Baptist Quarterly Articles By Author (N-Z)

Mike Nicholls
– ‘Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Educationalist’, Baptist Quarterly 31 (1986) and 32 (1987)
– ‘The Down Grade Controversy: A Neglected Protagonist’, Baptist Quarterly 32 (1988)

John F. V. Nicholson
– ‘Towards a Theology of Episcope’ Baptist Quarterly 30.6 & 30.7 (1984)
– ‘H. H. Rowley on “Aspects of Reunion”‘, Baptist Quarterly 38.4 (October 1999), 196-99

Geoffrey F. Nuttall
– ‘Calvinism in Free Church History’, Baptist Quarterly 22 (1968)

R. W. Oliver
– ‘John Collett Ryland, Daniel Turner and Robert Robinson and the Communion Controversy, 1772-1781’, Baptist Quarterly 29.2 (April 1981)

Ernest A. Payne
– ‘An Elegy on Andrew Gifford’, Baptist Quarterly 9 (1938), pp.54-7
– ‘Professor Oscar Cullmann on Baptism’, Baptist Quarterly 14.2 (April 1951), pp.56-60
– ‘Baptists and the Laying on of Hands’, Baptist Quarterly 15.5 (January 1954), pp.203-15
– ‘Who were the Baptists?’, Baptist Quarterly 16 (1955-6)
– ‘The Ministry in Historical Perspective,’ Baptist Quarterly 17.6 (1958)
– ‘Baptists and the Ecumenical Movement,’ Baptist Quarterly 18.6 (April 1960)
– ‘The Free Church Tradition and Worship’ Baptist Quarterly 21.2 (April 1965), pp.9-13
– ‘Baptists and Initiation’, Baptist Quarterly 26.4 (October 1975), pp.147-57
– ‘The Rise and Decline of Downs Chapel, Clapton’, Baptist Quarterly 27.1 (January 1977), 34-44
– ‘The Down Grade Controversy: A Postscript’, Baptist Quarterly 28 (1979)
– ‘The Baptist Church near the Barbican’, Baptist Quarterly 39 (2001), pp.132-45

Tony Peck,
— ‘Grace and Law: Baptists and Religious Freedom: Historical Antecedents and Contemporary Context’, Baptist Quarterly 29.7 (2002)

Richard T. Pollard
– ‘Dan Taylor: A Baptist Entrepreneur’, Baptist Quarterly 47.4 (October 2016)

Michael J. Quicke
– ‘Baptists and the Current Debate on Baptism’, Baptist Quarterly 29.4 (October 1981), pp.153-68.

Ian Randall
– ‘Mere Denominationalism: F B Meyer and Baptist Life’, Baptist Quarterly 25.1 (January 1993), pp.19-34
– ‘Capturing Keswick: Baptists and the Changing Spirituality of the Keswick Convention in the 1920s’, Baptist Quarterly 36.7 (1996)
– ‘”Arresting People for Christ”: Baptists and the Oxford Group in the 1930s’, Baptist Quarterly 38.1 (1999)
– ‘”Pious Wishes”: Baptists and wider renewal movements in the nineteenth-century Europe’, Baptist Quarterly 38.7 (July 2000)
– ‘The Breath of Revival’: The Welsh Revival and Spurgeon’s College’, Baptist Quarterly 41.4 (October 2005)
– ‘English Baptists of the Twentieth Century’, Baptist Quarterly 41.7 (2006)
– ‘Seedbed for Baptist Leadership: The Baptist Students Federation 1947-1970s’, Baptist Quarterly 44 (April 2012)
– ‘Henry Martyn (1781-1812) and the Baptists in India: An Ecumenical Vision?’, Baptist Quarterly 45 (April 2013)
– ‘The Baptist Quarterly: The First Decade’, Baptist Quarterly 53.1 (January 2022)

Frank D. Rees
– ‘The Worship of All Believers’, Baptist Quarterly 41.3 (July 2005)

G. G. Reynolds
– ’75 Years of the General Superintendency – what next?’, Baptist Quarterly 34.5 (January 1992)

J. M. Ross
– ‘The Theology of Baptism in Baptist History’, Baptist Quarterly 15.3 (July 1953), 100-12.

G. W. Rusling
– ‘The Status of Children’, Baptist Quarterly 18.6 (April 1960), pp.245-57.

Alan P. F. Sell
– ‘English Dissent: Dissoluble or Dissolute?’, Baptist Quarterly 33.5 (January 1990)

Ian Sellars
– ‘Edwardians, Anabaptists and the Problem of Baptist Origins’, Baptist Quarterly 27 (1981), 97-122
– ‘John Howard Hinton, Theologian’, Baptist Quarterly 33.3 (July 1989)
– ‘W. T. Whitley: A Commemorative Essay’, Baptist Quarterly 37.4 (October 1997)

Jason Sexton
‘Beyond Social Trinitarianism: Stanley J. Grenz;s Baptist, Trinitarian Innovation’, Baptist Quarterly 44 (October 2012)

Douglas Shantz
– ‘The Place of the Resurrected Christ in the Writings of John Smyth’, Baptist Quarterly 30 (1984), 199-203

Peter Shepherd
– ‘The Baptist Minister’s Journal 1946-1992’, Baptist Quarterly 35.5 (January 1994), 251-55
– ‘Denominational Renewal: A Study in English Baptist Church Life and Growth 1901-1906’ Baptist Quarterly 37.7 (1998)
– ‘The Baptist Union’s Ministerial Settlement and Sustentation Scheme: the end of congregational church polity?’ Baptist Quarterly 38.6 (April 2000)
– ‘James Acworth and the creation of Rawdon College’ Baptist Quarterly 39.6 (April 2002)
– ‘Spurgeon’s Children’, Baptist Quarterly 42.2.1 (April 2007)

Karen E. Smith
– ‘Beyond Public and Private Spheres: Another look at women in Baptist history and historiography’ Baptist Quarterly 34.2 (April 1991)
– ‘British Women and the Baptist World Alliance’, Baptist Quarterly 41.1 (January 2005), pp.25-46.
– ‘The Baptist College in Montreal, 1836-1849’, Baptist Quarterly 41.8 (October 2006)
– ‘Women in Cultural Captivity: British Women and the Zenana Mission’ Baptist Quarterly 42.2 Pt 1 (April 2007)
– ‘”Female Education’ among Baptists in the Eighteenth Century’, Baptist Quarterly 48.4 (October 2017)
– ‘Charles Frederic Aked (1864-1941): “A Fighting Parson” for Social Reform’, Baptist Quarterly 50.1 (January 2019)

Brian Stanley
– ‘C. H. Spurgeon and the Baptist Missionary Society 1863-1866’, Baptist Quarterly 29:7 (July 1982), pp.319-28.
– ‘”Nineteenth-century liberation theology”: nonconformist missionaries and imperialism’, Baptist Quarterly 22:1 (January 1987), pp.5-18.
– ‘Planting self-governing churches: British Baptist ecclesiology in a missionary context’, Baptist Quarterly 34:8 (Oct. 1992), pp.378-89.
– ‘Baptists, anti-slavery and the legacy of imperialism’, Baptist Quarterly 42 (October 2007), pp.284-95.
– ‘BMS Missionaries in Mid-Twentieth Century China: A Review Article’, Baptist Quarterly 42.6 (April 2008)
– ‘Renewing a Vision for Mission Among British Baptists: Historical Perspectives and Theological Reflections. The 2011 George Beasley-Murray Memorial Lecture’, Baptist Quarterly 44.5 (January 2012)
– ‘The Vision of a Christian Higher Education for India: 200 Years of Serampore College History’, Baptist Quarterly 51.1 (January 2020)

David F. Tennant
– ‘Anabaptist Theologies of Childhood and Education’, Baptist Quarterly 29.7 (July 1982), 29.8 (October 1982), 30.7 (July 1984), 30.8 (October 1984), 31.1 (January 1985)
– and Paul Martin, ‘Believers’ Baptism, the Fellowship of Believers and Faith Development’, Baptist Quarterly 39.2 (2001), pp.96-104 and 39.3 (2001), pp.121-131.

Diane Tidball
– ‘Walking a Tightrope: Women training for Baptist ministry’, Baptist Quarterly 33.8 (1990), pp.388-95

T. L. Underwood
– ‘Child Dedication Services in the 17th Century’, Baptist Quarterly 23.4 (October 1969), pp.164-69

Michael Walker
– ‘The Relation of Infants to the Church, Baptism and Gospel in Seventeenth Century Baptist Theology,’ Baptist Quarterly 21.6 (1966)
– ‘Praise God: A New Service Book’, Baptist Quarterly 28.7 (1980)
– ‘The Presidency of the Lord’s Table among Nineteenth Century English Baptists’, Baptist Quarterly 32.5 (January 1988)

Paul Walker
– ‘Moses Roper (1815-): An African American Baptist in Victorian England, 1835-44’, Baptist Quarterly 42 (October 2007)
– The Revd Nathaniel Paul (1973-1839): Another African American Baptist minister in Britain’, Baptist Quarterly 43 (April 2009)

Paul Weller
– ‘Freedom and Witness in a Multi-Religious Society: A Baptist Perspective’ Baptist Quarterly 33.6 & 33.7 (1990)

W. M. S. West
– ‘Baptists and the Future’, Baptist Quarterly 22.3 (July 1967), pp.176-85
– ‘The Young Mr Aubrey’, Baptist Quarterly 33.8 (October 1990)
– ‘The Reverend Secretary Aubrey’ Baptist Quarterly 34.5 and 34. 6 and 34.7 (1992)

B. R. White
– ‘A Puritan Work by Robert Browne’, Baptist Quarterly 18 (1959)
– ‘Thomas Crosby, Baptist Historian (1)’, Baptist Quarterly 21 (1965) and (1966)
– ‘How Did William Kiffin Join the Baptists?’ Baptist Quarterly 23 (1970)
-Daniel Roberts of Reaading and the Quakers’, Baptist Quarterly 23 (1970)
– ‘Samuel Eaton (d.1639): Particular Baptist Pioneer’, Baptist Quarterly 24.1 (January 1971), pp.10-21.
– ‘Thomas Collier and Gangraena Edwards’ Baptist Quarterly 24 (1971)
– ‘Two Early Propagandists for Believers’ Baptism’, Baptist Quarterly 24 (1971)
– ‘Open and Closed Membership Among English and Welsh Baptists’, Baptist Quarterly 24.7 (July 1972), 330-34.
– ‘John Pendarves, the Calvinistic Baptists, and the Fifth Monarchy’, Baptist Quarterly 25.6 (April 1974), pp.251-272.
– ‘Baptist Beginnings in Watford’, Baptist Quarterly 26 (1976)
– ‘Early Baptist Letters (I)’ Baptist Quarterly 27 (1977)
– ‘The English Separatists and John Smyth Revisited’, Baptist Quarterly 30 (October 1984), pp.344-347.
– ‘Anabaptist Studies: A Review Article’, Baptist Quarterly 34 (1990)

Haddon Willmer
– ‘The Significance of Restorationism’, Baptist Quarterly 32.1 (Jan, 1987), pp.19-27

Sean Winter
– ‘Michael Sattler and the Schleitheim Articles: A study in the background to the first Anabaptist Confession of Faith’, Baptist Quarterly 34.2 (April 1991)
– ‘Tracks and Traces: A Review Article’, Baptist Quarterly 41.7 (July 2006)

Nigel Wright
– ‘”Koinonia” and Baptist Ecclesiology: Self-Critical Reflections from Historical and Systematic Perspectives’, Baptist Quarterly 35.8 (1994), pp.363-75.
-‘“The Sword”: An Example of Anabaptist Diversity’, Baptist Quarterly 36.6 (1996), pp.264-279.
– ‘Baptist and Anabaptist Attitudes to the State: A Contrast’, Baptist Quarterly 36.7 (1996), pp.349-357.
– ‘Inclusive Representation: Towards a Doctrine of Christian Ministry,’ Baptist Quarterly 39.4 (2001), pp.159-174
– ‘Covenant and Covenanting’, Baptist Quarterly 39.6 (2002), pp.287-290.

Stephen Wright
– ‘Baptists Alignments and the Restoration of Immersion, 1638-44’, Baptist Quarterly 40.5 & 40.6 (January 2004), pp.261-83
– ‘Edward Barber (c.1595-1663) and his Friends’ Baptist Quarterly 41.6 (April 2006) and 41.7 (July 2006)


2 Responses

  1. This is a very helpful list and I have copied down several titles that I shall look at it.

    You missed my piece in the BQ

    Richard V. Pierard
    – ‘The Religious Right in America: Where is it going?’
    Baptist Quarterly 35.4 (1993), pp. 169-185.

  2. You might want to update your list to include my articles below, as well as a collection of books and articles I have published on British Baptist history, 1750-1850, most of it based on archival research in British libraries, record offices, and church books.

    Whelan, Timothy. “A Calendar of Baptist Autographs in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, 1741-1907.” Baptist Quarterly 42 (2008): 577-612.

    —. “‘I am the Greatest of the Prophets’: A New Look at Robert Hall’s Mental Breakdown, November 1804.” Baptist Quarterly 42 (2007): 114-126.

    —. “Joseph Angus and the Use of Autograph Letters in the Library at Holford House, Regent’s Park College, London.” Baptist Quarterly 40 (2004): 455-76.

    —. “John Ryland at School: Two Societies in Northampton Boarding Schools.” Baptist Quarterly 40 (2003): 90-116.

    —. “Six Letters of Robert Robinson from Dr. Williams’s Library.” Baptist Quarterly 39 (2002): 347-59.

    —. “A Glance at the 1795 Catalogue of Books in the Library of the Bristol Baptist Academy and Museum.” Baptist Quarterly 39 (2001): 35-38.

    —. “Robert Hall and the Bristol Slave-Trade Debate of 1787-1788.” Baptist Quarterly 38 (2000): 212-24.

    Other articles of interest to students of Baptist history and its intersection with literary figures in the late 18th and early 19th centuries include the following:

    Whelan, Timothy. “Baptist Autographs at the John Rylands University Library, Manchester.” Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester 89.2 (2013): 203-25.

    —. “An Evangelical Anglican Interaction with Baptist Missionary Society Strategy: William Wilberforce and John Ryland, 1807-1824.” Interfaces: Baptists and Others, edited by David Bebbington and Martin Sutherland. Studies in Baptist History and Thought, vol. 44: 56-85. Milton Keynes: Paternoster Press, 2013.

    —. “West Country Nonconformist Women Writers, 1720-1840.” Wordsworth Circle 43 (2012): 44-55.

    —. “George Dyer and Dissenting Culture, 1777-1796.” Charles Lamb Bulletin N.S. 155 (2012): 9-30.

    —. “William Hazlitt and Radical West Country Dissent.” Coleridge Bulletin N.S. 38 (Winter 2011): 111-27.

    —. “Martha Gurney and the Anti-Slave Trade Movement, 1788-94.” Women, Dissent and Anti-Slavery in Britain and America, 1790-1865, edited by Elizabeth J. Clapp and Julie Roy Jeffrey. 44-65. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2011.

    —. “Coleridge and Some Bristol Baptists, 1794-96.” Wordsworth and Coleridge in the West Country, edited by Nick Roe, 99-114. Houndmills, Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave, 2010.

    —. “Robert Hall and the Bristol Slave-Trade Debate of 1787-1788.” The Abolition of Slavery: Debate and Dissension 1787-1840, edited by Susan Trouve, 63-67. Paris: Armand Colin, 2009.

    —. “William Fox, Martha Gurney, and Radical Discourse of the 1790s.” Eighteenth-Century Studies 42 (2009): 397-411. [Martha Gurney was a London bookseller and member of the Gurney family of Baptist congregation at Maze Pond, London]

    —. “Martha Gurney and William Fox: London Baptists and Radical Politics, 1791-94.” In Pulpit and People: Studies in 18th Century Baptist Life and Thought, edited by John Briggs, 165-201. Milton Keynes: Paternoster Press, 2009.

    —. “‘For the Hand of a Woman, has Levell’d the Blow’: Maria de Fleury’s Pamphlet War with William Huntington, 1787-1791.” Journal of Women’s Studies 36 (2007): 431-54. [de Fleury (1753-1792) was a Baptist women writer in London who deserves to be much better known today.]

    —. “Thomas Poole’s ‘Intimations of Immortality’ in a Letter to John Sheppard, February 1837.” Romanticism 11 (2005): 199-223. [Sheppard was a Baptist writer and leading member of the congregation at Sheppard’s Barton, Frome; Poole was a close friend of Coleridge.]

    —. “‘I have confessed myself a devil’: Crabb Robinson’s Confrontation with Robert Hall, 1798-1800.” Charles Lamb Bulletin, New Series 121 (2003): 2-25.

    —. “John Foster and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.” Christianity and Literature 50 (2001): 631-56. [Foster was the best known Baptist essayist of his day.]

    —. “Joseph Cottle the Baptist.” Charles Lamb Bulletin, New Series 111 (2000): 96-108. [Cottle was the first publisher of Coleridge and the Lyrical Ballads and was a staunch Baptist most of his life]

    Students of Baptist History will find my 8-volume set (over 3600 pp), Nonconformist Women Writers, 1720-1840 (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2011), the best resource in print on Baptist women of the 18th century, as it looks at the poetry, prose, and correspondence of 20 women writers, most of whom were Baptists. They will also find my forthcoming monograph on four of these women – Mary Steele, Mary Scott, Jane Attwater, and Elizabeth Coltman – of interest, which will appear in 2015 by Palgrave Macmillan titled Other British Voices: Women, Poetry, and Religion, 1766-1840.

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