Download Regent’s Reviews

It’s finally available … a little later than planned … but you can download Regent’s Reviews here. Regent’s Reviews is a book review journal based from Regent’s Park College (which I’m helping to edit), only available now as a .pdf. This first edition has a special focus on recent books written by baptists in light of the 400th celebration of Baptist beginnings. Reviews include:

Baptist Sacramentalism 2 edited by Anthony R. Cross and Philip E. Thompson

On Being the Church by Brian Haymes, Ruth Gouldbourne and Anthony R. Cross

Reinventing English Evangelicalism, 1966-2001 by Rob Warner

Under the Rule of Christ: Dimensions of Baptist Spirituality edited by Paul Fiddes

Can These Bones Live?: A Catholic Baptist Engagement with Ecclesiology by Barry Harvey

The Book of Revelation by Simon Woodman

Approaching God by Chris Ellis

Church, Community and Power by Roy Kearsley

Challenging to Change. Festschrift for Nigel Wright edited by Pieter Lalleman


List of articles from Baptist Minister’s Journal (1995-)

From 1995 onwards, I have created a list of various articles from the Baptist Minister’s Journal – I’ve not recorded every article, but if you were trying to track down some on what Baptists having been saying in the last fifteen years on various things, you’ll find some indication. If I can I will try an add from further back as well.

New Baptist Journal from IBTS

In this last year, IBTS have launch a new journal called Baptistic Theologies. In the editorial for the first edition, Keith Jones says that ‘with this new journal we remove the focus upon a geographical area, Europe [so the JEBS], to an ecclesial grouping, baptistic … Baptistic Theologies is designed to strengthen the contribution of the “baptistic” communities to and within the world of theological publishing and to ensure such an important stream of theological reflection and dialogue is more fully exposed to the wider world … Our intention is that it should be thematic and we already see themes emerging to cover the first few years’ (‘Editorial’, Baptistic Theologies 1.1, Spring 2009)