Ecumenism and History: Studies in Honour of John H. Y. Briggs edited by Anthony R. Cross (Paternoster, 2002)

Georges Lemopoulos

John H. Y. Briggs MA, FSA, FRHistS: An Appreciation
Faith Bowers

Baptism, Christology and the Creeds in the Early Church: Implications for Ecumenical Dialogue
Anthony R. Cross

John Wesley – Exemplar of the Catholic Spirit
Herbert B. McGonigle

Worlds of Ambiguity: The YMCA, the YWCA, the WSCF and Mission, Nationalism, Ecumenism and the Explosion of Empire
J. C. G. Binfield

Edinburgh 1910 and the Oikoumene
Brian Stanley

The Christian World Communions: Denominational Ecumenism on a Global Scale
Richard V. Pierard

Church and Salvation: A Comparative Study of Free Church and Orthodox Thinking
Paul S. Fiddes

Disciples and Baptists: A Study in Comparative Polities
William H. Brackney

Making Too Little and Too Much of Baptism?
Brian Haymes

Pure Clay and Time’s Mud: Biography as History
Keith W. Clements

Writing Local Church History
Haddon Willmer

Attitudes towards Erring Brothers and Sisters in Early Christianity as Reflected in the New Testament
John E. Morgan-Wynne

The Sociology of Hymns in Western Christianity
Marjorie Reeves

The Democratization of British Christianity: The Baptist Case 1770-1870
D. W. Bebbington

‘Every Apostolic Church a Mission Society’: European Baptist Origins and Identity
Ian M. Randall

Business Men as Preachers among Methodists in the Early Twentieth Century
David J. Jeremy

Britain, World History, Christianity and the Millennium
Keith G. Robbins

Select Publications of John H. Y. Briggs

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