Christian Baptism edited by A. Gilmore (Lutterworth Press, 1959)

Baptism in Recent Discussion – Rev. E. A. Payne

Scripture, Tradition, and Baptism – Rev. S. F. Winward

Jewish Antecedents – Rev. A. Gilmore

Baptism in the New Testament – Rev. R. E. O White, Rev S. I. Buse, Rev. G. R. Beasley-Murray, Rev. D. R. Griffiths

Baptism in the Early Christian Centuries – Rev. A. W. Argyle

The Anabaptists and the Rise of the Baptist Movement – Rev. W. M. S. West

Baptismal Controversies, 1640-1900 – Rev. D. M. Himbury

The Theology of Baptism – Rev. Neville Clark

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