‘Communion with Christ and his people’: The Spirituality of C. H. Spurgeon by Peter J. Morden (CBHHS Vol.5; Regent’s Park College, 2010)

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Puritan Piety: ‘A Calvinistic creed and a Puritanic morality’

Chapter 3: Evangelical Conversionism: ‘Dear spot of ground where Jesus met us! Dear hour which brought us to his feet!’

Chapter 4: Baptism and the Baptists: ‘I firmly believe … that baptism is the command of Christ’

Chapter 5: The Bible: ‘O Living Christ, make this a living word to me’

Chapter 6: Prayer: ‘Earnest prayer is the most potent means of winning continued commmunion’

Chapter 7: The Lord’s Supper: ‘By faith, I see our Lord standing in our midst’

Chapter 8: Activism: ‘A Christian sluggard! Is there such a thing? A Christian man on half time?’

Chapter 9: Holiness: ‘Oh to be Christly! We do desire to live on earth the life of Jesus …’

Chapter 10: Suffering: ‘Certain of us have had large fellowship with the Lord Jesus in affliction’

Chapter 11: Conclusion: ‘Love Christ and live Christ; think of Christ and speak of Christ’


Marianne Farningham: A Plain Woman Worker by Linda Wilson (SBHT Vol 18, Paternoster, 2007)

1. A Plain Woman Worker

2. Marianne’s Life Journey

3. Afraid to be Singular? Marianne and the Role of Women

4. ‘A Great Work’: Marianne and Sunday Schools

5. Marianne and Public Life

6. Marianne’s Spirituality

7. Conclusion

From Woolloomooloo to “Eternity”: A history of Australian Baptists by Ken R. Manley (SBHT 16, Paternoster, 2006)

From Woolloomooloo to “Eternity”: A history of Australian Baptists by Ken R. Manley (SBHT 16, 2 Vols, Paternoster, 2006)

Volume 1: Growing an Australian Church (1831-1914)

1 From Woolloomooloo to “Eternity”: Baptists in Australia

2 “Unaided and Alone”: Baptists and the First Settlements (1831-51)

3 Towards “an assured position’ (1851-81)

4 Learning to be an Austalian Church (1881-1914)

5 Being an Australian Baptist: (1) Identity, Fellowship and Worship

6 Being an Australian Baptist: (2) Women, Leaders and Youth

7 Australian Baptists and Australian Society

Vol 2: A National  Church in a Global Community (1914-2005)

8 “Fighting the Good Fight” (1914-1939)

9 “Australia looks to America” (1939-1966)

10 Towards other Peoples: Australian Baptists and Cross-Cultural Mission

11 Reinventing Australian Baptist Idenitity (1967-2005): (1) Mission and Renewal

12  Reinventing Australian Baptist Idenitity (1967-2005): (2) Ministry and Leadership

13 Beyond “Eternity”: Challenges and Opportunities

The Search for a Common Identity by Brian R. Talbot (SBHT 9, Paternoster, 2003)

The Search for a Common Identity: The Origins of the Baptist Union of Scotland 1800-1870 by Brian R. Talbot (SBHT 9, Paternoster, 2003)

1: Introduction

2: The Scotch Baptists, 1765-1842

3. The Haldanes and the Haldaneite Baptists, 1794-1851

4. The ‘English’ Baptists, 1796-1852

5. The Baptist Home Missionary Society: A Substitute Union, 1827-1868?

6. The Attempts to Form a Baptist Union of Scotland, 1827-1842

7. The Third Attempt to Form a Baptist Union of Scotland, 1843-1856

8. The Genesis of the 1869 Baptist Union

9 Conclusions

Nonconformity’s Romantic Generation by Mark Hopkins (SEHT, Paternoster, 2004)

Nonconformity’s Romantic Generation: Evangelical and Liberal Theologies in Victorian England

1 Introduction

I The Congregationalists

2 James Baldwin Brown (1820-84)

3 Robert William Dale (1829-95)

4 The Leicester Conference Controversy (1877-78)

II The Baptists

5 Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92)

6 John Clifford (1836-1923)

7 The Downgrade Controversy (1887-88)

8 Conclusion

The Tribe of Dan: The New Connexion of General Baptists 1770-1891 by Frank W. Rinaldi(SBHT 10, Paternoster, 2008)

The Tribe of Dan: The New Connexion of General Baptists 1770-1891 : A Study in the Transition from Revival Movement to Established Denomination

1 Introduction

2 ‘Essential truths’: The Theological Background and Development of the Movement

3. Mission or Maintenance: An Examination of the Organisational Structure of the New Connexion

4. ‘The Middle sphere of life’: Aspects of the Social and Demographic Background to the New Connexion

5. The Progress of the Gospel: an Examination of the Development and Evangelistic Strategy of the New Connexion

6. ‘Labour, poverty, dependence and anxiety’: Ministry in the New Connexion

7. ‘Union not absorption’: The Development of Discussions with Particular Baptists which led to Union in 1891


‘Redeeming Love Proclaim’ John Rippon and the Baptists by Ken R. Manley (SBHT 12, Paternoster, 2004)

1. John Rippon and the Transformation of the Baptists

2. The Making of an Evangelical Baptist Leader (1751-1773)

3. Pattern of a Pastorate: John Rippon and Carter Lane (1773-1836)

4. ‘Sing Side by Side’: John Rippon and Baptist Hymnody

5. Wider Horizons: The Baptist Annual Register (1790-1802)

6. Rippon and Baptist Historiography

7. ‘Willing Servant of all the Churches’

8. Rippon: The Preacher and the Man

9. Rippon and the Baptist Union