The “Plainly Revealed” Word of God?: Baptist Hermeneutics in Theory and Practice edited by Helen Dare and Simon Woodman (Mercer, 2011)

Section 1: Baptist Biblical Engagement Reviewed

(Early) Baptist Identity and the Acts of the Apostles: Hermeneutical Insights from the Baptists’ Bible Project – Mikeal C. Parsons

A Sample of Baptist Contributions to Johannine Scholarship – R. Alan Culpepper

Prophecy, Corporate Personality, and Suffering: Some Themes and Methods in Baptist Old Testament Scholarship – Paul S. Fiddes

Response to Paul Fiddes – Rex Mason

Section 2: Baptist Biblical Encounters Analysed

Gathering Round the Word: Baptists, Scripture and Worship – Christopher J. Ellis

The Bible in the Flesh: Pragmatism and Community in Lewis Misselbrook’s Bible Study Notes – Simon Perry

Hermeneutics: The Interface between Critical Scholarship and the Faith of the Community – Rex Mason

Section 3: Baptist Biblical Hermeneutics Explored

Baptists and Biblical Interpretation: Reading the Bible with Christ – Ian Birch

Baptist Convictional Hermeneutics – Parush R. Parushev

The Word of His Grace: What’s So Distinctive About Scripture? – John E. Colwell

Section 4: Baptist Interpretative Difference Negotiated

The Dissenting Voice: Journeying Together toward a Baptist Hermeneutic – Simon Woodman

‘In the Fray’: Reading the Bible in Relationship – Helen Dare

Persuading Friends: Friendship and Testimony in Baptist Interpretative Communities – Sean Winter

Section 5: Baptist Hermeneutics in Wider Perspective

The Grammar of Baptist Assent – Brian Brock

In Appreciation of ‘Reluctant’ Prophets – William John Lyons


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