Paul Goodliff, Ministry, Sacrament and Representation

Paul Goodliff, Ministry, Sacrament and Representation: Ministry and Ordination in Contemporary Baptist Theology, and the Rise of Sacramentalism (Oxford: Regent’s Park College, 2010), £20.

This is a revised version of my dad’s doctoral thesis, which was based on survey of Baptist ministers and interviews with recent Baptist College principals. It is volume 2 in the new Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Series. It will be available at the Baptist Assembly this weekend and shortly after here.


1. Introduction

2. Methodological Considerations

3. A Narrative Account of the Formal Documents

4. The Documents: A Systematic Analysis

5. Analysis of the Survey Data

6. Analysis of the Interview Data

7. Five Factors Shaping Changing Belief

8. The Sacramental Turn

9. Postscript: Creation, Eschaton, and the Formation and Practice of Ministry


Translocal Ministry: Equipping the Churches for Mission, edited by Stuart Murray (BU, 2004)

Introduction – Stuart Murray

The Case for Translocal Ministry – Nigel G Wright

Translocal Ministry: New Testament Perspectives – Sean Winter

Messengers: Do they have a message for us? – Ruth Gouldbourne

‘A Good Bench of Bishops’: Early Baptist Superintendency – Ian Randall

Translocal Leadership: A Theological Reflection – John Weaver

Contemporary Models of Translocal Ministry: A Critical Appraisal – Paul Goodliff

Translocal Ministry in Post-Christendom – Stuart Murray

Translocal Ministry and the Mission Imperative – Stephen Ibbotson

Translocal Episcope and Local Church Mission – Brian Nicholls

Continuity and Change : Perspectives from Down Under – Anne Wilkinson-Hayes / Reflections on Conflict Resolution – Viv Lassetter

The Continuning Conversatio: Translocal Ministry and the Five Core Values – Myra Blyth

Challenging to Change: Dialogues with a Radical Baptist Theologian: Essays Presented to Dr Nigel G. Wright on his sixtieth birthday, edited by Pieter J. Lalleman (Spurgeon’s, 2009)

Introduction – David Coffey

‘Baptists “Relating and Resourcing” in difficult times: A historical perspective’ – Raymond Brown

‘New birth from Water and Spirit’ – Alastair Campbell

‘The Coherence of freedom: Can Church or State ever be Truly Free?’ – John Colwell

‘Being a minister: spirituality and the pastor’ – Chris Ellis

‘”The leadership of some …”: Baptist ministers as leaders?’ – Rob Ellis

‘Something will come of nothing: on A Theology of the Dark Side’ – Paul S. Fiddes

‘Inclusive representation revisited’ – Paul Goodliff

‘The radical ecclesiology of Nigel Wright’ – Steve Holmes

‘Church planting, peace and the ecclesial minimum’ – Stuart Murray

‘Part of a Movement: Nigel Wright and Baptist Life’ – Ian Randall

‘When Wright was right’ – Tom Smail

‘The Radical Evangelical: A Critical Appreciation’ – Derek Tidball

‘Crown rights of the Redeemer’ – Pat Took

Download Doctrine and Worship Committee Reports

On the BUGB website it is now possible to download three of the key reports from the 1990s by the Doctrine and Worship Committee, chaired at the time by Paul Fiddes.

The Nature of Assembly and the Council of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (1994)

Forms of Ministry among Baptists: Towards an Understanding of Spiritual Leadership (1994)

Believing and Being Baptized: Baptism, so-called re-baptism and children in the church (1996)

Edification and Beauty by James M. Renihan (SBHT 17, Paternoster, 2008)

Edification and Beauty: The Practical Ecclesiology of the English Particular Baptists, 1675-1705


Chapter 1: ‘Christ … ever shall have a kingdome in this world’: The Emergence and Development of the Particular Baptist Churches

Chapter 2: ‘Those thus called, he commandeth to walk together in particular societies, or churches’: The Nature of the Church

Chapter 3: ‘To each of these churches … he has given … power and authority’: Church Government

Chapter 4: ‘The officers appointed by Christ … are bishops or elders, and deacons’: Church Officers

Chapter 5: ‘The due performance of that publick worship, which he requireth of them in the world’: The Church at Worship

Chapter 6: ‘So the churches, … ought to hold communion amongst themselves’: Associations of Churches

The Making of a Modern Denomination by Peter Shepherd (SBHT Vol 4, Paternoster, 2001)

The Making of a Modern Denomination: John Howard Shakespeare and the English Baptists 1898-1924

1 Background

2 The Strengthening of the Union

3 The Sustenance of the Ministry

4 The Search for Unity

5 Final Years at the Baptist Union

6 Shakespeare’s Legacy

Bible, history and ministry: essays for L.G. Champion on his ninetieth birthday. Edited by Roger Hayden and Brian Haymes (Bristol Baptist College, 1997)

‘The stillness and the dancing: an appreciation of Leonard G. Champion’ – Roger Hayden

‘Source, guide and goal! the persuasive function of a Pauline doxology (Romans 11.33-36)’ – Sean Winter

“Wooing an crocodile” social science investigation and the New Testament’ – Michael Jackson

‘Wisdom and the dove: epiphanies of the Spirit in the gospel of Mark’ – Julie Hopkins

‘I believe, you believe: typology of belief as an instrument of hermeneutics’ – John Elliston

‘Celebrating scripture: evolutionary influences on Rabbinical Midrash’ – Sarah Parry

‘To the far country: the influence of former Bristol Students on Australian Baptist life’ – Ken Manley

‘Anatomy of a dispute between Thomas Collier and Thomas Hall’ – Stephen Copson

‘Christian realism and doing nothing’ – Brian Haymes

‘Missionary congregations’ – Tony Barker

‘”Are all Christians ministers” the ordained ministry and the priesthood of all believers’ – Grenville Overton

‘Being a minister: a consideration of the pastoral theology of Eugene Peterson’ – John Houseago

‘Into all the world: the missionary obligation’ – David Martin