John Bunyan – books and articles

Christopher Hill, A turbulent, seditious, and factious people: John Bunyan and his church, 1628-1688 (Clarendon, 1988)

E. Glenn Hinson, ‘John Bunyan as a Spiritual Guide’,

Diogenes Allen, ‘The Rehabilitation of Pilgrim’s Progress’, Perspectives in Religious Studies

Richard L. Greaves, Glimpses of Glory: John Bunyan and English Dissent (Stanford, 2002)

Anne Dunan-Page, Grace Overwhelming: John Bunyan, the Pilgrim’s Progress and the Extremes of the Baptist Mind (Peter Lang, 2006)

Anne Dunan-PAge (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Bunyan (Cambridge, 2010)

Peter Morden, John Bunyan: The People’s Pilgrim (CWR, 2013)

Peter Morden, ‘John Bunyan: A Seventeenth Century Evangelical’ in Pieter J. Lallemand et al (eds.), Grounded in Grace: Essays in Honour of Ian Randall (Spurgeon’s College, 2013)

Philip H. Pfatteicher, ‘Walking Home Together: John Bunyan and the Pilgrim Church’, Pro Ecclesia XXV.1 (2016)

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