Baptist Journals

Baptist Quarterly (British – Baptist Historical Society)

Perspectives in Religious Studies (US – Baylor University)

American Baptist Quarterly (American Baptist Historical Society)

Journal of European Baptist Studies (International Baptist Theological Seminary)

The Pacific Journal of Baptist Research (New Zealand)

Baptist Minister’s Journal (British – Baptist Minister’s Fellowship)

Baptist History and Heritage (US – Baptist History and Heritage Society)

Review and Expositor A Quarterly Baptist Theological Journal (US)

Eusebeia: the bulletin of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies (US – Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology


3 Responses

  1. Should you add “Baptistic Theologies” ?

  2. I am doing some research on Baptist Polity and came across an article in the Baptist Heritage that has a copy of the Petty France Church Book. It is entitled: H. Wheeler Robinson, ed. “Baptist Church Discipline 1689-1699, Baptist Quarterly (1922), 12-28, 17985.

    How may I obtain a copy of this document? Or, is there a CD that has a copy of the Baptist Heritage in later days?

  3. Dear Robert
    you’re best bet is to follow the link above to the Baptist Quarterly website and view the contact page get in touch with the journal’s editor, Ian Randall.

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