British Baptist Historians 6: Brian Stanley

Lecturer in Church History, Trinity College, Bristol

Director of the Henry Martyn Centre for the Study of Mission and World Christianity, Cambridge

Professor of World Christianity, Edinburgh (2008-)

Major Publications

‘C. H. Spurgeon and the Baptist Missionary Society 1863-1866’, Baptist Quarterly 29.7 (July 1982): 319-28.

‘Winning the world: William Carey and the missionary movement’ in Heritage of Freedom (Lion Publishing, 1984): 77-83.
‘“The Miser of Headingley”: Robert Arthington and the Baptist Missionary Society, 1877-1900’, in W. J. Sheils and Diana Wood (eds), The Church and Wealth, Studies in Church History, 24 (Blackwell, 1987): 371-82.

‘“Nineteenth-century liberation theology”: nonconformist missionaries and imperialism’, Baptist Quarterly 22.1 (Jan. 1987): 5-18.

‘The history of the Baptist Missionary Society, 1792-1992’, Bulletin of the Scottish Institute of Missionary Studies, 4-5 (1988-9): 93-5.

The Bible and the Flag: Protestant Missions and British Imperialism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Apollos, 1990).

The History of the Baptist Missionary Society, 1792-1992 (T. & T. Clark, 1992).

‘Planting self-governing churches: British Baptist ecclesiology in a missionary context’, Baptist Quarterly 34.8 (Oct. 1992): 378-89.

‘The origins and early work of the Baptist Missionary Society’, in R. L. Greenall (ed.) The Kettering Connection: Northamptonshire Baptists and Overseas Missions (University of Leicester Adult Education Department, 1993): 14-32.

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‘A Cambridge passage through India: the making of T. R. Glover’s The Jesus of History’, Cambridge Review 119:2331 (Nov. 1998): 60-69.

‘The future in the past: eschatological vision in British and American Protestant missionary history’, Tyndale Bulletin 51:1 (May 2000): 101-20.

(ed.), Christian Missions and the Enlightenment (Eerdmans, 2001)

‘“The old religion and the new”: India and the making of T. R. Glover’s The Jesus of History’, in D. W. Bebbington (ed.), The Gospel in the World (Paternoster Press, 2002): 295-312
‘Edinburgh 1910 and the Oikumene’, in Anthony Cross (ed.), Ecumenism and History (Paternoster Press, 2002): 89-105.

(ed.), Missions, Nationalism and the End of Empire (Eerdmans, 2003)

(ed.) with  Sheridan Gilley, The Cambridge History of Christianity Vol 8: World Christianities, c. 1815 – c. 1914 (Cambridge, 2006)

‘Baptists, anti-slavery and the legacy of imperialism’, Baptist Quarterly 42 (Oct. 2007): 284-95.

The World Missionary Conference: Edinburgh 1910 (Eerdmans, 2009)

‘Missiology’ in David Fergusson et al (ed.), The Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology (Cambridge, 2011)


Under the Rule of Christ: Dimensions of Baptist Spirituality, edited by Paul S. Fiddes (Regent’s Study Guide 14; Smyth & Helwys, 2008)

1. Baptists and Spirituality: a Rule of Life – Paul S. Fiddes and Stephen Finamore

2. Spirituality as Attentiveness: Stillness and Journey – Paul S. Fiddes

3. Spirituality as Suffering: a Defining Experience – Richard Kidd

4. Spirituality as Discipleship: the Anabaptist Heritage – Nigel Wright

5. Spirituality and Scripture: the Rule of the Word

6. Spirituality in Everyday Life: the View from the Table – John Weaver

7. Spirituality in Mission: Gathering and Grace – Christopher Ellis

The European Baptist Federation: A Case Study in European Interdependency 1950-2006 by Keith G. Jones (Vol 43, SBHT, Paternoster, 2009)

Foreword – Ian M. Randall

Chapter 1: Baptists and Interdependency

Chapter 2: ‘Beyond the Local’: The Ecclesiological Basis of the European Baptist Federation

Chapter 3: The Ecumenical Dimension

Chapter 4: The International Baptist Theological Seminary

Chapter 5: A Focus of Unity – General Secretaries

Chapter 6: Partnership in Mission: Inter-Continental Mission Work from the USA

Chapter 7: Mission in the World

Chapter 8: The Ecclesial Reality of European Baptists

Appendix: EBF Presidents 1950-2009

Offering Christ to the World by Peter J. Mordern (SBHT Vol 8, Paternoster, 2003)

Offering Christ to the World: Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) and the Revival of Eighteenth-Century Particular Baptist Life


1 Andrew Fuller in Context

2 The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation and the Development of Fuller’s Evangelical Theology

3 The Disputes with High Calvinists and Arminians regarding The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation

4 The Disputes with Abraham Booth

5 Fuller’s Pastoral Ministry

6 Fuller and the Baptist Missionary Society

7 Fuller and the Spiritual Life

8 Conclusion

Bible, history and ministry: essays for L.G. Champion on his ninetieth birthday. Edited by Roger Hayden and Brian Haymes (Bristol Baptist College, 1997)

‘The stillness and the dancing: an appreciation of Leonard G. Champion’ – Roger Hayden

‘Source, guide and goal! the persuasive function of a Pauline doxology (Romans 11.33-36)’ – Sean Winter

“Wooing an crocodile” social science investigation and the New Testament’ – Michael Jackson

‘Wisdom and the dove: epiphanies of the Spirit in the gospel of Mark’ – Julie Hopkins

‘I believe, you believe: typology of belief as an instrument of hermeneutics’ – John Elliston

‘Celebrating scripture: evolutionary influences on Rabbinical Midrash’ – Sarah Parry

‘To the far country: the influence of former Bristol Students on Australian Baptist life’ – Ken Manley

‘Anatomy of a dispute between Thomas Collier and Thomas Hall’ – Stephen Copson

‘Christian realism and doing nothing’ – Brian Haymes

‘Missionary congregations’ – Tony Barker

‘”Are all Christians ministers” the ordained ministry and the priesthood of all believers’ – Grenville Overton

‘Being a minister: a consideration of the pastoral theology of Eugene Peterson’ – John Houseago

‘Into all the world: the missionary obligation’ – David Martin

On Being the Church: Revisioning Baptist Identity by Brian Haymes, Ruth Gouldbourne, Anthony Cross (SBHT 21, Paternoster, 2008)

This book re-examines Baptist theology and practice in the light of contemporary biblical, theological, ecumenical and missiological perspectives. It is not a study in denominationalism, but rather attempts to revision historical insights from the believer’s church tradition, essentially within a trinitarian emphasis. It is a re-expression of that tradition, seeking to re-appropriate forgotten emphases, bringing them together in a revised ecclesiology.

Foreword – Paul S. Fiddes

By Way of Introduction

1. The God of the People

2. The People of God

3. Authority

4. Baptism: Becoming a Christian

5. Discipleship

6. The Lord’s Supper

7. Ministry

8. The One Church, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic

9. Institution and Organization

Tracks and Traces: Baptist Identity in Church and Theology by Paul S. Fiddes (Vol 13, SBHT, Paternoster, 2003)

Introduction: The Question of Identity

‘Walking Together’: The Place of Covenant Theology in Baptist Life Yesterday and Today

Beginning a New Millennium: Doctrinal Themes of Strategic Significance for Baptists

Church and Trinity: A Baptist Ecclesiology of Participation

Authority in Relations between Pastor and People: A Baptist Doctrine of Ministry

Baptism and Creation

Believer’s Baptism: An Act of Inclusion or Exclusion?

The Church as Eucharistic Community: A Baptist Contribution

The Church’s Ecumenical Calling: A Baptist Perspective

The Understanding of Salvation in the Baptist Tradition

Mission and Liberty: A Baptist Connection

Baptists and Mission: Papers from the 4th International Conference on Baptist Studies Edited by Ian Randall and Anthony Cross (Vol 29, SBHT, Paternoster, 2007)

David Bebbington

Hanserd Knollys, the English Particular Baptists and Mission in the Seventeenth Century
Dennis C. Bustin

Andrew Fuller on Mission: Text and Passion
Michael A. G. Haykin

Irish Baptists: Home Mission and Denominational Home Rule in the Nineteenth and
Twentieth Centuries
Maurice Dowling

‘The world is our parish’: Spurgeon’s College and World Mission, 1856-1892
Ian Randall

International Mission of the Old Baptist Union, 1895-1914
Michael J. Collis

Romanian Baptists and Mission in the Twentieth Century
Otniel Bunaciu

‘Do the Holy Scriptures Countenance Such Wild Disorder?’: Baptist Growth in the
Eighteenth-Century American South
Thomas S. Kidd

The First One Hundred Years of Baptist Home Mission in North America:
Civilization, Denominationalism, and Americanization
Gregory A. Wills

Nineteeth-Century Baptist Missions in Mexico, 1827-1903
Justice C. Anderson

Recruiting for Missions: The Baylor Volunteer Foreign Mission Band, 1900-1906
Williams L. Pitts, Jr

The Association Plan: A Landmark Baptist Alternative to the Convention System
J. Kristian Pratt

A Mission Transformed: Fellowship Baptist Outreach in Quebec, 1953-1986
Paul R. Wilson

‘The Fields are White unto Harvest but the Labourers are Few’: Baptists and
Home Mission in the Nineteenth Century
Brian R. Talbot

Missionaries in the Guise of Physicians: Case Studies of the Canadian Baptist
and London Missionary Society Medical Missions in Late Nineteenth- and Early
Twentieth-Century South India
Raj Sekhar Basu

In Defence of Mass Conversion: John E. Clough and the American Baptist Telugu
Mission, 1865-1910
Paul W. Harris

When Missionaries were Hated: An Examination of the Canadian Baptist Defence of
Imperialism and Missions during the Boxer Rebellion, 1900
Gordon L. Heath

The Early Days of the French Bible Mission in the Ivory Coast, 1927-1945
Jacques Blocher

Latvian Baptist Missionary Work in Latin America in the Twentieth Century
Valdis Teraudkalns

Earl C. Merrick: Turning the World Upside Down in Bolivia
Sharon Leighton

Ecumenism and History: Studies in Honour of John H. Y. Briggs edited by Anthony R. Cross (Paternoster, 2002)

Georges Lemopoulos

John H. Y. Briggs MA, FSA, FRHistS: An Appreciation
Faith Bowers

Baptism, Christology and the Creeds in the Early Church: Implications for Ecumenical Dialogue
Anthony R. Cross

John Wesley – Exemplar of the Catholic Spirit
Herbert B. McGonigle

Worlds of Ambiguity: The YMCA, the YWCA, the WSCF and Mission, Nationalism, Ecumenism and the Explosion of Empire
J. C. G. Binfield

Edinburgh 1910 and the Oikoumene
Brian Stanley

The Christian World Communions: Denominational Ecumenism on a Global Scale
Richard V. Pierard

Church and Salvation: A Comparative Study of Free Church and Orthodox Thinking
Paul S. Fiddes

Disciples and Baptists: A Study in Comparative Polities
William H. Brackney

Making Too Little and Too Much of Baptism?
Brian Haymes

Pure Clay and Time’s Mud: Biography as History
Keith W. Clements

Writing Local Church History
Haddon Willmer

Attitudes towards Erring Brothers and Sisters in Early Christianity as Reflected in the New Testament
John E. Morgan-Wynne

The Sociology of Hymns in Western Christianity
Marjorie Reeves

The Democratization of British Christianity: The Baptist Case 1770-1870
D. W. Bebbington

‘Every Apostolic Church a Mission Society’: European Baptist Origins and Identity
Ian M. Randall

Business Men as Preachers among Methodists in the Early Twentieth Century
David J. Jeremy

Britain, World History, Christianity and the Millennium
Keith G. Robbins

Select Publications of John H. Y. Briggs