Anthony R. Cross Inaugural Lecture

Anthony R. Cross will be giving his inaugural lecture as Director of the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage, Regent’s Park College on the 8th June 5pm at the College. The title of the lecture is:

Should we take Peter at his word (Acts 2:38)? Recovering a Baptist Baptismal Sacramentalism


Paul Goodliff, Ministry, Sacrament and Representation

Paul Goodliff, Ministry, Sacrament and Representation: Ministry and Ordination in Contemporary Baptist Theology, and the Rise of Sacramentalism (Oxford: Regent’s Park College, 2010), £20.

This is a revised version of my dad’s doctoral thesis, which was based on survey of Baptist ministers and interviews with recent Baptist College principals. It is volume 2 in the new Centre for Baptist History and Heritage Series. It will be available at the Baptist Assembly this weekend and shortly after here.


1. Introduction

2. Methodological Considerations

3. A Narrative Account of the Formal Documents

4. The Documents: A Systematic Analysis

5. Analysis of the Survey Data

6. Analysis of the Interview Data

7. Five Factors Shaping Changing Belief

8. The Sacramental Turn

9. Postscript: Creation, Eschaton, and the Formation and Practice of Ministry

On Being the Church: Revisioning Baptist Identity by Brian Haymes, Ruth Gouldbourne, Anthony Cross (SBHT 21, Paternoster, 2008)

This book re-examines Baptist theology and practice in the light of contemporary biblical, theological, ecumenical and missiological perspectives. It is not a study in denominationalism, but rather attempts to revision historical insights from the believer’s church tradition, essentially within a trinitarian emphasis. It is a re-expression of that tradition, seeking to re-appropriate forgotten emphases, bringing them together in a revised ecclesiology.

Foreword – Paul S. Fiddes

By Way of Introduction

1. The God of the People

2. The People of God

3. Authority

4. Baptism: Becoming a Christian

5. Discipleship

6. The Lord’s Supper

7. Ministry

8. The One Church, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic

9. Institution and Organization

Baptist Sacramentalism 2 edited by Anthony Cross and Philip Thompson (SBHT Vol 25, Paternoster, 2008)

Foreword – Francis Schussler Fiorenza

Introduction: Practicing Sacramentality in Baptist Modality – Philip Thompson

Embodied Grace: Exploring the Sacraments and Sacramentality – Christopher J. Ellis

‘We have an altar’: a Baptist View of  Sacrament and Sacrifice in Hebrews – J. Ramsey Michaels

The Sacrament of Fearful Intimacy – Jim Purves

The Church as Sacrament: A Mediating Presence – John E. Colwell

Re-thinking a Sacramental View of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper for the Post-Christendom Baptist Church – Michael F. Bird

Ambiguous Genitives, Pauline Baptism and Roman Insulae: Resoources from Romans to Support Pushing at the Boundaries of Unity – Sean F. Winter

A Feast for All? Reflecting Open Communion for the Contemporary Church – Anthony Clarke

Penance – Paul Sheppy

Can Baptists Believe in Sacred Space? Some Theological Reflections – Graham J.Watts

Baptismal Regeneration: Rehabilitating a Lost Dimension of New Testament Baptism – Anthony R. Cross

The Lord’s Supper and the Spirituality of C. H. Spurgeon – Peter K. Morden

Southern Baptists, Sacramentalism, and Soul Competency – Sean A. White

Ex Opere Operato: Re-thinking a historic baptist Rejection – Paul S. Fiddes

The Sacramentality of the Word in Gregory of Nyssa’s Catechetical Oraiton: Implications for a Baptist Sacramental Theology – Steven R. Harmon

Baptists and Churches of Christ in Search of a Common Theology of Baptism – Stanley K. Fowler

Recycling the Past or Researching History: Studies in Baptist Historiography and Myths edited by Anthony R. Cross and Philip E. Thompson (SBHT, Paternoster, 2005)

Foreword – Stephen Brachlow

Introduction: Caring for Baptist Memory – Philip E. Thompson and Anthony R. Cross

Confessional Identity, Denominational Institutions and Relations with Others: A Study in Changing Contexts – John H. Y. Briggs

Churches and the Church – Stanley K. Fowler

The Priesthood of All Believers and the Necessity of the Church – Elizabeth Newman

The Roots of Baptist in Community, and therefore, Voluntary Membership not Individualism, or, the High-Flying Modernist, Stripped of his Ontological Assumptions, Appears to Hold the Ecclesiology of a Yaho – Mike Broadway

A Good Walk Spoiled?: Revisiting Baptist Soteriology – Mark S. Medley

The Myth of the Missing Spirituality: Spirituality among English Baptist in the Early Twentieth Century – Ian Randall

The Myth of English Baptist Anti-Sacramentalism – Anthony R. Cross

Forgotten Sisters: The Contributions of Some Notable but Un-noted British Baptist Women – Karen E. Smith

‘As it was in the Beginning’ (?): The Myth of Changelessness in Baptist Life and Belief – Philip E. Thompson

1653 or 1656: When did the Oxford Baptists Join the Abingdon Association? – Larry J. Kreitzer

The Fifth Monarchist John Pendarves (d.1656): A Victim of ‘Studious Bastard Consumption’? – Larry J. Kreitzer

The Myth of High Calvinism – Clive Jarvis

Eighteenth-Centuiry Calvinistic Baptists and the Political Realm, with Particular Reference to the Thought of Andrew Fuller – Michael A. G. Haykin

Episcopacy in the Baptist Tradition – Valdis Teraudkalns

Strict Baptists and Reformed Baptists in England, 1955-76 – Tim Grass