British Baptist Theologians

1. John E. Colwell

2. Paul S. Fiddes

3. Stephen R. Holmes

4. Nigel G. Wright

5. Christopher Ellis

6. Anthony R. Cross

7. Robert Ellis

8. Brian Haymes

9. George Beasley-Murray

10. Ruth Gouldbourne

11. Keith W. Clements

12. Haddon Willmer

13. H. Wheeler Robinson

14. Neville Clark

15. Derek Tidball

16. Michael H. Taylor

17. Paul Ballard

18. John Weaver


2 Responses

  1. Let’s go back further: Hanserd Knollys, Richard Overton, Gerrard Winstanley, Anne Steele, Anne Dutton, Marriane Farmingham, Andrew Fuller, the Halls, Dan Taylor, John Gill (much as I dislike him personally), Leonard Busher, Grantham, Murton, Helwys, Bunyan, Muriel Lester, etc.

  2. I hope to at some point. I guess I set out to show that there are some good active British baptist theologians … and partly it was about having an easy record of what they’ve published and where … it would be a different series when we go back further … but important … if you want to do any guest posts let me know

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