Wisdom, Science and the Scriptures: Essays in Honour of Ernest C. Lucas (Centre for Baptist History and Heritage; Regent’s Park College, 2012)

Stephen Finamore and John Weaver (eds.), Wisdom, Science and the Scriptures: Essays in Honour of Ernest C. Lucas (Centre for Baptist History and Heritage; Regent’s Park College, 2012)

Introduction – Stephen Finamore and Hazel Lucas

Part 1: Wisdom in the Bible

Creation in the Psalms – Gordon Wenham

Fierce Beasts and Free Processes : a Proposed Reading of God’s Speeches in the Book of Job – John Bimson

The Traditional Israelite Legal Settings: Social Contexts in Proverbs – Hilary Nyika

Personified Wisdom in Early Judaism – Knut M. Heim

Part Two: Science and Christian Faith

Ancient and Modern Wisdom: The Intersection of Clinical and Theological Understanding of Health – Paul S. Fiddes

The Way of Practical Modesty – Brian Haymes

The Environment and the Developing World – Elaine Storkey

Hopeful Disciples in a Time of Climate Change – John Weaver

Take Ten: Scientists and their Religious Beliefs – Robert S. White

Part Three: The Scriptures

The Evolving Agenda of Biblical Studies – Simon Woodman

Moving Towards a Theological Perspective on ‘Place’ by Using Cresswell’s Notion of Doxa and Deviance as a Hermeneutical Tool for Place-Based Readings of Mark’s Gospel – Mike Pears

‘Not Made with Human Hands’ : the Heavenly Temple in Hebrews and Revelation – Stephen Finamore

Part Four: … and Cricket

‘Play Up! Play Up! And Play the Game!’ Cricket and our Place in the World – Robert Ellis


Angus Library new blog

The Angus Library at Regent’s Park College now has its own blog. See here.

North American Baptist Theologians 9: Philip E. Thompson

PhD 1995 (Emory University)

2007-  Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Heritage, Sioux Falls Seminary, South Dakota


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The Freedom of God: Towards Baptist Ecclesiology in Pneumatological Perspective.
(Studies in Baptist History and Thought; Milton Keynes: Paternoster, forthcoming)

Baptist Quarterly, April 2012

‘Seedbed for Baptist Leadership: The Baptist Student Federation 1947-1970s’ – Ian M. Randall

‘The Language of “Baptist Family”‘ – Andy Goodliff

‘Charles Larom and the Townhead Street Church, Sheffield’ – Alan Sanders

‘Enlightened Evangelicalism: A review article’ – Roger Hayden

Plus a review of Curtis Freeman’s A Company of Women Preachers by Ruth Gouldbourne

Journal Profile: Baptist Minister’s Journal

The Baptist Minister’s Journal is the journal of the Baptist Minister’s Fellowship in England and Wales. It comes out four times a year and is a collection of short articles (up to around 2,500 words) generally on topics related to church, ministry and theology. Its edited by Rev Dr Sally Nelson. At only £20 a year, it provides a fantastic snapshot of Baptist views on a wide range of subjects and is a good place to share some thinking.

A list of editions and some articles can be found here.

International Baptist Studies Conference

The 6th International Baptist Studies Conference takes place in July 2012. For more information see here. It is on the theme of ‘Mirrors and Microscopes: Historical Perceptions of Baptists’

This follows on from previous conferences.
1st: The Gospel in the World 1997 (Regent’s Park College, Oxford)

2nd: Global Baptist History 2000 (Wake Forest University, North Carolina) – currently unpublished

3rd: Baptist Identities 2003 (IBTS, Prague)

4th: Baptists and Mission 2006 (Acadia Divinity College, Nova Scotia)

5th: Interfaces: Baptists and Others 2009 (Melbourne) – currently unpublished

4 Books that Will Help us Indwell our Baptist Story

1. Baptists Through the Centuries: A History of a Global People by David Bebbington (Baylor, 2010) – a one volume history that tells the story and examines our positions onr race, women, the social gospel, religious liberty, foreign mission, church and sacraments, global spread and identity

2. The English Baptists in the 20th Century by Ian Randall (Baptist Historical Society, 2005) – this is an excellent example of good story-telling: readable, informative, and reflective

3. Recycling the Past or Researching History? edited by Philip E. Thompson and Anthony R. Cross (Paternoster, 2005) – this is brilliant set of essays that challenge various baptists myths about the priesthood of believers, independence, salvation, spirituality, sacramentalism, women, and more …

4. Baptist Roots edited by James W. McClendon, Curtis W. Freeman and C. Rosalee Velloso (Judson, 1999) – this is a reader, a selection of excerpts from some baptist historical figures …


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