Pilgrim Pathways: Essays in Baptist History in Honour of B. R. White

Edited by William H. Brackney and Paul S. Fiddes with John H. Y. Briggs (Mercer University Press, 1999)
William H. Brackney and Paul S. Fiddes

Doctrine, Polity, Liberty: What Do Baptists Stand For?
Alan P. F. Sell

‘Walking Together’: The Place of Covenant Theology in Baptist Life Yesterday
and Today
Paul S. Fiddes

The Child and the Church: A Baptist Perspective
W. M. S. West

Life Together in Exile: The Social Bond of Separatist Ecclesiology
Stephen Brachlow

‘Sing Side by Side’: John Rippon and Baptist Hymnody
Ken R. Manley

The Covenant Life of Some Eighteenth-Century Calvinistic Baptists in Hampshire
and Wiltshire
Karen Smith

Another Baptist Ejection (1662): The Case of John Norcott
Geoffrey F. Nuttall

The Contribution of Bernard Foskett
Roger Hayden

Jane Attwater’s Diaries
Majorie Reeves

‘Active, Bust, Zealous’: The Reverend Dr. Cox of Hackney
John H. Y. Briggs

The Evangelical Revival and Baptists
W. Morgan Patterson

The English Baptist Legacy of Freedom and the American Experience
William R. Estep

The Planter Motif among Baptists from New England to Nova Scotia, 1760-1850
William H. Brackney

A. J. Gordon and H. Grattan Guiness: A Case Study of Transatlantic
Scott M. Gibson

Barrington Raymond White: A Bibliography of Printed Works
Stephen Copson

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