glass Ceilings’ – Lina Andronoviene

‘Adult Christian Education: The Challenge to Do Things Differently’ – David Goodbourn

‘Between the Swiss Train and the Eschaton: Mission in a Time of Waiting’ – Tim Noble

‘Keith Jones – European Baptist: An Appreciation’ – Anthony Peck

Contact IBTS for a copy.

Grounded in Grace: Essays in Honour of Ian M. Randall edited by Pieter J. Lalleman, Peter J. Morden and Anthony R. Cross (Spurgeon’s College/BHS, 2013)

Foreword – David Bebbington

Ian Randall: biographical sketch – Keith Jones and Peter Morden

Are we all the Hussites now? – Michael Bochenski

Election and predestination in the Baptist confessions of the 17th-century – Nigel G. Wright

John Bunyan: a 17th-century evangelical? – Peter J. Morden

Abraham Booth’s defence of believer’s baptism by immersion – Sharon James

Undenominationalism in Britain, 1840-1914 – Tim Grass

Baptist in Czech lands – Lydie Kucova

Adam Podin: an Estonian Baptist with international links and pan evangelical vision -Toivo Pilli

Sarah Terrett, Katherine Robinson, and Edith Pearce: Three non-conformist women in public life in Bristol, 1870-1910 – Linda Wilson

Baptist from East and West at the world missionary conference in Edinburgh, 1910 – Brian Stanley

Dynamics versus mechanics: a Baptist and the Welsh and Lowestoft revivals – Timothy Welch

Jews in the mindset of German evangelicals – Erich Geldbach

A moment of transformation: the European Baptist Federation and the collapse of the Soviet Union and its European and Central Asian empire, 1889-92 – Keith Jones

Mainstream: ‘far greater ambitions’ – and evaluate in of mainstream’s contribution to the renewal of denominational life, 1979-1994 – Derek Tidball

What is truth?: Evangelicalism, foundational is and hermeneutic of witness – John Colwell

Sapientia experimentalis : ‘knowledge by experience’ -aspects of Baptist baptismal spirituality – Anthony Cross

Bringing good news to the poor: an evangelical imperative – J/ Andrew Kirk

Struggling with female happiness: God’s will and God’s blessing in primary evangelical theology – Lina Andronoviene

Hearing what is written to recover our future – Simon Jones

Wisdom, Science and the Scriptures: Essays in Honour of Ernest C. Lucas (Centre for Baptist History and Heritage; Regent’s Park College, 2012)

Stephen Finamore and John Weaver (eds.), Wisdom, Science and the Scriptures: Essays in Honour of Ernest C. Lucas (Centre for Baptist History and Heritage; Regent’s Park College, 2012)

Introduction – Stephen Finamore and Hazel Lucas

Part 1: Wisdom in the Bible

Creation in the Psalms – Gordon Wenham

Fierce Beasts and Free Processes : a Proposed Reading of God’s Speeches in the Book of Job – John Bimson

The Traditional Israelite Legal Settings: Social Contexts in Proverbs – Hilary Nyika

Personified Wisdom in Early Judaism – Knut M. Heim

Part Two: Science and Christian Faith

Ancient and Modern Wisdom: The Intersection of Clinical and Theological Understanding of Health – Paul S. Fiddes

The Way of Practical Modesty – Brian Haymes

The Environment and the Developing World – Elaine Storkey

Hopeful Disciples in a Time of Climate Change – John Weaver

Take Ten: Scientists and their Religious Beliefs – Robert S. White

Part Three: The Scriptures

The Evolving Agenda of Biblical Studies – Simon Woodman

Moving Towards a Theological Perspective on ‘Place’ by Using Cresswell’s Notion of Doxa and Deviance as a Hermeneutical Tool for Place-Based Readings of Mark’s Gospel – Mike Pears

‘Not Made with Human Hands’ : the Heavenly Temple in Hebrews and Revelation – Stephen Finamore

Part Four: … and Cricket

‘Play Up! Play Up! And Play the Game!’ Cricket and our Place in the World – Robert Ellis



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