Baptist Quarterly, July 2010

C. H. Spurgeon and Baptism Part 2: The Importance of Baptism – Peter J. Modern

Baptists and the Bible – Stephen R. Holmes

James Merriman: A Baptist Engineer – Brian Bowers

18th-Century Baptists: A Review Article – Raymond Brown

Reviews include:
Toivo Pilli, Dance or Die: The Shaping of Estonian Baptist Identity under Communism – Ruth Gouldbourne

John H. Y. Briggs (Gen. Ed.), A Dictionary of European Baptist Life and Thought – Keith Clements

James M. Renihan, Edification and Beauty: The Practical Ecclesiology of the English Particular Baptists, 1675-1705 – Jonathan Arnold


To Express the Ineffable: The Hymns and Spirituality of Anne Steele by Cynthia Y. Aalders (SBHT Vol.40, Paternoster, 2008)

1. Introduction

2. ‘Sacred Posey … in the Service of Religion’: Anne Steele and Eighteenth-Century Hymnody

3. ‘How Shall These Poor Languid Powers …/ Display the Grace My Soul Adores?’: Anne Steele and the Problem of Language

4. ‘Depress’d By Pain and Sickness, All my Powers / Are Dull and Languid’: Anne Steele and the Problem of Suffering

5. ‘Teach the Breathings of My Heart / Dependence and Desire’: Anne Steele’s Faith in an Ineffable God

6. Conclusion

A Catholic Reformed Theologian: Federalism and Baptism in the Thought of Benjamin Keach, 1640-1704 by D. B. Riker (SBHT Vol. 35, Paternoster, 2009)


1. Keach in Context

Continuity within Church History
Biography and Literature Review
Tradition, Successionism and Scholasticism

2. Keach’s Federal Theology

Seventeenth Century Setting
An Exposition of Keach’s Federal Theology
Evaluation and Conclusion

3. Keach’s Doctrine of Baptism

Introductory Considersations
Keach’s Interlocutors and Antagonists
Keach’s Doctrine of Baptism
Mode of Execution
Evaluation and Conclusion

Marianne Farningham: A Plain Woman Worker by Linda Wilson (SBHT Vol 18, Paternoster, 2007)

1. A Plain Woman Worker

2. Marianne’s Life Journey

3. Afraid to be Singular? Marianne and the Role of Women

4. ‘A Great Work’: Marianne and Sunday Schools

5. Marianne and Public Life

6. Marianne’s Spirituality

7. Conclusion

From Woolloomooloo to “Eternity”: A history of Australian Baptists by Ken R. Manley (SBHT 16, Paternoster, 2006)

From Woolloomooloo to “Eternity”: A history of Australian Baptists by Ken R. Manley (SBHT 16, 2 Vols, Paternoster, 2006)

Volume 1: Growing an Australian Church (1831-1914)

1 From Woolloomooloo to “Eternity”: Baptists in Australia

2 “Unaided and Alone”: Baptists and the First Settlements (1831-51)

3 Towards “an assured position’ (1851-81)

4 Learning to be an Austalian Church (1881-1914)

5 Being an Australian Baptist: (1) Identity, Fellowship and Worship

6 Being an Australian Baptist: (2) Women, Leaders and Youth

7 Australian Baptists and Australian Society

Vol 2: A National  Church in a Global Community (1914-2005)

8 “Fighting the Good Fight” (1914-1939)

9 “Australia looks to America” (1939-1966)

10 Towards other Peoples: Australian Baptists and Cross-Cultural Mission

11 Reinventing Australian Baptist Idenitity (1967-2005): (1) Mission and Renewal

12  Reinventing Australian Baptist Idenitity (1967-2005): (2) Ministry and Leadership

13 Beyond “Eternity”: Challenges and Opportunities

The Search for a Common Identity by Brian R. Talbot (SBHT 9, Paternoster, 2003)

The Search for a Common Identity: The Origins of the Baptist Union of Scotland 1800-1870 by Brian R. Talbot (SBHT 9, Paternoster, 2003)

1: Introduction

2: The Scotch Baptists, 1765-1842

3. The Haldanes and the Haldaneite Baptists, 1794-1851

4. The ‘English’ Baptists, 1796-1852

5. The Baptist Home Missionary Society: A Substitute Union, 1827-1868?

6. The Attempts to Form a Baptist Union of Scotland, 1827-1842

7. The Third Attempt to Form a Baptist Union of Scotland, 1843-1856

8. The Genesis of the 1869 Baptist Union

9 Conclusions

Anthony R. Cross Inaugural Lecture

Anthony R. Cross will be giving his inaugural lecture as Director of the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage, Regent’s Park College on the 8th June 5pm at the College. The title of the lecture is:

Should we take Peter at his word (Acts 2:38)? Recovering a Baptist Baptismal Sacramentalism

Under the Rule of Christ: Dimensions of Baptist Spirituality, edited by Paul S. Fiddes (Regent’s Study Guide 14; Smyth & Helwys, 2008)

1. Baptists and Spirituality: a Rule of Life – Paul S. Fiddes and Stephen Finamore

2. Spirituality as Attentiveness: Stillness and Journey – Paul S. Fiddes

3. Spirituality as Suffering: a Defining Experience – Richard Kidd

4. Spirituality as Discipleship: the Anabaptist Heritage – Nigel Wright

5. Spirituality and Scripture: the Rule of the Word

6. Spirituality in Everyday Life: the View from the Table – John Weaver

7. Spirituality in Mission: Gathering and Grace – Christopher Ellis