For the Sake of the Church: Essays in Honour of Paul S. Fiddes edited by Anthony Clarke (Regent’s Park College, 2014)

Foreword: Rex Mason

Introduction: Anthony Clarke

On Realizing ‘The Dance’: Richard Kidd

‘Walking in Covenant’: The Scriptural Basis for an Early Baptist Principle: Larry Kreutzer and Deborah Rooke

The Fellowship of Christ’s Sufferings: Fawcett, Fiddes, and the Tie that Binds: Robert Ellis

Veiled Presence: The Risen Christ in Spurgeon’s Great Communion Hymn and Baptist Communion Rituals: Stephen Finamore

Encountering Christ: Zwingli, Signs and Baptists around the table: Ruth Gouldbourne

Still Blessing the Tie that Binds: Brian Haymes

The Founding and Development of the Baptist World Alliance: John Briggs

A Trinitarian Theology of Ministerial Formation: Anthony Clarke

The ‘Three-Fold Order’ in a Radical Protestant Perspective: Nigel Wright

The Meaning and Function of ‘Dynamic Equivalence’ in Ecumenical Dialogues: Myra Blyth

Attuned to God: John Weaver

Play, the Origins of Culture and the Formation of a Christian Mind: Nicholas Wood

Following God’s Call and Bringing Good News and Glimpses of Hope in Ferentari: Oti Bunaciu

An Appreciation and an Interpretative Suggestion for Reading the Fiddes Corpus: Tim Bradshaw

Freedom and the Powers: Perspectives from Baptist History edited by A. R. Cross and J. H. Y. Briggs (Baptist Historical Society, 2014)

‘Christ Jesus … exalted … farre aboue all principalities and powers’: Baptist Attitudes to Monarchy, Country and Magistracy, 1609-1644 – Anthony R. Cross

Political Theology among the Earliest Baptists: The Foundational Contribution of Leonard Busher, 1614-1646 – Malcolm B. Yarnell III

‘Confronting the Powers’: Baptists in Scotland prior to 1765 – Brian R. Talbot

Richard Heath, 1831-1912: From Suburban Baptists to Radical Discipleship by Way of Anabaptism – John H. Y. Briggs

South Africa to the Somme: The Legacy of the Boer War from Canadian and New Zealand Baptists in the Great War – Gordon L. Heath

‘Going to the Limits’: The Story of the Baptist Minister in Nazi Vienna: Arnold Koster – Paul Spanring

The Russian Reform Baptists Revisited – Michael Bourdeaux

Pastors in the Dock: The Political Trials of Baptist Ministers in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s – Lydia Kucova

Baptists Leaders and the Atheistic Powers: A Soviet-Estonian Case Study – Toivo Pilli

The 1888 Schism in the Baptist Congregation in Nigeria: A Manifestation of Cultural Nationalism – S. Ademola Ajayi

The Reverend Dr Theophilus Edward Samuel Scholes: Baptist Missionary and Imperial Critic at the Heart of Empire, 1856-c.1940 – David Killingray

Nation, State and Church: Baptist Responses to David Cameron’s King James Bible Speech (December 2011) – Andy Goodliff

A Distinctive People edited by Brian Talbot (SBHT; Paternoster, 2014)

Brian Talbot (ed.), A Distinctive People: A Thematic Study of Aspects of the Witness of Baptists in Scotland in the Twentieth Century (Studies in Baptist History and Thought; Paternoster, 2014)

The Distinctive Contribution to Scottish Baptist Life by key leaders of the Baptist Union – Edward Burrows

Baptist Laymen in the life of the denomination – Derek Murray

The place of women in the Scottish Baptist Life – Christine Lumsden

Scottish Baptists and their Relationships with other Baptist Churches, 1900-1945 – Brian Talbot

Scottish Baptist Ecumenical Relations in the Twentieth Century – Watson Moyes

Theological Developments among Twentieth Century Scottish Baptists – Kenneth Roxburgh

Experiences of the Holy Spirit amongst Scottish Baptists in the Twentieth Century – Alasdair Black

Changing Attitudes to War in the Twentieth Century – Neil Allison

Scottish Baptist Home Mission work in Twentieth Century Scotland – Brian Talbot

Scottish Baptists and Social Action – Derek Murray

Analgous Uses of Language, Eucharistic Identity, and the Baptist Vision by Aaron James (SBHT; Paternoster, 2014)

Aaron James, Analgous Uses of Language, Eucharistic Identity, and the Baptist Vision (Studies in Baptist History and Thought; Paternoster, 2014)


Baptist Catholicity and the Lord’s Supper

Analogous Uses of Language and Identity

Analogous Uses of Language and Transubstantiation

Analogous Uses of Language and the Suffering Church

Analogous Uses of Language and the ‘baptist’ Vision

Coming Soon – Baptist theology from Fiddes and Freeman

Baptists and the Communion of SaintsContesting Catholicity

New book from the Centre of Baptist History and Heritage

Jonathan Arnold’s study of Benjamin Keach is now available from the Centre of Baptist History and Heritage. Follow the links via the Regent’s Park College website.

This is a welcome addition and provides a second study of 17th Baptist theological thought, after Clint Bass’ study of Thomas Grantham.

Baptistic Theologies (Vol 5, 2013) festschrift for Keith Jones

‘Editorial’ – Parush Parushev, Lina Andronoviene, Tim Noble,

‘Life in Christian Service’ – Ernie Whalley

‘A Believing Church: Baptist Perspectives on Anabaptism’ – Ian Randall

‘Gathered, Gathering, Porous: Reflections on the Nature of Baptistic Community’ – Parush Parushev

‘Not Just a Disembodied Voice: Towards an Understanding of Preaching as an Embodied Practice’ – Ruth Gouldbourne

‘Various Christian Traditions in One Ecclesial Body’ – Ivana Noble

‘Baptists and Ecumenical Engagement’ – John Briggs

‘Teaching Penguins to Fly: Baptistic Leadership into the Future’ – Anne Wilkinson-Hayes

‘Leadership as a Virtuous Practice: Reflections on Women and Stained-Glass Ceilings’ – Lina Andronoviene

‘Adult Christian Education: The Challenge to Do Things Differently’ – David Goodbourn

‘Between the Swiss Train and the Eschaton: Mission in a Time of Waiting’ – Tim Noble

‘Keith Jones – European Baptist: An Appreciation’ – Anthony Peck

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