Pulpit and People: Studies in Eighteenth-Century Baptist Life and Thought edited by John H. Y. Briggs (Vol 28 SBHT, Paternoster, 2009)

Foreword – D. Densil Morgan

Chapter 1: The Changing Pattern of Baptist Life in the Eighteenth Century – John H. Y. Briggs

Chapter 2: Benjamin Keach (1640-1704): Tailor Turned Preacher – Austin Walker

Chapter 3: Stogdon, Foster, and Bulkeley: Variations on an Eighteenth-Century Theme – Stephen Copson

Chapter 4: James Fanch (1704-1767): The Spiritual Counsel of an Eighteenth-Century Baptist Pastor – Karen E. Smith

Chapter 5: Gilbert Boyce: General Baptist Messenger and Opponent of John Wesley – Clive Jarvis

Chapter 6: Benjamin Beddome (1717-1795): His Life and his Hymns – Michael Haykin

Chapter 7: Daniel Turner and a Theology of the Church Universal – Paul S. Fiddes

Chapter 8: Andrew Fuller and The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation – Peter J. Modern

Chapter 9: Caleb Evans and the Anti-Slavery Question – Roger Hayden

Chapter 10: Martha Gurney and William Fox: Baptist Printer and Radical Reformer, 1791-1794


Calvinism, Communion and the Baptists by Peter Naylor (SBHT 7, Paternoster, 2003)

Calvinism, Communion and the Baptists: A Study of English Calvinistic Baptists from the Late 1600s to the Early 1800s

1 ‘Church’ and ‘Sect’

2 A separate Denomination

3 From Repression to Protection

4 The Earlier 1700s

5 ‘Strict Baptist’ Origins

6 Communion Controversy

7 Communion Controversy: The 1700s

8 Communion Controversy: The 1800s

9 High Calvinism and the Particular Baptists

10 Elements of John Gill’s Theology

11 Andrew Fuller

12 The Late 1700s

Offering Christ to the World by Peter J. Mordern (SBHT Vol 8, Paternoster, 2003)

Offering Christ to the World: Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) and the Revival of Eighteenth-Century Particular Baptist Life


1 Andrew Fuller in Context

2 The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation and the Development of Fuller’s Evangelical Theology

3 The Disputes with High Calvinists and Arminians regarding The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation

4 The Disputes with Abraham Booth

5 Fuller’s Pastoral Ministry

6 Fuller and the Baptist Missionary Society

7 Fuller and the Spiritual Life

8 Conclusion

‘At the Pure Fountain of Thy Word’ Andrew Fuller as an Apologist edited by Michael A. G. Haykin (SBHT Vol 6., Paternoster, 2004)

1. Andrew Fuller: A Biographical Sketch – Peter Modern

2. Andrew Fuller, Hyper-Calvinism, and the ‘Modern Question’ – Gerald L. Priest

3. Andrew Fuller and Antinomianism – Curt Daniel

4. Great and Sovereign: Fuller’s Defence of the Gospel against Arminianism – Clint Sheehan

5. ‘The Oracles of God’: Andrew Fuller’s Response to Deism – Michael A. G. Haykin

6. Christianity Pure and Simple: Andrew Fuller’s Contest with Socinianism – Tom J. Nettles

7. Andrew Fuller and Universalism – Barry Howson

8. Andrew Fuller and Abraham Booth – Robert W. Oliver

9. Andrew Fuller and the Sanemanian Controversy – Michael A. G. Haykin

10. Andrew Fuller as an Apologist for Missions

Recycling the Past or Researching History: Studies in Baptist Historiography and Myths edited by Anthony R. Cross and Philip E. Thompson (SBHT, Paternoster, 2005)

Foreword – Stephen Brachlow

Introduction: Caring for Baptist Memory – Philip E. Thompson and Anthony R. Cross

Confessional Identity, Denominational Institutions and Relations with Others: A Study in Changing Contexts – John H. Y. Briggs

Churches and the Church – Stanley K. Fowler

The Priesthood of All Believers and the Necessity of the Church – Elizabeth Newman

The Roots of Baptist in Community, and therefore, Voluntary Membership not Individualism, or, the High-Flying Modernist, Stripped of his Ontological Assumptions, Appears to Hold the Ecclesiology of a Yaho – Mike Broadway

A Good Walk Spoiled?: Revisiting Baptist Soteriology – Mark S. Medley

The Myth of the Missing Spirituality: Spirituality among English Baptist in the Early Twentieth Century – Ian Randall

The Myth of English Baptist Anti-Sacramentalism – Anthony R. Cross

Forgotten Sisters: The Contributions of Some Notable but Un-noted British Baptist Women – Karen E. Smith

‘As it was in the Beginning’ (?): The Myth of Changelessness in Baptist Life and Belief – Philip E. Thompson

1653 or 1656: When did the Oxford Baptists Join the Abingdon Association? – Larry J. Kreitzer

The Fifth Monarchist John Pendarves (d.1656): A Victim of ‘Studious Bastard Consumption’? – Larry J. Kreitzer

The Myth of High Calvinism – Clive Jarvis

Eighteenth-Centuiry Calvinistic Baptists and the Political Realm, with Particular Reference to the Thought of Andrew Fuller – Michael A. G. Haykin

Episcopacy in the Baptist Tradition – Valdis Teraudkalns

Strict Baptists and Reformed Baptists in England, 1955-76 – Tim Grass