Baptist Sacramentalism edited by Anthony R. Cross and Philip E. Thompson (Vol 5, SBHT, Paternoster, 2003)

Foreword – J. I. Packer

Introduction – Anthony R. Cross and Philip E. Thompson

The Physical Side of Being Spiritual: God’s Sacramental Presence – Clark H. Pinnock

The Sacramentality of the Church: An Evangelical Baptist Perspective – Timothy George

Sacraments and Religious Liberty: From Critical Practice to Rejected Infringement – Philip E. Thompson

C. H. Spurgeon on the Sacraments – Tim Grass and Ian Randall

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper as Community Acts: Toward a Sacramental Understanding of the Ordinances – Stanley J. Grenz

Re-Membering the Body: Baptism, Eucharist and the Politics of Disestablishment – Barry Harvey

Baptism in Acts: The Sacramental Dimension – Stanley E. Porter

Is ‘Baptist Sacramentalism’ an Oxymoron?: Reactions in Britain to Christian Baptism (1959) – Stanley K. Fowler

The Pneumatological Key to H. Wheeler Robinson’s Baptismal Sacramentalism – Anthony R. Cross

‘His soul-refreshing presence’: The Lord’s Supper in Calvinistic Baptist Thought and Experience in the ‘Long’ Eighteenth Century – Michael A. G. Haykin

‘To Feed Upon By Faith’: Nourishment from the Lord’s Table – Curtis W. Freeman

The Lord’s Supper: Might Baptists Accept a Theory of Real Presence? – Elizabeth Newman

The Sacramental Nature of Ordination: An Attempt to Re-engage a Catholic Understanding and Practice – John E. Colwell

Towards a Baptist Theology of Ordained Ministry – Stephen R. Holmes

Towards a Sacramental Understanding of Preaching – Brian Haymes

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