Baptist Minister’s Journal

Vol 243 (July 1993)
B. E. Wilson, ‘The Fellowship of Believers and the Status of Children’

Vol 249 (January 1995)
Nigel Wright, ‘The Theology of Religious Liberty’

Vol 250 (April 1995)
Malcolm Goodspeed, ‘A Perspective on Ministry’
John Weaver, ‘Developing patterns of ministerial training’
Carol McCarthy, ‘Ministry in the local church’

Vol 251 (July 1995)
Jon Green, ‘A Baptist Dilemma: Children, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper’
Peter Shepherd, ‘Recovering Confidence in the Local Church’

Vol 252 (October 1995)
David Tennant, ‘Advocacy for Children: A Challenge to Faithfulness’

Vol 255 (July 1996)
David Coffey, ‘Post 2000: what kind of union?’

Vol 256 (October 1996)
Haddon Willmer, ‘A Defence of Theology’
Peter Shepherd, ‘The Renewal of the Union’

Vol 257 (January 1997)
John Weaver, ‘Reconsidering Believers’ Baptism’
Keith Jones, ‘Specialist Groupings and Networks’

Vol 258 (April 1997)
Philip Cooke, ‘A Central Stipend Fund: impossible dream?’

Vol 260 (October 1997)
Sue Thompson and Jim Pollard, ‘Readers’ Response to “A Central Stipend Fund: impossible dream?”‘
Paul Ballard, ‘Baptists and Baptism: a socio-ecumenical issue’

Vol 261 (January 1998)
Keith Clements, ‘Speaking Truth to Power’
Nicholas Wood, ‘Rooted in popular culture – up to a point’

Vol 263 (July 1998)
Alastair Campbell, ‘Whom shall we send?’
Margaret Jarman, ‘Baptists in the Monastic Tradition’

Vol 264 (October 1998)
Robert Gardiner, ‘Why Mr Spurgeon had less trouble with young people’

Vol 265 (January 1999)
Robert Ellis, ‘Gathered at the Table: Reflections on the Lord’s Supper’
Michael V. Jackson – ‘Jesus’ Vision of the New Society’
Jane Kingsnorth – ‘The Real Human Mary’

Vol 269 (January 2000)
Paul Sheppy, ‘Taking off our shoes’

Vol 270 (April 2000)
Julian Gotobed, ‘For your own good – reflections on the Appraisal Scheme for Baptist Ministers’
David S Russell, ‘The Ward and the Word’

Vol 271 (July 2000)
Robert Ellis, ‘On a journey of the Spirit’
Steve Holmes, ‘Truth not Heard Elsewhere’
Paul Walker, ‘Birmingham’s Coloured Preacher’

Vol 272 (October 2000)
Sally Nelson, ‘Pride and Prejudice’
John Weaver, ‘The Eucharist: Celebration and Participation’

Vol 273 (January 2001)
John Garland, ‘The Gospel according to Lord of the Rings’
Tim Bradshaw, ‘Anglicanism as Christianity’
Peter Shepherd, ‘Choose to have a past’

Vol 274 (April 2001)
Luke Bretherton, ‘A new world for an old labour’
Paul Rowntree Clifford, ‘Feminism: a neglect Baptist issue’
John Matthews, ‘Facing Fragmenting Cultures’

Vol 275 (July 2001)
Stuart Jenkins, ‘What’s the point [of the BMF]?’

Vol 276 (October 2001)
Ted Hale, ‘Down with leaders’

Vol 277 (January 2002)
Darrell Jackson, ‘Does the Future have a Denomination?’
John Rackley, ‘Stillness, silence and prayer’

Vol 280 (October 2002)
Sally Nelson, ‘Pink ballet shoes and the worship of God’

Vol 282 (2003)
Steve Holmes, ‘On Not Muzzling Oxen: A Brief Theological Account of Ministerial Employment’

Vol 283 (July 2003)
Graham Sparkes, ‘Following Jesus in a violent world’
Catriona Gorton, ‘”Because I Am not a hand” – reflections on single people and the church’

Vol 284 (October 2003)
John Weaver, ‘A Theology of Energy’

Vol 285 (January 2004)
Deborah Rooke, ‘Old Testament Theology: can it be done?’

Vol 287 (July 2004)
Mark Janes, ‘Responding to baptismal requests from those of early teenage years’
Paul Ballard, ‘Practising Baptism in an Ecumenical Context’ and ‘Baptists and the present Ecumenical Challenge’

Vol 288 (October 2004)
Paul Goodliff, ‘Doing or Being: An Old Chestnut Revisited’

Vol 289 (January 2005)
John Weaver, ‘Enabling Christians to forgive – the dynamics of reconciliation’
Barrie Smith, ‘Can Baptist Christians get on?’

Vol 290 (April 2005)
Chris Ruddie, ‘Defend Christendom or Welcome the Stranger?’
Colin Cartwright – ‘Beyond Local Church Ministry’
Donald Schmidt – ”Being a Lectionary-Led congregation’

Vol 291 (July 2005)
Faith Bowers, ‘Fellowship in Christ’
Tony Peck, ‘Belonging in Europe: reflections on current European Baptist Life’

Vol 292 (October 2005)
John Rackley, ‘Pastoral Ministry in a Spiritual Age’

Vol 293 (January 2006)
Katy Ruddle, ‘Motherhood and Ministry’
Anthony Clarke, ‘Membership Matters: From a Barrier to a Threshold’

Vol 294 (April 2006)
Craig Gardiner, ‘Everyday lessons from Easter Saturday’
Roy Dorey, ‘Baptism and Church Membership’
Simon Perry, ‘Forgotten Essentials of Worship’

Vol 295 (July 2006)
Neil Brighton, ‘After Hampson – The Trinity lives on’
John Colwell, ‘Mission as Ontology’
Ruth Gouldbourne – ‘Martha’s Story – our Story’

Vol 296 (October 2006)
Neil Brighton & Beth Allison, ‘God, Gender and Worship’
Simon Woodman, ‘A Biblical basis for affirming women in ministry Pt 1’

Vol 297 (January 2007)
Malcolm Duncan – ‘Church and Poverty’
Roy Dorey – ‘The Jigsaw of Spiritual Growth’
Simon Woodman, ‘A Biblical basis for affirming women in ministry Pt 2’

Vol 298 (April 2007)
John Colwell, ‘In Defence of Christendom’
Roger Hayden – Set all free’
Hilary Wilmer – ‘Freedom is coming – but all are not yet free’
Graham Sparkes – ‘Pilgrimage to Bethlehem’

Vol 299 (January 2008)
John Matthews, ‘Emerging Church’
Graham Sparkes, ‘Baptists and Ecumenism’
Steve Langford – ‘Isaac Watts and Hymns as a vehicle for Evangelical Spirituality’

Vol 300 (Autumn/Winter 2008)
Pat Took, ‘In his image’ ((BMF 2008 Annual Lecture)
Gethin Abraham-Williams – ‘On being Different Together’
Bernard Monk – ‘Divine Untidiness’

Vol 301 (2009)
Roy Dorey, ‘Minorities and honey pots’

Vol 302 (April 2009)
David Warrington – ‘Human Spirituality’
Catriona Gorton – ‘Blogging’
Alison Mackay – ‘Aims of the BMF’

Vol 303 (July 2009)
David Humphries – ‘A Baptist Wandering’
Andy Goodliff, ‘Leadership among Baptists’

Vol 304 (October 2009)
John Rackley, ‘The Acceptable Outsider’ (BMF 2009 Annual Lecture)
Paul Beasley-Murray, ‘Honey pots: a response’
Ted Hale, ‘Slavery, the Bible, and the apology’

Vol 305 (January 2010)
Brain Jones, ‘Life in ministry’
Tim Carter, ‘On the Emmanus Road’
Mark Word, ‘Why the Apology was Right’

Vol 306 (April 2010)
Andy Goodliff, ‘Easter Icons’
Sue Phillips, ‘Grief and Loss’
Ed Kaneen, ‘Slavery Again’
Colin Cartwright, ‘Trident Missiles’

Vol 307 (July 2010)
Philip Clements-Jewery – ‘Detective Fiction’
Len Schofield – ‘Near to Death’
Israel Olofinjana – ‘Mission in Reverse’
Andy Ladhams – ‘Marriage and Divorce’
Fred Stainthorpe – ‘Centres of Gravity’

Vol 308 (October 2010)
Glen Marhsall – ‘The minister as missionary’ (BMF 2010 Annual Lecture)
Gethin Abraham-Williams – ‘Edinburgh 2010’
Edward Williams – ‘Carey and Serampore’
Roy Dorey – ‘Minority Churches’

Vol 309 (January 2011)
John Weaver – ‘God and Climate Change’
Anthony Thacker – ‘Worship and the Media’
Peter Shepherd – ‘Still in the cinders’

Vol 310 (April 2011) – Special issue in ministry
Ted Hale – A ministry to be embraced
Jason Gain – Serving two masters?
Dan Foster – Yes – but what about the music?
Malcolm Brown – What was God unto?
David Ronco – Transitional ministry

Vol 311 (July 2011)
KJV anniversary – Ray Vincent and Israel Olofinjana
Palestine-Israeli Conflict – Tony Cross, Geoffrey Whitfield, David Ronco, Andrew Kleissner

Vol 312 (October 2011)
John Colwell, ‘A Priestly Ministry’ (BMF 2011 Annual Lecture)
Sue Barker, ‘Spirituality and Personality’
Jeremiah Dawood, ‘Conflict Resolution’
Eric Eyre, ‘Caring for the Dying’

Vol 313 (January 2012)
Barrie Smith, ‘Godly Decision Making’
Philip Clements-Jewery, ‘Liberal Baptists’
Ashley Lovett, ‘All-age Services’
David Doonan, ‘Incarnational retirement ministry’
Michael Bochenski, ‘Eugene Peterson’

Vol 314 (April 2012) – Special issue on mission
David Chawner – It shouldn’t happen to the Rev
Susan Stevenson – Theology and the Street Pastors
Malcolm Egner – From minister to freedom fighter
David Newton – Stepping stones: a strategy

Vol 315 (July 2012)
Geoff Colmer, ‘New Monasticism’ (BMF 2012 Annual Lecture)
Andy Goodliff, ‘Associating’
Joan Kearney, ‘Environmental Issues’
Rowena Wilding, ‘Feminist Hermeneutics’

Vol 316 (October 2012)
Andy Goodliff, ‘Paul Fiddes: Baptist servant of the church’
Beth Allison, ‘Inclusive Participation in God?’
Rowena Wilding, ‘A Suffering God’
Ed Kaneen, ‘Deacons and the go-between God’

Vol 317 (January 2013)
John Boyers – ‘Olympic/Paralympic Chaplaincy’
Jeannie Kendall – ‘Moving Pastorates’
Fran Bellingham – ‘Reflections: Eucharist Meals’

Vol 318 (April 2013)
Neil Draisey – ‘Cancer Journey’
Gale Richards – ‘Pastoring Multiethnic churches’
Sarah Bingham – ‘Silence in prayer’

Vol 319 (July 2013)
Malcolm Egner – ‘Real Church meetings’
Simon Woodman and Ruth Gouldbourne – ‘Collared for Lent’

Vol 320 (October 2013) – Special issue on the changing face of ministry
Paul Goodliff – Capability and competence
Simon Woodman, Juliet Kilpin – Formation in a changing context
Simon Perry – Liberty to listen
Geoff Colmer – The Order for Baptist ministry
Clive Jarvis – The College of Baptist ministers
Jenny Few – BMF: in the interest of ministers
Paul Hills – The view from associations

Vol 321 (January 2014)
Jeannie Kendall – ‘Co-ministry’
John Matthews – ‘Dementia and the church’

Vol 322 (April 2014)
Anne Philips – ‘Desiring God’ (BMF 2013 Annual Lecture)
Tim Mountain – ‘Spiritual Directon’
Clive Jarvis – ‘Authority and power’
Samuel Thomas – ‘Black Preaching’

Vol 323 (July 2014)
John Rackley, ‘Future Ministry’
Kathleen Labedz, ‘Pioneers’
Pat Goodland, ‘Church and ministry’
Phil Jump, ‘Community of grace’
Keith John, ‘Real Marriage’

Vol 324 (October 2014): Special issue on Disability
Martin Hobgen – The language of disability
David Beech – Disability and ministerial formation
Susan Myatt – Deaf church
Faith Bowers – On being a parent
Glen Graham – Seeing things my way

Vol 325 (January 2015)
Michael Peat – Ethics and Down’s Syndrome
Simon Woodman – Samson and the animals
John Rackley – Ministry and paradox
John Weaver – Journeying as Disciples

Vol 326 (April 2015)
Phil Jump – Preaching and the election
Colin Cartwright – Trials of democracy

Vol 327 (July 2015)
John Weaver – Journeying and Jesus
Michael Jackson – Church order in the Didache
Clive Jarvis – Anabaptists


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