Baptist Quarterly, April 2012

‘Seedbed for Baptist Leadership: The Baptist Student Federation 1947-1970s’ – Ian M. Randall

‘The Language of “Baptist Family”‘ – Andy Goodliff

‘Charles Larom and the Townhead Street Church, Sheffield’ – Alan Sanders

‘Enlightened Evangelicalism: A review article’ – Roger Hayden

Plus a review of Curtis Freeman’s A Company of Women Preachers by Ruth Gouldbourne


Baptists and the World: Renewing the Vision edited by John H. Y. Briggs and Anthony R. Cross (Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Vol 8; Regent’s Park College, 2011)

Papers from the Baptist Historical Society Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2008

1. Conscience and Dissent in a Believers’ Church: Renewing Baptist Global Identity – Bill J. Leonard

2. Renewing the Vision: History for the Health of the Church – Catriona Gorton

3. Baptists and Fellowship: Praxis in Search of Theology – Mark Hopkins

4. A Particular View of the World: Evangelism in the Thought of Benjamin KEach (1640-1704) – Jonathan W. Arnold

5. ‘Rousing the Attention of Christians’: Scottish Baptists and the Baptist Missionary Society prior to the Twentieth Century – Brian Talbot

6. What About the Widows? An Appeal to Nineteenth-Century Baptist Women – Karen Smith

7. ‘Working women make happy homes’: Marianne Faringham and the Role of Women in the Late Nineteenth Century – Linda Hopkins

8. Modern Implications of John Clifford’s Theological Understanding of Socialism – Matthew Tennant

9. ‘Against the Tide’: Episodes Highlighting the Situation of Religious Freedom for Baptists in Central and Eastern Europe, 1908-2008 – Tony Peck

10. Re-Evaluating Baptist Mission in the Baltics – Toivo Pilli

11. Baptist-Anabaptist Identity Amongst European Baptists since the 1950s – Ian M. Randall

12. God’s ‘Moses’ for Pentecostalism: A Study of a Baptist Pastor, Joseph Smale (1867-1926) – Timothy B. Welch

13. The Era of British Pre-Eminence in the Baptist World Alliance – Richard V. Pierard

14. From Mission to Church: The Foundation and Expansion of The Evangelical Baptist Church in Angola – Jim Grenfell

15. On Baptist Identity in the Southern Hemisphere: Narrative Reflections on Similarity and Diversity within the Baptist Vision – Brian Harris

16. The 2008 New Baptist Covenant Celebration through Seminarians’ Eyes – William Loyd Allen and Bailey Edwards Nelson

Baptist Quarterly, October 2011

Civil Liberties and Baptists: William Winterbotham of Plymouth in prison and thinking of Amercia – Emma MacLeod

British Baptist Crucicentrism since the late Eighteenth Century: Part 1 – David Bebbington

Caleb Evans’ Ministerial Formation at the Mile End Academy, 1752-58 – Roger Hayden

Seminary in Crisis: a Review Article – John H. Y. Briggs

Baptist Quarterly, April 2011

‘In Praise of Incompetence: The 2010 George Beasley-Murray Memorial Lecture’ – Ruth Gouldbourne

‘The Rev’d Youhannah El Karey and Nineteenth-Century Baptist Missions in Palestine: Part 1’ – John H. Y. Briggs

‘Moses Roper (1815-91) African American Baptist Anti-Slavery Lecturer and Birmingham Nonconformity – Paul Walker

Amongst the reviews are Steve Finamore on Paul Goodliff’s Ministry, Sacrament and Representation; Nigel Wright on Roy Kearsley’s Church, Community and Power; and Keith Clements on D. Densil Morgan’s Barth Reception in Britain

Baptist Quarterly, July 2010

C. H. Spurgeon and Baptism Part 2: The Importance of Baptism – Peter J. Modern

Baptists and the Bible – Stephen R. Holmes

James Merriman: A Baptist Engineer – Brian Bowers

18th-Century Baptists: A Review Article – Raymond Brown

Reviews include:
Toivo Pilli, Dance or Die: The Shaping of Estonian Baptist Identity under Communism – Ruth Gouldbourne

John H. Y. Briggs (Gen. Ed.), A Dictionary of European Baptist Life and Thought – Keith Clements

James M. Renihan, Edification and Beauty: The Practical Ecclesiology of the English Particular Baptists, 1675-1705 – Jonathan Arnold

Baptist Quarterly, April 2010

The Politics of Eschatology: Baptists in Interregnum Scotland – R. Scott Spurlock

Misguided or Misunderstood? The case of Charles Spurgeon Medhurst (1860-1927), Baptist missionary in China – Judith C. Powles

Letters to Derek: The life of ‘Mr Leprosy’ – Margaret Gibbs

Baptist Theology Expounded and Assessed: Review article – John H. Y. Briggs

Reviews include:

Timothy Whelan reviews Cynthia Y. Aalders, To Express the Ineffable: The Hymns and Spirituality of Anne Steele

Sally Nelson reviews Stephen R. Holmes, The Wondrous Cross

Ruth Gouldbourne reviews Ian Randall, Toivo Pilli and Anthony R. Cross (eds.), Baptist Identities: International Studies from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Centuries

Sior Coleman reviews Sally Nelson, A Thousand Crucifixions. The Whitley Lecture 2009.

Baptist Quarterly, January 2010

Visionary Women Among Early Baptists – Curtis W. Freeman

Henry Jacob (1563-1624): Pastoral Theology and Congregational Ecclesiology – Jason G. Duesing

Humphrey Gillet: Signatory of a Testimony to Truth (1659) – Larry J. Kreitzer

The French Baptist Historical Society – David Boydell

Reviews include Under the Rule of Christ: Dimensions of Baptist Spirituality edited by Paul S. Fiddes and Challenging to Change: dialogues with a radical Baptist theologian edited by Pieter J. Lalleman.

[note to Ian Randall, Baptist Quarterly editor – it would be great to see some extended review articles of key recent British Baptist theology or maybe even an occasional issue dedicated to a book with opportunity for response, like Pro Ecclesia have done with Steven Harmon’s Towards Baptist Catholicity.  I would also encourage the Baptist Quarterly to do the occasional themed issue (like the one on children back in 1966 or women in 1986)]