Challenging to Change: Dialogues with a Radical Baptist Theologian: Essays Presented to Dr Nigel G. Wright on his sixtieth birthday, edited by Pieter J. Lalleman (Spurgeon’s, 2009)

Introduction – David Coffey

‘Baptists “Relating and Resourcing” in difficult times: A historical perspective’ – Raymond Brown

‘New birth from Water and Spirit’ – Alastair Campbell

‘The Coherence of freedom: Can Church or State ever be Truly Free?’ – John Colwell

‘Being a minister: spirituality and the pastor’ – Chris Ellis

‘”The leadership of some …”: Baptist ministers as leaders?’ – Rob Ellis

‘Something will come of nothing: on A Theology of the Dark Side’ – Paul S. Fiddes

‘Inclusive representation revisited’ – Paul Goodliff

‘The radical ecclesiology of Nigel Wright’ – Steve Holmes

‘Church planting, peace and the ecclesial minimum’ – Stuart Murray

‘Part of a Movement: Nigel Wright and Baptist Life’ – Ian Randall

‘When Wright was right’ – Tom Smail

‘The Radical Evangelical: A Critical Appreciation’ – Derek Tidball

‘Crown rights of the Redeemer’ – Pat Took