Paradox and Perseverance: Hanserd Knollys, Particular Baptist Pioneer in Seventeenth-Century England by Dennis C. Bustin (SBHT 23, Paternoster, 2006)

1 Hanserd Knollys: Seventeenth-Century Radical Conservative. An introduction and hisoriopgraphical Overview

2 The Early Years: From Lincoln to New England

3 Hanserd Knollys and the Particular Baptists’ Struggle for Legitimacy in the 1640s

4Hanserd Knollys and the Struggle for Legitimacy: Levellers, Quakers, and the Fifth Monarch Movement

5 Testings, Trials, and Tribulations: Knollys’ Life during the Restoration

6 ‘The World that now is and the world that is to come’: Knollys’ Use of and Interpretation of Apocalyptic Literature

7 A Sect No More: Hanserd Knollys’ Role in Particular Baptist Formalisation

Epilogue – The Twilight Years: “An Inheritance among them are Sanctified”



The W. T. Whitley Lectures (1949-1967)

1951  The Unity of the Bible by H. H. Rowley

1952 Rivals of the Christian Faith by L .H. Marshall

1954 Puritanism and Richard Baxter by Hugh Martin

1958 The Baptist Union. A Short History by Ernest A. Payne (Baptist Union,)

1959 Baptism in the New Testament by G. R. Beasley-Murray (Macmillian, 1962)

1960 The Ark of God by Douglas Stewart

1961 The Restored Relationship by Arthur B. Crabtree

1962 The Greeks and the Gospel by J. B. Skemp

1963 The Reformation of our Worship by Stephen F. Winward (Carey Kingsgate, 1964)

1967 The English Separatist Tradition by B. R. White (Oxford, 1971)

Calvinism, Communion and the Baptists by Peter Naylor (SBHT 7, Paternoster, 2003)

Calvinism, Communion and the Baptists: A Study of English Calvinistic Baptists from the Late 1600s to the Early 1800s

1 ‘Church’ and ‘Sect’

2 A separate Denomination

3 From Repression to Protection

4 The Earlier 1700s

5 ‘Strict Baptist’ Origins

6 Communion Controversy

7 Communion Controversy: The 1700s

8 Communion Controversy: The 1800s

9 High Calvinism and the Particular Baptists

10 Elements of John Gill’s Theology

11 Andrew Fuller

12 The Late 1700s