Monographs in Baptist History

Pure Worship: The Early English Baptist Distinctive by Matthew Ward

The Beginning of Baptist Ecclesiology: The Foundational Contributions of Thomas Helwys by Marvin Jones

To Follow the Lambe Wheresoever He Goeth: The Ecclesial Polity of the English Calvinistic Baptists 1640-1660 by Ian Birch

Dan Taylor (1738-1816), Baptist Leader and Pioneering Evangelical by Richard Pollard

The Love of God Holds Creation Together: Andrew Fuller’s Theology of Virtue by Ryan P. Hoselton

Zealous for the Lord: The Life and Thought of the Seventeenth-Century Baptist Hanserd Knollys by Denis C. Bustin and Barry H. Howson

Christ Exalted: Pastoral Writings of Hanserd Knollys with an Essay on His Eschatological Thought by Barry H. Howson

Glory to the Three Eternal: Tercentennial Essays on the Life and Writings of Benjamin Beddome (1718-1795) edited by Michael A. G. Haykin et al

Renewing a Modern Denomination: A Study of Baptist Instutional Life in the 1990s by Andy Goodliff