Journal of European Baptist Studies

Vol 1.1 September 2000
Keith Jones, ‘Rethinking Baptist Ecclesiology’
Istvan Gergely, ‘Hungarian Baptist Beginnings: The Struggle for Identity’
Parush Parushev, ‘East and West: A Theological Conversation’

Vol 1.2 January 2001
David Brown, ‘Theological Education: Filling a bottle, passing a baton, opening a door’
Rene Erwich, ‘Developing Missionary Congregations’
Toivo Pilli, ‘Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Estonia 1945-1989: Survival Techniques, Outreach Efforts, Search fo Identity’
Mark Thiessen Nation, ‘James W. M. McClendon, Jr: A Particular Baptist Theologian’

Vol 1.3 May 2001
Theodor Angelov, ‘The Baptist Movement in Bulgaria’
Octavian Baban, ‘Conflicts in Acts: Luke’s Style and Missionary Paradigms’
Ian Randall, ‘ “To Anglicize, Gallicize or Amercianize”: The Evangelical Alliance and Europe, 1840s-1940s’
Andrew Jones, ‘A Reflection: The Gospel in a Postmodern World’

Vol. 2.1 September 2001
Peter Penner, ‘The New Testament Scribe in the Perspective of the Gospel of Matthew’
Miroslaw Patalon, ‘Postmodern Trends in Communicating Christianity’
Nigel Wright, ‘Theology in the Service of the Church’
Anneli Lohikko, ‘The Role of Totuuden Kaiku in Defining the Identity of Finnish-Speaking Baptists’

Vol 2.2 January 2002
Miroslav Volf, ‘After the Grave in the Air: True Reconciliation through Unconditional Embrace’
Andras Szirtes, ‘The Doctrine of Justification in Baptist Perspective’
Ilmars Hirss, ‘Paul’s Understanding of the Old Testament in Romans: Some Exploratory Comments’
Rene Erwich, ‘Identity and Mission: The return to the redemptive tension between church and culture
Keith Jones, ‘Developing the concept of an eco-seminary’
Peter Penner, ‘The Euro-Asian Accrediting Association’

Vol 2.3 May 2002
Bent Hylleberg, ‘Knud Wumplemann: General Secretary of the European Baptist Federation and President of the Baptist World Alliance’
Linas Andronovas, ‘The role of spiritual direction in the context of Lithuanian Evangelicals’
Irina Bondareva, ‘Baptist Origins and Early Development in Moldova’
William Weldon, ‘People Learn Best When: Practical Tips on How People Learn’

Vol. 3.1 September 2002
Lina Andronoviene, ‘Involuntarily Free: Single Women in the Believing Community’
Rene Erwich, ‘Missional Churches: Identical Global “Plants” or locally grown “Flowers”‘
Miroslaw Patalon, ‘The Triumphant Life of a Christian Patriot’

Vol 3.2 January 2003
Nigel G. Wright, ‘Religious Abuse: The Precarious Potential of Religious Believing’
Mgr Petra Zivnustkova, ‘Care for Creation’
Tim Grass, ‘Bible, Church and Tradition in the 16th Century Reformation’
Parush Parushev, ‘The Practice of Ministry in the Post … World: What is all this about?’

Vol. 3.3 May 2003
Rollin Grams, ‘The Case of Biblical Norms in Christian Ethics: Part 1’
Robin Routledge, ‘Guest or Gatecrasher: Questioning Assumptions in a narrative approach to the Old Testament’
Mark Pierson, ‘Reflections on the Shape of the Church in Postmodern Western Cultures’

Vol. 4.1 September 2003
Rollin Grams, ‘The Case of Biblical Norms in Christian Ethics: Part 2’
Peter Penner, ‘Hermeneutics, Biblical Ethics and Christian Witness’
Parush Parushev, ‘Narratives and Norms: A Response’
Keith Jones, ‘Going on Learning: IBTS Graduation Address – May 2003’

Vol 4.2 January 2004
Keith Jones, ‘Towards a Model of Mission for Gathering, Intentional, Convictional Koinoina’
Daniel Carro, ‘Challenges to Christian Mission Today’
Parush Parushev, ‘Presence and Witness: Facing the Challenges to Christian Mission Today’
Peter Penner, ‘Discerning and Following God’s Mission’
Michael Heneise, ‘A Critical Evaluation of Lesslie Newbigin’s Theology of Mission in the Light of Western Pluralism’

Vol 4.3 May 2004
Anthony R. Cross, ‘Faith-Baptism: The Key to an Evangelical Baptismal Sacramentalism’
Nigel G. Wright, ‘Disestablishment – Loss for the Church or the Country? A Dissenting Perspective’
‘Theodore Oprenov, ‘Baptists and the Orthodox Church: The “Kostenets Disputes of 1920” in Bulgaria’
Matthew Spousta, ‘Art Across Contexts: Utilizing the Aesthetic in Transmitting the Sacramental’

Vol. 5.1 September 2004
Frank Rees, ‘Baptist Identity: Immersed Through Worship’
Einike Pilli, ‘Longing for a Better World: Towards a critical approach in adult Christian education’
James Purves, ‘Pursuing “Glory and Goodness”‘
Bc Mgr Petr Jandejsek, ‘Unemployment and the Catholic Church in the Czech Republic’
Parush Parushev, ‘Evangelical Scholars address Public Theology’

Vol. 5.2 January 2005
Linas Andronovas, ‘Holiness as Practices: The Witnessing Community in Contemporary Society’
Magda Maria Pap, ‘Abuse and Family Response’
Vanessa Lake, ‘Happily Ever After? An investigative analysis on the spiritual life of William Cowper’

Vol 5.3 May 2005
Marlene Enns, ‘Recovering the Wisdom Tradition for Intercultural Theological Education’
Vygantas Vareikis, ‘Jewish-Catholic coexistence in Lithunania during the 19th Century’
Greg Warner, ‘Evangelical friends measure legacy of “leading theologian” Stan Grenz’

Vol 6.1 September 2005
Wiard Popkes, ‘Rebirth in the New Testament’
John H. Y. Briggs, ‘Baptists and the Ecumenical Movement’
Jim Purves, ‘The ethical significance of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection’

Vol 6.2 January 2006
Ivana Noble, ‘Jan Hus in Ecumenical Discussion’
Beth Jackson, ‘The Way or A Way: The Scandal of Jesus Explored’
Katarzyna Jarosz, ‘Baptist Mission in Poland in the 19th Century as an example of Contextualisation’
Helle Liht, ‘Faithful to the Risen Christ: Towards an environmental ethics in Estonian Baptistic Communities’

Vol 6.3 May 2006
Ian M Randall, ‘Christ Comes to the Heart: Moravian influence on the shaping of an evangelical spirituality’
Larry Maddox, ‘A Model for introducing Christian Ethics’
Rollins G Grams and Parush R Parushev, ‘A Comparative Mapping of Baptist Moral Concerns and Identity in Six Regions of Europe and Central Asia

Vol 7.1 September 2006
Toivo Pilli, ‘Christians as Citizens of a Persecuting State: A Theological and Ethical Reflection from a Historical Perspective’
Alex Kish, ‘Did the first Hungarian Baptist become the first Hungarian Adventist?
Alec Gilmore, ‘Wilderness in the Bible and the Wild Places of the Earth’
Tim Grass, ‘What it means to be human: Evangelical and Orthodox Perspectives’

Vol 7.2 January 2007
Ian M Randall, ‘To give the first place to spiritual fervour: Priorities for seminary education’
Paul Sanders, ‘Identity, Ethnicity and Spirituality: Some Personal and Practical Reflections from a Middle East Perspective’
Roland Spjuth, ‘Theological Education in a Context where the Church lost its Body’
Henk Bakker, ‘Spirituality and Ethnicity in Holland’

Vol 7.3 May 2007
Michael Parsons, ‘An understanding of covenanted church: Is there a contemporary relevance?’
Miroslaw Patalon, ‘Theologies of John B. Cobb and Waclaw Hryniewicz: Points of Convergence’
Lina Andronoviene, ‘On being called-out strangers in the Land: Some Reflections on Contemporary Lithuanian Baptist Spirituality’
Albert W. Wardin, ‘Penetration of the Baptists into the Russian Empire in the Nineteenth Century’

Vol 8.1 September 2007
Daily Adam, ‘She worked like a man: Life and ministry of Emilie Bertelson in Russia and Estonia until 1940’
Marko Grozdanov, ‘The life and legacy of Strahil Grozdanov (1920-1997) – leader of the Macedonian Baptists in socialist times, 1950-1980’
Johannes Dyck, ‘Rebirth in the Valley of the Shadow: Churches of Ethnic Germans in Kazakhstan after World War II’

Vol 8.2 January 2008
Keith Jones, ‘The Baptist World Alliance and Baptist Identity: a reflection on the Journey to the Centenary Congress Message, 2005’
Darrell Jackson, ‘Proselytism in a Central and Eastern European Perspective’
Enoch Seba, ‘Family Virtues and Human Dignity’

Vol 8.3 May 2008
A. Strubind, ‘German Baptists and National Socialism’
Pavel Hanes, ‘Residual Marxism or the Need for Demarxification in Eastern Europe’
Tim Noble, ‘In search of the Bogeyman: A response to Pavel Hanes
Parush Parushev, ‘The Rescue of Bulgaria’s Jews from Shoah Pt 1: Redemptive Memories and Public Actions’

Vol 9.1 September 2008
Ian Randall, ‘The Baptist Convictions of Martin Luther King Jr.’
Robin Routledge, ‘Death and Afterlife in the Old Testament’
Parush Parushev, ‘The Rescue of Bulgaria’s Jews from Shoah Pt 2: A Case for Authentic Christian Communal Ethics’

Vol 9.2 January 2009
Nancey Murphy, ‘how to keep the ‘Non’ in Nonreductive Physicalism’
Miroslaw Patalon, ‘New Inspirations and Religious Education in Poland: the process perspective’
Albert Wardin, ‘How indigenous was the Baptist movement in the Russian Empire’
Joshua Thomas Searle, ‘Is the sermon on the Mount too unrealistic to Serve as a Resource for Christian Discipleship and Spiritual Formation?’

Vol 9.3 May 2009
I. Howard Marshall, ‘How did the early Christians know anything about future states?’
Alec Gilmore, ‘Maximising our Inheritance: A Broad Brush Approach to Biblical Hermeneutics’
Teun van der Leer, ‘Which future Church (form)? A plea for a ‘Beleivers Church’ ecclesiology’

Vol 10.1 September 2009
Colin Symes, ‘Early Northumbrian Spirituality: The Fruit of Straitened Circumstances’
Yevgeniya Kanunnikova, ‘The specific significance of “community of goods” among Anabaptist movements in the sixteenth century
David McMillan, ‘Convictions, Scripture and Conflict: more questions than answers’

Vol 10.2 Janaury 2009
Branko Bjelajac, ‘Echoes of the Early Reformation in Serbia’
Alec Gilmore, ‘The Gospel according to Ibsen’
Joyce A. De Ridder, ‘How should we understand Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Dependence?’

Vol 10.3 May 2010
Tony Peck, ‘Episkope – A Baptist Perspective’
Christopher Schelin, ‘ “In the Congregational Way”: The Baptist Possibility of Sacramental and Radical Democracy’
Albert W. Wardin, Jr, ‘Baptist Immersions in the Russian Empire: Difficult Beginnings’

Vol 11.1 September 2010
Albertas Latuzis, ‘Lithuanian Baptists during Soviet Times (1945-1989)’
lan M Randall, ”Counsel and Help’: European Baptists and Wider Baptist Fellowship’
Jan Habl, ‘School as Workshop of Humanity: J. A. Komensky’s Pedagogical Anthropology’

Vol 11.2 January 2011
Michael Kisskal, ‘Mission as Convivence – Life Sharing and Mutual Learning in Mission. Inspirations from German missiology’
Wout Huizing, ‘Coaching Students in the Field: Pitfalls and Challenges’
John Weaver, ‘Climate Change: Covenant making, breaking and restoration’

Vol 11.3 May 2011
Gil Dueck, ‘Inwardness, Authenticity and Therapy: CharlesTaylor, the Modern Self and the Implications for Modern Discipleship’
Ventzislav Karavaltchev and Pavel Pavlov, ‘How Just was the Ottoman Millet System’
Theodor Stoychev, ‘Is there a New Perspective on St. Paul’s Theology?’

Vol 12.2 January 2012
Alec Gilmore, ‘Literature as Midrash: A Fresh Look at Genesis 4.7 in the Light of John Steinbeck, East of Eden
Rosa Hunt, ‘Reading Genesis with the Church Fathers: Metaphors of creation in John Chrysostom’s Homilies on Genesis’
Albert Wardin Jr., ‘Historiography of Baptists in Russia’

Vol 13.1 September 2012
Keith Jones, ‘Gathering Worship’

Vol 13.2 January 2013
Glen Marshall, ‘A Missional Ecclesiology for the 21st Century’
Teun van der Leer, ‘The Psalms as a Source for Spirituality and Worship’
Keith Jones, ‘Spirituality and Structures’

Vol 13.3 May 2013
Charles Faroe, ‘In Pursuit of a Holistic Christian Pedagogy’
Andy Goodliff, ‘Towards a Baptist Sanctoral?’

Vol 14.1 September 2013
Joshua Searle, ‘The Ecumenical Imperative and the Kingdom of God’
Olga Zaprometova, ‘The Eucharistic Mystery’

Vol 14.2 January 2014
Parush Parushev, ‘Some Reflections on McClendon’s Theological Project’
Ian Randall, ‘Church Renewal 150 years ago’
John Weaver, ‘A Gospel Shaped God and a Gospel-Shaped Church’

Vol 15.1 September 2014
Ian Randall, ‘The Living Presence of Christ: Charles Raven, a missional
Mark Braverman, ‘The Moment of Grace and Opportunity’
Marion Carson, ‘Conversations on the Train: Reflections on the Bible and Christian Discipleship’

Vol 15.2 January 2015
Tovio Pilli, ‘Where do we go from here? Some Challenges for European Baptistic Ecclesiology’
Joshua Searle, ‘Moving Towards an Ecumenism of Koinonia: A Critical Response to The Church: Towards a Common Vision’
Vol 15.3 May 2015
Karen Smith, ‘A Baptist Vision of the Church’
Teun van der Leer, ‘The Church: Towards a Common Vision: A Believers Church Response’
Tony Peck, ‘The Word of God in the Life of the Church: A Travellers Guide — Background, Broader Perspectives and Challenges’

Vol 16.1 September 2015
Stuart Blythe, ‘Open-air Preaching’
Oyvind Hadland, ‘Narrative, Theological Anthropology and the Praxis of Mission’
Daniel Karistai, ‘The Incarnation as Mode of Political Engagement with the City’

Vol 18.1 Spring 2018
Mike Pears, ‘Mission and Place’

Vol 18.2 Autumn 2018 
Lon Graham, ‘A showdown or a putdown? Rethinking an incident from early Baptist mission history’
Faith Bowers, ‘Church, Theology and Learning Disability’

Vol 19.1 Spring 2019
Jan Martjin Abrahamae, ‘The Clown of the Sciences’
Einike Pilli, ‘What Makes Theological Education Baptist?’
Simon Jones, ‘Ministerial Formation as Theological Education in the Context of Theological Study’

Vol 19.2 Autumn 2019
Richard Kidd, ‘The Art of Seeing’
Graham Sparkes, ‘Imaging the Infite’

Vol 20.1 Spring 2020
Tony Peck, ‘Baptists and Human Rights’
Nigel Wright, ‘Christianity and Secularism’
Mark Ord, ‘Leaving the Gathered Community: Porous Borders and Dispersed Practices’


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  1. Can I get this article?

    Vol. 3.1 September 2002

    Rene Erwich, ‘Missional Churches: Identical Global “Plants” or locally grown “Flowers”‘

    I can pay with iDeal.

  2. Where can I read this article ?
    Vol 12.2 January 2012
    Alec Gilmore, ‘Literature as Midrash: A Fresh Look at Genesis 4.7 in the Light of John Steinbeck, East of Eden‘

  3. How can I access Vol 8:1 Sept 2007 – article by Marko Grozdanov?

  4. Hello! Is there any wat I can have access from Vol 2.3 May 2002
    Irina Bondareva, ‘Baptist Origins and Early Development in Moldova’?

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