Perspectives in Religious Studies, Winter 2009

Baptist Origins and Identity in 1609: The John Smyth/Richard Clifton Debate – Williams J. Pitts Jr.

A Fellowship of Believers: Covenant Relationship among Baptists – Karen E. Smith

“Signs of the Covenant”: The Development of Sacramental Thought in Baptist Circles – Brian C. Brewer

Searching for the Hidden Church: William Jones and the Common Roots of Landmarkist and Restorationist Ecclesiology – Andrew Christopher Smith

“More Striking … Than the Loudest PReaching”: Baptist Women’s Testimony in the Early Evangelical South – Monica Najar

E. Y. Mullins: Soul Competency and Social Ministry – C. Douglas Weaver

“A Fence of Scholasticism around the Ministry”? Theological Education among English Baptists, 1900-1950s – Ian M. Randall

An Audacious Witness: Charting the Baptist Future One More Time – Bill J. Leonard


Perspectives in Religious Studies, Summer 2009

This edition includes a good set of articles, including some British contributors

Tracing Baptist Theological Footprints: A European Perspective – Ian M. Randall

Practicing the Faith in the Baptist Tradition: A Response to Ian Randall – Curtis Freeman

Defining and Shaping an Adequate Theological Curriculum for Ministerial Training – Brian Harris

Promoting a subversive spirituality: new wineskins and new wine in mission and evangelism – Michael J. Quicke

Who is Worship For? Dispatches from the War Zone – Christopher J. Ellis

The Sacredness of God’s Creation – David P. Gushee

Co-redeemers: a theological basis for creation care – John Weaver