A Dictionary of European Baptist Life and Thought, Gen. Ed. J. H Y. Briggs (Vol 33, SBHT, Paternoster, 2009)

Eight years in the making. This is a fantastic and unique dictionary of Baptist life and theology written by Baptists. John Briggs is to be congratulated in pulling the project together … we looked forward to its companion biographical dictionary of Baptists in the future. John is stepping down soon from his position as Director of the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage (at Regent’s Park College) and will be replaced by Anthony R. Cross. 

Contributers include: Keith Jones, Ian Randall, Anthony R. Cross, Derek Tidball, Catriona Gorton, Ernest Lucas, John Weaver, Karen Smith, Paul Fiddes, Paul Goodliff, Nigel Wright, Stephen Holmes, Nicholas Wood, Roger Hayden

With entries (amongst many others) on: atonement, baptism, BWA, bible, BUiLD, Calvin, catechumenate, charismatic movement, children, christology, church discipline, church meeting, covenants, ecclesiology, ecumenical movement, evolution, free will, gospel and culture, homosexuality, incarnation, infant baptism, IBTS, love, Luther, ministries, ordination, pastoral call, pneumatology, practical theology, preaching, prophecy, Regent’s Park College, sacrament, sin, suffering, systematic theology, tithing, trinity, women, worship, youth work

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