Dimensions of Baptism: Biblical and Theological Studies edited by Stanley E. Porter and Anthony R. Cross (2002)

Introduction: Baptism – An Ongoing Debate – Stanley E. Porter and Anthony R. Cross

The Meaning of the Verb ‘Baptize’ – Howard Marshall

John the Baptist: His Immersion and Death – Bruce Chilton

The Baptism of John in a Typological Context – Craig A. Evans

‘She and her household were baptized’ (Acts 16.15): Household Baptism in the Acts of the Apostles – Joel Green

Did Paul Baptize Himself? A Problem of the Greek Voice System – Stanley E. Porter

‘Getting in and Staying in’: Unexpected Connections between E. P. Sanders on Paul and Expectations of Baptism Today – Hazel Sherman

Spirit- and Water-Baptism in 1 Corinthians 12.13 – Anthony R. Cross

Bby WAter and Blood: Sin and Purification in John and First John – J. Ramsey Michaels

The Meaning of ‘Baptisms’ in Hebrews 6.2 – Anthony R. Cross

Out, In, Out: Jesus’ Blessing of the Children and Infant Baptism – David F. Wright

Christian and Jewish Baptism according to the Epistle of Barnabas – Everett Ferguson

The Doctrine of Baptism in Gregory of Nyssa’s Oratio Catechetica – Everett Ferguson

Baptism Then and Now: Does Moltmann Bury Tertullian or Praise Him? – Roy Kearsley

Baptism: Patristic Resources for Ecumenical Dialogue – Stephen R. Holmes

Baptism and the Hiddeness of God – Graham Watts

Baptism and the Process of Christian Initiation – Paul S. Fiddes

Memorial Dimensions of Baptism – Philip E. Thompson

The Moral Miracle of Faith – Brian Haymes


The Whitley Lectures (1997-)

1997 Nigel Wright Power and Discipleship: Towards a Baptist Theology of the State

1998 Ruth Gouldbourne Reinventing the Wheel: Women and Ministry in English Baptist Life

1999 Keith Jones A Shared Meal and a Common Table: Some Reflections on the Lord’s Supper and Baptists

2000 Anne Dunkley Seen and Heard: Reflections on Children and Baptist tradition

2001 Steve Finamore Violence, the Bible and the End of the World

2002 Nicholas Wood Confessing Christ in a Plural World

2003 Stephen Holmes Tradition and Renewal in Baptist Life

2005 Andrew Rollinson Liberating Ecclesiology: Setting the church free to live out its missionary nature

2006 Kate Coleman Being Human: A Black British Christian Human’s Perpsective

2007 Sean Winter More Light and Truth? Biblical Interpretation in Covenantal Perpsective

2008 Craig Gardiner How Shall We Sing the Lord’s Song? Worship in and out of the church

A Call to Mind, Bound to Love and other studies

A Call to Mind. Baptist Essays Towards a Theology of Commitment – Keith Clements, Paul Fiddes, Roger Hayden, Brian Haymes, Richard Kidd (BU, 1981)

1. Facing Secularism – Keith W. Clements

2. The Call to Be – Richard Kidd

3. The Signs of Hope – Paul S. Fiddes

4. The Faith and Other Faiths – Roger Hayden

5. On Being the Church – Brian Haymes

Bound to Love. The Covenant Basis of Baptist Life and Mission – Keith Clements, Paul Fiddes, Roger Hayden, Brian Haymes, Richard Kidd (BU, 1985)

1. Covenant – Old and New – Paul S. Fiddes

2. Baptists, Covenants and Confessions – Roger Hayden

3. The Documents of Covenant Love – Richard Kidd

4. The Covenant and Community – Keith W. Clements

5. Covenant and the Chuch’s Mission – Brian Haymes

Something to Declare. A Study of the Declaration of Principle – Paul S. Fiddes, Richard Kidd, Brian Haymes, Michael Quicke (Whitley, 1996)

Section I: Background to the Debate

Baptists and Covenant

‘The Basis of this Union …’

Section II: The Declaration of Principle

The Question of Authority

The Question of Baptism

The Question of Mission

Section III: Conclusion

A Living Baptist Identity

On the Way of Trust – Paul S. Fiddes, Richard Kidd, Brian Haymes, Michael Quicke (Whitley,1997)

1. In a Time of Flux

2. A Call to Trust

3. Covenant-Making and a Life of Trust

4. Trust and Pastoral Leadership

5. On the Way of Trust

Doing Theology in a Baptist Way – Paul S. Fiddes, Richard Kidd, Brian Haymes, Michael Quicke (Whitley, 2000)

1. Theology and Baptist Identity – Brian Haymes

2. Doing Theology Together: 1979-1999. A Shared Story – Paul S. Fiddes, Richard Kidd, Brian Haymes, Michael Quicke

3. Theology and a Baptist Way of Community – Paul S. Fiddes

4. Baptists and theologies of Liberation – Richard L. Kidd

5. Baptist Reflections on theology and preaching – Michael Quicke

A Baptist View (ed. Alec Gilmore, Baptist Union)

Ministry: A Baptist View – John F. V. Nicholson (1976)

The Church: A Baptist View – Gordon W. Martin (1976)

Baptism: A Baptist View – John F. Matthews (1976)

Authority: A Baptist View – B. R. White (1976)

Freedom: A Baptist View – John H. Y. Briggs (1976)

Children in the Church: A Baptist View – David F. Tennant (1978)

Charismatic Renewal: A Baptist View – Paul S. Fiddes (1980)

Towards Baptist Catholicity: Essays on Tradition and the Baptist Vision by Steven R. Harmon (Vol. 27, SBHT, Paternoster, 2006)

Foreword – Paul Avis

1. ‘Catholic Baptists’ and the New Horzion of Tradition in Baptist Theology

2. Baptist Understandings of Theological Authority: A North American Perspective

3. The Authority of the Community (of All the Saints): Towards a Postmodern Baptist Hermeneutic of Tradition

4. Baptist Confessions of Faith and the Patristic Tradition

5. From Triadic Narrative to Narrating the Triune God: Towards a Baptist Appreciation of Trinitarian Catholicity

6. Hebrews in Patristic Perspective: Benefits of Catholicity for Baptist Biblical Interpretation

7. Hearing the Voice of the Community: Karl Barth’s Conversation with the Fathers as a Paradigm for Baptist and Evangelical Ressourcement

8. Praying and Believing: Retrieving the Patristic Interdependence of Worship and Theology

9. Contesting our Story: Catholicity and Communal Conflict in Baptist Higher Education

10. ‘What Keeps you from Becoming a Catholic?’ A Personal Epilogue

Appendix 1. Re-envisioning Baptist Identity: A Manifesto for Baptist Communities in North America

Appendix 2. Confessing the Faith

More Than A Symbol: The British Baptist Recovery of Baptismal Sacramentalism by Stanley K. Fowler (Vol. 2, SBHT, Paternoster, 2002)

Foreword – William H. Brackney


1. The Historical Background: Baptist Views of Sacramentalism from 1600-1900
17th Century
Robert Garner, Henry Lawrence, Thomas Grantham, Benjamin Keach, William Mitchill
18th Century
John Gill, Abraham Booth, Anne Dutton, Andrew Fuller, John Ryland Jr.
19th Century
Robert Hall Jr., Alexander Carson, Charles Stovel, Baptist W. Noel, John Howard Hinton, C. H. Spurgeon, Richard Ingham

2. The Reformulation of Baptist Sacramentalism
H. Wheeler Robinson
A. C. Underwood
Robert Walton
Henry Cook
Neville Clark
The Publication of Christian Baptism
R. E. O. White
G. R. Beasley-Murray
Alec Gilmore
Denominational Statements
Baptist Service Books

3. The Analysis of the Biblical Foundations

4. An Analysis of the Theological Formulation

5. The Significance of Baptist Sacramentalism

Baptism and the Baptists: Theology and Practice in Twentieth-Century Britain by Anthony R. Cross (Vol. 3, SBHT, Paternoster, 2000)

Foreword – George Beasley-Murray


1. The Theology and Practice of Baptism among British Baptists in the Nineteenth Century

2. Common Ground

3. Ecumenical Developments 1900-1937

4. The Theology of Baptism

5. Ecumenical Developments 1938-1966

6. The Baptist Response

7. The Consolidation of Baptist Sacramentalism

8. Ecumenical Developments 1967-1999

9. New Perspectives and Developments in the Theology of Baptism

10. The Practice of Baptism 1900-1999