British Baptist Historians 4: John H Y Briggs

John Briggs is Senior Research Fellow in Church History (2001-) and was the Director of the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage (2002-2009), Regent’s Park College, Oxford. He is also Research Professor in Baptist History at IBTS. John is a past chairman of the Baptist World Alliance’s Baptist History and Heritage Commission (1990-95). He was editor of The Baptist Quarterly between 1985-2008. You can read his Inaugural Lecture as Director here. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre.

Major Publications

Victorian Nonconformity
(Hodder & Stoughton, 1973) with Ian Sellers

Freedom: A Baptist View (Baptist Union, 1978)

‘She-preachers, widows and other women: The Feminine dimension in Baptist life since 1600’, Baptist Quarterly 31.7 (July 1986), pp.337-52.

‘Baptists and Higher Education in England’ in William H. Brackney with Ruby J. Burke (eds.), Faith, Life and Witness: The Papers of the Study and Research Division of the Baptist World Alliance – 1986-1990 (Samford University Press, 1990)

‘Evangelical Ecumenism: The Amalgamation of General and Particular Baptists in 1891’, Baptist Quarterly 34.3 (July, 1991) and 34.4 (October, 1991)

The English Baptists of the Nineteenth Century (Baptist Historical Society, 1994)

‘Politics and Pulpit: Robert Hall and the ‘Signs of the Times” in Culture and Non-Conformist Tradition, pp.63-94, (eds.) Alan Krieder and Jane Shaw (University of Wales Press, 1999)

(ed.) with Paul Fiddes, William Brackney, Pilgrim Pathways: Essays in Baptist History in Honour of B.R. White (Mercer, 1999)

‘Active, Bust, Zealous’: The Reverend Dr. Cox of Hackney’ in Pilgrim Pathways: Essays in Baptist History in Honour of B.R. White (Mercer, 1999)

‘F.A. COX OF HACKNEY: Nineteenth-Century Baptist Theologian, Historian, Controversialist, and Apologist’, Baptist Quarterly 38.8 (October, 2000)

(ed.) with Mercy Oduyoye and Georges Tsetsis, A History of the Ecumenical Movement Vol 3: 1968-2000 (WCC, 2004)

‘British Baptists and the beginnings of the Baptist World Alliance’, Baptist Quarterly 41.1 (January 2005)

‘Confessional Identity, Denominational Institutions and Relations with Others: A Study in Changing Contexts’ in A. R. Cross & P. E. Thompson, Recycling the Past or Researching History? Studies in Baptist Historiography and Myths (Paternoster, 2005)

‘Baptists and the Ecumenical Movement’, Journal of European Baptist Studies 6.1 (September 2005)

‘Baptists and the Campaign to Abolish the Slave Trade’, Baptist Quarterly 42.4 (October 2007)

(ed.) with Stephen Orchard, The Sunday School Movement: Studies in the Growth and Decline of Sunday Schools (Paternoster, 2007)

(ed.) Pulpit and People: Studies in Eighteenth-Century English Baptist Life and Thought (Paternoster, 2009)

(ed.), Dictionary of European Baptist Life and Thought (Paternoster, 2009)

Two Congregational Denominations: Baptist and Paedobaptist. The Congregational Lecture 2010 (Congregational Memorial Hall Trust, 2010)

(ed.) with Anthony R. Cross, Baptists and the World: Renewing the Vision (Regent’s Park College, 2011)

‘Baptists and Ecumenical Engagement’, Baptistic Theologies 5.1 (Spring 2013)

‘Richard Heath, 1831-1912: From Suburban Baptist to Radical Discipleship by Way of Anabaptism’ in Anthony R. Cross and John H. Y. Briggs (eds.), Freedom from the Powers: Perspectives from Baptist History (Baptist Historical Society, 2014)

‘The Founding and Development of the Baptist World Alliance’ in Anthony Clarke (ed.), For the Sake of the Church: Essays in Honour of Paul S. Fiddes (Regent’s Park College, 2014)

See an appreciation of John Briggs by Faith Bowers in Ecumenism and History: Studies in Honour of John H.Y. Briggs, (ed.) Anthony Cross (Paternoster, 2002)

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