Baptist Quarterly, April 2012

‘Seedbed for Baptist Leadership: The Baptist Student Federation 1947-1970s’ – Ian M. Randall

‘The Language of “Baptist Family”‘ – Andy Goodliff

‘Charles Larom and the Townhead Street Church, Sheffield’ – Alan Sanders

‘Enlightened Evangelicalism: A review article’ – Roger Hayden

Plus a review of Curtis Freeman’s A Company of Women Preachers by Ruth Gouldbourne


Baptists and the World: Renewing the Vision edited by John H. Y. Briggs and Anthony R. Cross (Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Vol 8; Regent’s Park College, 2011)

Papers from the Baptist Historical Society Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2008

1. Conscience and Dissent in a Believers’ Church: Renewing Baptist Global Identity – Bill J. Leonard

2. Renewing the Vision: History for the Health of the Church – Catriona Gorton

3. Baptists and Fellowship: Praxis in Search of Theology – Mark Hopkins

4. A Particular View of the World: Evangelism in the Thought of Benjamin KEach (1640-1704) – Jonathan W. Arnold

5. ‘Rousing the Attention of Christians’: Scottish Baptists and the Baptist Missionary Society prior to the Twentieth Century – Brian Talbot

6. What About the Widows? An Appeal to Nineteenth-Century Baptist Women – Karen Smith

7. ‘Working women make happy homes’: Marianne Faringham and the Role of Women in the Late Nineteenth Century – Linda Hopkins

8. Modern Implications of John Clifford’s Theological Understanding of Socialism – Matthew Tennant

9. ‘Against the Tide’: Episodes Highlighting the Situation of Religious Freedom for Baptists in Central and Eastern Europe, 1908-2008 – Tony Peck

10. Re-Evaluating Baptist Mission in the Baltics – Toivo Pilli

11. Baptist-Anabaptist Identity Amongst European Baptists since the 1950s – Ian M. Randall

12. God’s ‘Moses’ for Pentecostalism: A Study of a Baptist Pastor, Joseph Smale (1867-1926) – Timothy B. Welch

13. The Era of British Pre-Eminence in the Baptist World Alliance – Richard V. Pierard

14. From Mission to Church: The Foundation and Expansion of The Evangelical Baptist Church in Angola – Jim Grenfell

15. On Baptist Identity in the Southern Hemisphere: Narrative Reflections on Similarity and Diversity within the Baptist Vision – Brian Harris

16. The 2008 New Baptist Covenant Celebration through Seminarians’ Eyes – William Loyd Allen and Bailey Edwards Nelson

Baptist Quarterly, October 2011

Civil Liberties and Baptists: William Winterbotham of Plymouth in prison and thinking of Amercia – Emma MacLeod

British Baptist Crucicentrism since the late Eighteenth Century: Part 1 – David Bebbington

Caleb Evans’ Ministerial Formation at the Mile End Academy, 1752-58 – Roger Hayden

Seminary in Crisis: a Review Article – John H. Y. Briggs

Baptist Quarterly, April 2011

‘In Praise of Incompetence: The 2010 George Beasley-Murray Memorial Lecture’ – Ruth Gouldbourne

‘The Rev’d Youhannah El Karey and Nineteenth-Century Baptist Missions in Palestine: Part 1’ – John H. Y. Briggs

‘Moses Roper (1815-91) African American Baptist Anti-Slavery Lecturer and Birmingham Nonconformity – Paul Walker

Amongst the reviews are Steve Finamore on Paul Goodliff’s Ministry, Sacrament and Representation; Nigel Wright on Roy Kearsley’s Church, Community and Power; and Keith Clements on D. Densil Morgan’s Barth Reception in Britain

Baptist Quarterly, July 2010

C. H. Spurgeon and Baptism Part 2: The Importance of Baptism – Peter J. Modern

Baptists and the Bible – Stephen R. Holmes

James Merriman: A Baptist Engineer – Brian Bowers

18th-Century Baptists: A Review Article – Raymond Brown

Reviews include:
Toivo Pilli, Dance or Die: The Shaping of Estonian Baptist Identity under Communism – Ruth Gouldbourne

John H. Y. Briggs (Gen. Ed.), A Dictionary of European Baptist Life and Thought – Keith Clements

James M. Renihan, Edification and Beauty: The Practical Ecclesiology of the English Particular Baptists, 1675-1705 – Jonathan Arnold

Baptist Quarterly, April 2010

The Politics of Eschatology: Baptists in Interregnum Scotland – R. Scott Spurlock

Misguided or Misunderstood? The case of Charles Spurgeon Medhurst (1860-1927), Baptist missionary in China – Judith C. Powles

Letters to Derek: The life of ‘Mr Leprosy’ – Margaret Gibbs

Baptist Theology Expounded and Assessed: Review article – John H. Y. Briggs

Reviews include:

Timothy Whelan reviews Cynthia Y. Aalders, To Express the Ineffable: The Hymns and Spirituality of Anne Steele

Sally Nelson reviews Stephen R. Holmes, The Wondrous Cross

Ruth Gouldbourne reviews Ian Randall, Toivo Pilli and Anthony R. Cross (eds.), Baptist Identities: International Studies from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Centuries

Sior Coleman reviews Sally Nelson, A Thousand Crucifixions. The Whitley Lecture 2009.

Baptist Quarterly, January 2010

Visionary Women Among Early Baptists – Curtis W. Freeman

Henry Jacob (1563-1624): Pastoral Theology and Congregational Ecclesiology – Jason G. Duesing

Humphrey Gillet: Signatory of a Testimony to Truth (1659) – Larry J. Kreitzer

The French Baptist Historical Society – David Boydell

Reviews include Under the Rule of Christ: Dimensions of Baptist Spirituality edited by Paul S. Fiddes and Challenging to Change: dialogues with a radical Baptist theologian edited by Pieter J. Lalleman.

[note to Ian Randall, Baptist Quarterly editor – it would be great to see some extended review articles of key recent British Baptist theology or maybe even an occasional issue dedicated to a book with opportunity for response, like Pro Ecclesia have done with Steven Harmon’s Towards Baptist Catholicity.  I would also encourage the Baptist Quarterly to do the occasional themed issue (like the one on children back in 1966 or women in 1986)]

Baptist Quarterly, October 2009

C. H. Spurgeon and Baptism: Part 1: The Question of Baptismal Sacramentalism – Peter J. Modern

A Baptist View of Ordained Ministry: A function or way of being?: Part 2 – Brian C. Brewer

Baptists in Amsterdam – Henk Bakker

Thomas Helwys’ First Confession of Fath, 1610 – Antony D. Rich

The Intimacies of Letters and Diaries: Nonconformist life as seen from the inside – (Review article) John Briggs


Nigel G. Wright reviews On Being the Church: Revisioning Baptist Identity by Brian Haymes, Ruth Gouldbourne and Anthony R. Cross

Tony Peck reviews European Baptists and the Third Reich by Bernard Green

Keith G. Jones reviews Communities of Conviction: Baptist Beginnings in Europe by Ian M. Randall

Baptist Quarterly, January 2009

Catholicity and Confessionalism: Responding to George Beasley-Murray on unity and distinctiveness – John E. Colwell

Celebrating Diversity: Towards an inclusive church – Andy Goodliff

A Missionary Family in China – Michael Ball

A Letter of John Pendarves from 1656 – Larry J. Kreitzer

Baptist Quarterly, October 2008

This edition of the journal is the final one to be edited by John H Y Briggs, who has been editor since 1985. Ian Randall now takes over.

Whatever happened to the covenant community? Baptist church meetings in the nineteenth century – Malcolm J. Egner

George Cosens: Black Baptist Pastor and Evangelist – David Watts

1689 and all that: An exploration of the Function and Form of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith – Jon Mackenzie

A rural pastorate, 1955 – Peter Egginto

A chronological calendar of Baptist Autographs at the John Rylands Univeristy Library of Manchester, 1741-1907 – Timothy Whelan

REVIEWS (include)
Ken R. Manley, From Woolloomooloo to ‘Eternity’: A history of Australian Baptists – reviewed by Roger Hayden

Ed Timothy Larsen & D. J. Treier, The Cambridge Companion to Evangelical Theology – reviewed by John Briggs

William K. Kay, Apostolic Networks in Britain: New Ways of Being Church – reviewed by John Colwell

Eds. James Krabill, Walter Sawatsky and Charles Van Engen, Evangelical, Ecumenical and Anabaptist Missiologies in Conversation – reviewed by Nigel Wright

Eds. Stephen Orchard & John H Y Briggs, The Sunday School Movement – reviwed by David M. Thompson

Thorwald Lorenzen, Towards a Culture of Freedom: Reflections on the Ten Commandments Today – reviewed by Brian Haymes