Translocal Ministry: Equipping the Churches for Mission, edited by Stuart Murray (BU, 2004)

Introduction – Stuart Murray

The Case for Translocal Ministry – Nigel G Wright

Translocal Ministry: New Testament Perspectives – Sean Winter

Messengers: Do they have a message for us? – Ruth Gouldbourne

‘A Good Bench of Bishops’: Early Baptist Superintendency – Ian Randall

Translocal Leadership: A Theological Reflection – John Weaver

Contemporary Models of Translocal Ministry: A Critical Appraisal – Paul Goodliff

Translocal Ministry in Post-Christendom – Stuart Murray

Translocal Ministry and the Mission Imperative – Stephen Ibbotson

Translocal Episcope and Local Church Mission – Brian Nicholls

Continuity and Change : Perspectives from Down Under – Anne Wilkinson-Hayes / Reflections on Conflict Resolution – Viv Lassetter

The Continuning Conversatio: Translocal Ministry and the Five Core Values – Myra Blyth