Baptism, the New Testament and the Church

Baptism, the New Testament and the Church. Historical and Contemporary Studies
in Honour of R. E. O. White edited by Stanley E. Porter & Anthony R. Cross
(JSNT Supp 171, Sheffield Academic Press, 1999)

Biographical Sketch: Revd R. E. O. White, BD, MA
Gordon W. Martin
Introduction: Baptism in Recent Debate
Stanley E. Porter and Anthony R. Cross

Baptism and Initiation in the Cult of Isis and Sarapis
Brook W. R. Pearson

‘In such a manner it is fitting for us to fulfil all righteousness’:
Reflections on the place of baptism in the Gospel of Matthew
John Nolland

Mark 1.4, Baptism and Translation
Stanley E. Porter

Baptism in Mark and Luke
Edward W. Burrows

References to Baptism in the Fourth Gospel
John E. Morgan-Wynne

Baptism and Conversion in John: A Particular Baptist Reading
J. Ramsey Michaels

From ‘John’s Baptism’ to ‘Baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus’: The
Significance of Baptism in Luke-Acts
Joel Green

‘One Baptism’ (Ephesians 4.5): A Challenge to the Church
Anthony R. Cross

Baptism, Conscience and the Resurrection: A Reappraisal of 1 Peter 3.21
John E. Colwell

On board the Eschatological Ark of God: Noah-Deucalion and the ‘Phrygian
Connection’ in 1 Peter 3.19-22
Larry J. Kreitzer

Dying with Christ: The origin of the Metaphor?
Alastair Campbell

‘Baptized’ as Metaphor
James D. G. Dunn

Two Opposing Views on Baptism with/by the Holy Spirit and of 1 Corinthians
12.13: Can grammatical investigation bring clarity?
Matthew Brook O’Donnell

Initiation and Eschatology
Neville Clark

Infant Dedication in the Early Church
David F. Wright

Baptismal preparation under the ministry of St John Chrysostom in Fourth-
Century Antioch
Raymond F. G. Burnish

Baptism in the Reformed Confessions and Catechisms
Geoffrey W. Bromiley

An eighteenth-century baptismal controversy in Scotland
Derek B. Murray

Open and Closed Membership among Scottish Baptists
Kenneth Roxbourgh

Baptism and Inclusivity in the Church
Timothy Bradshaw

Baptism for the Initiated
Paul Beasley-Murray

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