Counter-Cultural Communities: Baptistic Life in Twentieth-Century Europe edited by Keith G Jones and Ian M Randall (SBHT Vol32., Paternoster, 2008)

This book presents six ground-breaking Master’s degree dissertations that have been done in the area of Baptist and Anabaptist Studies through the International Baptist Theological Seminary (IBTS), Prague. The focus is continental Europe, with a particular emphasis on eastern Europe. The material is largely culled from primary sources. The topics covered include the Theology of Baptist Believers in Bulgaria, 1920-1939, the Pentecostal Dilemma in the Finnish Baptist Union, 1930-1953, Moldovan Baptists, 1940-1965, the State and the Baptist Churches in the USSR, 1960-1980, Baptist Mission Efforts in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the Life and Convictions of Hans Meier (1902-1992). Most of these topics have never been covered in English before. In the case of the studies of former Communist countries, this kind of research has only been possible in the last decade

Foreword by John Briggs
Introduction by Keith G. Jones and Ian M. Randall

Chapter 1:
The State and the Baptist Churches in the USSR (1960-1980)
Constantine Prokhorov

Chapter 2:
Separation or Co-operation? Moldavian Baptists (1940-1965)
Irina Bondareva-Zuekhlke

Chapter 3:
August Jauhiainen and the Pentacostal Dilemma in the Finnish Baptist Union (1930-1953)
Anneli Lohikko

Chapter 4:
The Theology of Baptist Believers in Bulgaria as Reflected in the Publication Evangelist (1920-1939)
Teodor B. Oprenov

Chapter 5:
Baptist Mission Efforts in Bosnia-Herzegovina: 150 Years of Disconuity and Struggle
Oksana Raychynets

Chapter 6:
‘The Practical, Visible Witness of Discipleship’: The Life and Convictions of Hans Meier (1902-1992)
Dejan Adam

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