Dimensions of Baptism: Biblical and Theological Studies edited by Stanley E. Porter and Anthony R. Cross (2002)

Introduction: Baptism – An Ongoing Debate – Stanley E. Porter and Anthony R. Cross

The Meaning of the Verb ‘Baptize’ – Howard Marshall

John the Baptist: His Immersion and Death – Bruce Chilton

The Baptism of John in a Typological Context – Craig A. Evans

‘She and her household were baptized’ (Acts 16.15): Household Baptism in the Acts of the Apostles – Joel Green

Did Paul Baptize Himself? A Problem of the Greek Voice System – Stanley E. Porter

‘Getting in and Staying in’: Unexpected Connections between E. P. Sanders on Paul and Expectations of Baptism Today – Hazel Sherman

Spirit- and Water-Baptism in 1 Corinthians 12.13 – Anthony R. Cross

Bby WAter and Blood: Sin and Purification in John and First John – J. Ramsey Michaels

The Meaning of ‘Baptisms’ in Hebrews 6.2 – Anthony R. Cross

Out, In, Out: Jesus’ Blessing of the Children and Infant Baptism – David F. Wright

Christian and Jewish Baptism according to the Epistle of Barnabas – Everett Ferguson

The Doctrine of Baptism in Gregory of Nyssa’s Oratio Catechetica – Everett Ferguson

Baptism Then and Now: Does Moltmann Bury Tertullian or Praise Him? – Roy Kearsley

Baptism: Patristic Resources for Ecumenical Dialogue – Stephen R. Holmes

Baptism and the Hiddeness of God – Graham Watts

Baptism and the Process of Christian Initiation – Paul S. Fiddes

Memorial Dimensions of Baptism – Philip E. Thompson

The Moral Miracle of Faith – Brian Haymes

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