Towards Baptist Catholicity: Essays on Tradition and the Baptist Vision by Steven R. Harmon (Vol. 27, SBHT, Paternoster, 2006)

Foreword – Paul Avis

1. ‘Catholic Baptists’ and the New Horzion of Tradition in Baptist Theology

2. Baptist Understandings of Theological Authority: A North American Perspective

3. The Authority of the Community (of All the Saints): Towards a Postmodern Baptist Hermeneutic of Tradition

4. Baptist Confessions of Faith and the Patristic Tradition

5. From Triadic Narrative to Narrating the Triune God: Towards a Baptist Appreciation of Trinitarian Catholicity

6. Hebrews in Patristic Perspective: Benefits of Catholicity for Baptist Biblical Interpretation

7. Hearing the Voice of the Community: Karl Barth’s Conversation with the Fathers as a Paradigm for Baptist and Evangelical Ressourcement

8. Praying and Believing: Retrieving the Patristic Interdependence of Worship and Theology

9. Contesting our Story: Catholicity and Communal Conflict in Baptist Higher Education

10. ‘What Keeps you from Becoming a Catholic?’ A Personal Epilogue

Appendix 1. Re-envisioning Baptist Identity: A Manifesto for Baptist Communities in North America

Appendix 2. Confessing the Faith

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