North American Baptist Theologians 6: Curtis W. Freeman

1987-2001 Professor of Christianity, Houston Baptist University
2001- Research Professor of Theology and Baptist Studies and Director of the Baptist House of Studies, Duke Divinity School

Major Publications

(ed.) with Gary Furr, Ties that Bind: Life together in the Baptist vision (Smyth & Helwys, 1994)

‘A Confession for Catholic Baptists’ in Ties that Bind: Life together in the Baptist vision (Smyth & Helwys, 1994), 83-97

‘Towards a Sensus Fidelium for an Evangelical Church: Postconservatives & Postliberals on Reading Scripture’ in T. R. Philips & D. L. Okholm (eds.),  The Nature of Confession: Evangelicals and Postliberals in Conversation (IVP, 1996), 162-180

‘Can Baptist Theology Be Revisioned?’, Perspectives in Religious Studies 24 (Fall 1997), 273-310

(ed.) with James W. McClendon & C. R. V. da Silva, Baptist roots: a reader in the theology of a Christian people (Judson, 1999)

‘”To Feed Upon the Faith”: Nourishment from the Lord’s Table’ in A. R. Cross & P. E. Thompson, Baptist Sacramentalism (Paternoster, 2003), 194-210

“Where Two or Three Are Gathered: Communion Ecclesiology in the Free Church.” Perspectives in Religious Studies, 31.3 (Fall 2004), 259-272.

‘A Theology for Brethren, radical believers, and other Baptists: A Review Essay of James McClendon’s Systematic Theology’, Brethren Life and Thought 51.1-2 (Winter/Spring 2006), pp106-115

‘Can the Secular be Sanctified?’ in D. Schmeltekopf & D. Vitanza (eds.), The Future of Baptist Higher Education (Baylor University Press, 2006)

‘God in Three Persons: Baptist Unitarianism and the Trinity’, Perspectives in Religious Studies 33 (Fall 2006)

‘Roger Williams, American Democracy and the Baptists’, Perspectives in Religious Studies 34.3 (Fall 2007)

‘Back to the Future of Trinitarianism?’ in T. George & E. Mason, Theology in the Service of the Church: Essays Presented to Fisher H. Humphreys (Mercer, 2008)

‘Practicing the faith in the Baptist tradition: a response to Ian Randall’, Perspectives in Religious Studies 36.2 (Summer 2009)

‘Alerity and Its Cure’, Cross Currents 59.4 (December 2009)

‘Visionary Women Among Early Baptists’, Baptist Quarterly 43 (January, 2010)

(ed.), A Company of Women Preachers: Baptist Prophetesses in Seventeenth-Century England. A Reader (Baylor, 2011)

‘E. Y. Mullins and the Siren Songs of Modernity’ in Keith Harper (ed.) Through a Glass Darkly: Contested Notions of Baptist Identity (University of Alabama, 2012)

Contesting Catholicity: Theology for Other Baptists (Baylor, 2014)

Undomesticated Dissent (Baylor, 2017)


North American Baptist Theologians 5: Barry Harvey

Ph.D. – Duke (1987)

Professor of Theology, Baylor

Selected Publications

“Insanity, Theocracy, and the Public Realm: Public Theology, the Church, and the Politics of Liberal Democracy,” Modern Theology 10 (January 1994): 27–57.

“The Body Politic of Christ: Theology, Social Analysis, and Bonhoeffer’s Arcane Discipline,” Modern Theology 13 (July 1997): 319–346.

“Round and Round About the Town: The Ecclesial Dimensions of Living In the Truth,” Perspectives in Religious Studies 25.1 (Spring 1998): 105-114.

Another City: An Ecclesiological Primer for a Post-Christian World (Trinity Press International, 1999)

‘Doctrinally Speaking: James McClendon on the Nature of Doctrine’, Perspectives in Religious Studies 27.1 (Spring 2000), pp.39-60

“The Eucharistic Idiom of the Gospel,” Pro Ecclesia 9 (Summer 2000): 297–318

“Where, Then, Do We Stand?: Baptists, History, and Authority,” Perspectives in Religious Studies 29.4 (Winter 2002), 359-380.

‘Beginning in the Middle of Things: Following James McClendon’s Systematic Theology‘, Modern Theology 18.2 (April 2002)

‘Re-Membering the Body: Baptism, Eucharist and the Politics of Disestablishment’ in Anthony R. Cross and Philip E. Thompson (eds.), Baptist Sacramentalism (Paternoster, 2003)

‘Imagination and the nature of evil’, Theology Today 63.4 (2007), 450-458

Can These Bones Live? A Catholic Baptist Engagement with Ecclesiology, Hermeneutics, and Social Theory (Brazos Press, 2008)

‘Society as a Function of Education’ in Roger Ward and David Gushee (eds.), The Scholarly Vocation and the Baptist Academy: Essays on the future of Baptist Higher Education (Mercer, 2008)

‘Preserving the world for Christ’, Scottish Journal of Theology 61 (2008)

‘The Labortatory of the Living Word – Paul Lehmann on Conscience, Church, and the Politics of God’ in Philip G. Ziegler and Michelle J. Bartel (eds.), Explorations in Christian Theology and Ethics: Essays in Conversation with Paul L. Lehmann (Ashgate, 2009)

Taking Hold of the Real (Cascade)

Baptists and the Catholic Tradition: Reimagining the Church’s Witness in the Modern World (Baker, 2020)