Ernest A. Payne

Senior Tutor, Regent’s Park College, 1940-51
General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain, 1951-1967


Selected Publications

Freedom in Jamaica (Carey, 1933; 2nd Ed. 1946)

The Great Succession (Carey, 1938; 2nd Ed. 1947)

The Church Awakes. The Story of the Modern Missionary Movement (Edinburgh House, 1942)

The Free Church Tradition in the Life of England (SCM, 1944)

The Fellowship of Believers (Kingsgate, 1944; 2nd Ed. 1952)

Henry Wheeler Robinson: A Memoir (Nisbet & Co. 1946)

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“Baptists and the World Council of Churches,” The Fraternal 74 (Oct. 1949)

The Anabaptists of the Sixteenth Century (Kingsgate, 1949)

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‘Free Church Objections to Episcopacy’, Theology (1951)

‘University Sermon’ in The Approach to Christian Unity (Heffers, 1951)

The Free Churches and the State (Carey Kingsgate, 1952)

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with Stephen Winward, Orders and Prayers for Church Worship (Carey Kingsgate, 1960)

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