The Tribe of Dan: The New Connexion of General Baptists 1770-1891 by Frank W. Rinaldi(SBHT 10, Paternoster, 2008)

The Tribe of Dan: The New Connexion of General Baptists 1770-1891 : A Study in the Transition from Revival Movement to Established Denomination

1 Introduction

2 ‘Essential truths’: The Theological Background and Development of the Movement

3. Mission or Maintenance: An Examination of the Organisational Structure of the New Connexion

4. ‘The Middle sphere of life’: Aspects of the Social and Demographic Background to the New Connexion

5. The Progress of the Gospel: an Examination of the Development and Evangelistic Strategy of the New Connexion

6. ‘Labour, poverty, dependence and anxiety’: Ministry in the New Connexion

7. ‘Union not absorption’: The Development of Discussions with Particular Baptists which led to Union in 1891



‘Redeeming Love Proclaim’ John Rippon and the Baptists by Ken R. Manley (SBHT 12, Paternoster, 2004)

1. John Rippon and the Transformation of the Baptists

2. The Making of an Evangelical Baptist Leader (1751-1773)

3. Pattern of a Pastorate: John Rippon and Carter Lane (1773-1836)

4. ‘Sing Side by Side’: John Rippon and Baptist Hymnody

5. Wider Horizons: The Baptist Annual Register (1790-1802)

6. Rippon and Baptist Historiography

7. ‘Willing Servant of all the Churches’

8. Rippon: The Preacher and the Man

9. Rippon and the Baptist Union