British Baptists, Women and Gender

In 1986 the Baptist Quarterly dedicated an issue to the topic of women in ministry.

BQ 31.7 (July 1986)
‘Reactions to Women in Ministry: A Survey of English Baptist Church Members’ – Edward Lehman
‘The Church’s Response to Feminism’ – Shirley Dex
‘Attitudes to Women in Baptist Churches in the Mid 1980s’ – Margaret Jarman
‘God, Women and Men: Language and Imagery’ – Ruth Matthews
‘Ordained and Female’ – Carol McCarthy
‘She-preachers, widows and other women: The Feminine dimension in Baptist life since 1600’ – John H. Y. Briggs

BQ 31.8 (October 1986)
‘”Women’s head is man”: A doctrinal reflection upon a Pauline text’ – Paul S. Fiddes

Ruth Gouldbourne, Reinventing the Wheel: Women and Ministry in English Baptist Life (Whitely, 1997)

Karen Smith, ‘Forgotten Sisters: The Contributions of Some Notable but Un-noted British Baptist Women’ in Recycling the Past or Researching History (Paternoster, 2006)

Karen Smith ‘Beyond Public and Private Spheres: Another look at women in Baptist history and historiography’ BQ 34.4 (April 1991)

Karen Smith ‘The Role of Women in Early Baptist Missions’, Review and Expositor 89.1 (Winter 1992)

Karen Smith ‘British Women and the Baptist World Alliance: Honoured Partners and Fellow Workers’, BQ 41.1 (January 2005)