Histories of English Baptist Associations

A History of the Hertfordshire Baptists by David R. Watts (1978)

A Short History of the Devon and Cornwall Baptist Associations by G. L . W. Beards (1975)

Association Life of the Particular Baptists of Northern England, 1699-1732 by Stephen Copson (English Baptist Records 3; Baptist Historical Society, 1991)

Association Records of the Particular Baptists of England, Wales and Ireland to 1660. Part 1: South Wales and the Midlands. Part 2: The West Country and Ireland. Part 3: The Abingdon Association edited by B. R. White (Baptist Historical Society, 1971-74)

Baptists in Barrels: A History of Essex Baptists by Doris Witard (1962)

Bristol and District Association of Baptist Churches, 1823-1973 by Leonard Champion (1973)

Churches in Fellowship: A Short History of the English Baptist Associations of South Wales by D. Mervyn Himbury (1960)

Deep Roots, Living Branches: A History of Baptists in the English Western Midlands by Alan Betteridge (2010)

Encountering London: London Baptists in the 21st century edited by Faith Bowers, Joe Kapolyo and Israel Olofinjana (2015)

It All Began Here: The Story of the East Midland Baptist Association by Fred M. W. Harrison (1986)

Our Heritage: The Baptists of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire, 1647-1987 edited by Ian Sellers (1987)

The Baptists of Berkshire: Through Three Centuries by Ernest A. Payne (Carey Kingsgate, 1951)

The Baptists of Derbyshire 1650-1914 by Stephen Greasley (2007)

The Baptists of London, 1612-1928 by W. T. Whitley (Kingsgate, 1928)

The Baptists of North East England by David F. Neil (2006)

The Northamptonshire Baptist Association: A Short History, 1764-1964 by T. S. H. Elwyn (Carey Kingsgate, 1964)

The Southern Baptist Association and its Churches, 1824-1974 by Walter Fancutt (1974)