Beyond 400: Exploring Baptist Futures

New book exploring Baptist futures is available from Pickwick books. For more information see here.

1. Baptist Christians: repentant and unrepentant / Nigel G. Wright

2. Humane religion: evangelical faith, Baptist identity, and liberal secularism / Nigel G. Wright

3. The sound of silence? Baptist thought in Obama’s world / Martin Sutherland

4. Meeting for minutes? Baptist congregational life in the age of Twitter / Martin Sutherland

5. Beyond identity crises? The future of Baptist theology / Michael O’Neil

6. Is a denomination a church? / Peter Ralphs

7. Emerging-missional ecclesiology and the future of denominal leadership and affiliation / Graham J.G. Hill

8. The little church that could / Steve McAlpine

9. Cyprian and The Pilgrim’s Progress / Edwina Murphy

10. Leadership style and church culture / Janice Howard Newham

11. Baptists in mission to and with the poor: what do we need to learn? / Scott Higgins

12. Baptist witness to New Testament baptism beyond 400 / Richard K. Moore

13. An immodest proposal for the practice of the Lord’s table / Ian Packer

14. Church as (covenant) community – then and now / Michael Parsons

15. Worship and the unity of Baptists today / Neville Callum

16. The emerging portrait: a response / Brian Harris and Nigel G. Wright