American Baptist Theologians 1: James McClendon

Theological Autobiography from The Mennonite Quarterly Review October 2000

Born 1924. Died October 30, 2000.

1954-1966 Lecturer, Golden Gate (Southern) Baptist Seminary
1971-1990 Lecturer, Church Divinity School of the Pacific
1990-2000, Scholar-in-residence, Fuller Theological Seminary

Major Publications

‘Some reflections on the future of trinitarianism’, Review and Expositor 63.2 (Spring 1966), 149-156.

‘Baptism as a performative sign’, Theology Today 23.3 (1966), 403-416.

‘Can there be talk about God-and-the-world’, Harvard Theological Review 62.1 (1969), 33-49.

‘Martin Luther King: politician or American church father?’, Journal of Ecumenical Studies 8.1 (Winter 1971), 115-121.

‘Biography as theology’, Cross Currents 21.4 (Fall 1971), 415-431

‘Twice-born religion of Dag Hammarskjold’, Review and Expositor 70.2 (Spring 1973), 223-238.

Biography as Theology: How Life Stories Can Remake Today’s Theology (Abingdon, 1974. Revised edition, Trinity, 1990. Reprinted, 2002)

Coauthor (with James M. Smith). Understanding Religious Convictions (University of Notre Dame Press, 1975. Revised and enlarged edition published as Convictions: Defusing Religious Relativism. Trinity, 1994)

‘Three strands of Christian Ethics’, Journal of Religious Ethics 6 (Spring 1978), 54-80.

Co-editor (with Axel D. Steuer). Is God God? (Abingdon, 1981)

“What Is a ‘baptist’ Theology.” American Baptist Quarterly 1 (October 1982)

‘More on narrative’, Theology Today 40.1 (April 1983), 49-53.

Ethics: Systematic Theology. Volume I (Abingdon, 1986. Revised edition 2002; Baylor, 2012)

‘Evangelical ethics: a review article’, Modern Churchman 29.4 (1987), 42-48.

Co-author (with Nancey C. Murphy). “Distinguishing Modern and Postmodern Theologies: George A. Lindbeck, Harvey Cox, Ronald F. Thiemann, Thomas J. J. Altizer, Mark C. Taylor.” Modern Theology 5 (April 1989) 191-214.

“The Concept of Authority: A Baptist View.” Perspectives in Religious Studies 16 (Summer 1989) 101-07.

(with John Howard Yoder), ‘Christian identity in ecumenical perspective: a response to David Wayne Layman’, Journal of Ecumenical Studies 27.3 (Summer 1990), pp561-580.

“How is Christian Morality Universalisable.” in The Weight of Glory: A Vision and Practice for Christian Faith: The Future of Liberal Theology; Essays for Peter Baelz. Edited by D. W. Hardy and P. H. Sedgwick.  (T. & T. Clark, 1991)

‘In light of last things: a theology for the believers church. A Review article’, Perspectives in Religious Studies 18.1 (Spring 1991) 71-78.

Doctrine: Systematic Theology. Volume II (Abingdon, 1994; Baylor, 2012)

‘Primitive, Present, Future: A Vision for the Church in the Modern world’ in Richard Thomas Hughes (ed.), The Primitive church in the modern world (1995)

‘Four New Theologies: A Review Essay’, Perspectives in Religious Studies 22.2 (Summer 1995)

“The Practice of Community Formation.” in Virtues and Practices in the Christian Tradition: Christian Ethics After Maclntyre. Edited by Nancey Murphy, Brad J. Kallenberg and Mark Nation.
(Trinity, 1997)

“The Voluntary Church in the Twenty-first Century.” in The Believers Church: A Voluntary Church. Edited by William H. Brackney (Pandora Press, 1998)

Coeditor with Curtis W. Freeman and C. Rosalee Velloso da Silva, Baptist Roots: A Reader in the Theology of a Christian People (Judson, 1999)

“The Believers’ Church in Theological Perspective.” in The Wisdom of the Cross: Essays in Honor of John Howard Yoder. Edited by Stanley Hauerwas, Chris K. Huebner, Harry J. Huebner, and Mark Thiessen Nation (Eerdmans, 1999)

“The Radical Road One Baptist Took.” Mennonite Quarterly Review (October 2000)

Witness: Systematic Theology. Volume III (Abingdon, 2000; Baylor, 2012)

Ryan Andrew Newson & Andrew C.Wright (eds.), The Collected Works of James McClendon Volumes 1-3 (Baylor University Press, 2014-2016)

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